The Swedish Vallhund Society Open Show 2021

11th July 2021


Many thanks to  the Officers and Committee for my kind invitation to judge and to all exhibitors for my wonderful entry of this most under appreciated breed. I found all dogs to be of excellent temperament. I was also very pleased with the overall quality of the exhibits.



1st Paterson & Kennedy's  CH IR CH ERIKSFJORD CHILLED BUNNY FOR JARLALFVIN, Masculine boy of almost 10 years. Excellent head with correct eye/ear giving a wonderful expression. Correct body proportions with a lovely front assembly. His movement is relative to his age but this boy is still a Showman.Pleased to award him BVIS.



1st Amon's WESTORPS WILD THING TO PEPPERTHYME TAF NAF, Lovely extrovert puppy of almost 9 months. Pleasing wedge shaped head with fabulous dark eye. Body proportions correct. Movement excellent when settled. BPIS



1st Amon's WESTORPS WILD THING TO PEPPERTHYME TAF NAF - Repeat previous class



1st Strong & Clinton's OHANAWAY HAVING A BLAST AT MACKJAMA,  Mature boy of 16mths with a strong masculine head, good eye. Ample bone. Strong neck into well laid shoulders and level backline. A little shorter on leg than second place but preferred his overall balance at this time. Moved well

2nd  Franklin's OHANAWAY BASKET CASE Litter brother to first place and many of the above comments are just as relevant. Splitting hairs between both, this boy was not as mature as his brother and has a slightly lighter eye. His body proportions were good. Good feet. Moved well over unforgiving ground.



1st Drinkwater's FRAU FORTUNA ASLAN (IMP FIN) Promising youngster of 20mths, his overall qualities are obvious but he lacks confidence to show himself to his best advantage . Lovely head and expression with dark eye and correct bite. Overall conformation is correct.  Not happy on the move but did enough to show his soundness

2nd Paterson's ERIKSFJORD KAIRISSIMO, Male of 3 years that has good overall balance but lacks the strength required in a Vallhund male. Shown in excellent condition, moved and handled well.



1st Jones TANELLIS BLOOMIN WILLIAM Lovely boy of 3 years that I really liked. Lots of ring presence and Vallhund exhuberant attitude. Masculine wedge shaped head, good eye and medium well placed ears. Deep chest & well ribbed. Body ratios correct with moderate angles. Moved well. Pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog. Will watch his future with interest.



1st Pallatina's CH STARVON ALL EYES ON ME AT VALLTINEYA Flashy red boy that demanded this class, a total Showman.  Masculine without being coarse with a strong wedge shaped head, correct bite with tight lips. Good eye and ear set. Body proportions excellent, a strong neck into well laid shoulders. Level topline retained on the move. Pleased to award him Best Dog

2nd Pallatina's STARVON DARK KNIGHT AT VALLTINEYA, male of 4 years with much to like. Classic head with medium slightly rounder eye. Body proportions were good. Moved well.

3rd  Drinkwater's GALERITA GOJI BERRIE




1st Paterson's CH IR CH ERIKSFJORD MAGIK BEAN. Lovely old lady of 13 years enjoying her day out. Quality bitch defying her age. Pleasing feminine head, correct front with good overall conformation. Her coat is now showing her years. Moved well.

2nd Drinkwater's CH CANDACE SEA OF DREAMS AT TRYKEIRA  12 and half year old bitch of a heavier type. Excellent head and expression. Body proportions good. So much to like about this girl it was a shame she wasn't sound today.



1st Simpson's GALERITA NORTHERN STAR OF VALLHOLME Happy confident puppy of 10 mths. Lovely feminine head with medium eye and medium well placed ears. Very good overall shape with correct ratios. A strong neck into well placed shoulders and level topline. Movement slightly erratic . Pushed the Dog puppy hard for BPIS.



1st Zbilut & Yacomen's OHANAWAY SHES A REBEL, Very promising 16mth old female, feminine wedge shaped head with alert expression.Eye and ears correct. Good reach of neck Excellent outline. Moved with drive. Well presented. Considered for Best Bitch but still lacks maturity. I am sure this girl will attain top honours in time.

2nd Pallatina's TANELLIS CORAL BELLISSIMA DEL VALLTINEYA 14 mths old and still very much a baby. Her overall picture is pleasing. Feminine head,but would prefer a darker eye. Body ratios good.. Moved with purpose.



1st Cameron &Wood's  BOWKOL AKASHA FIRE, bitch of 23 mths, more mature than second place. Excellent breed type although she does stand a little wide in front. Feminine head.with pleasing expression. Body proportions good with moderate angles. A joy to lay hands upon as she is shown in well muscled.condition. Movement.purposeful and tireless Well schooled.

2nd King's RUSERN HILDEBERG 20mths bitch that needs time to mature. First time in a Show ring and still an erratic baby. Feminine head, eye, ears and bite correct. Her topline needs time to strengthen but her front and rear angles are good. Moved well when settled.



1st King's RUSERN HILDEBERG - See Graduate bitch.



1st Sibley's CHIPSMAKERS QUE SERA SERA AT THORJAKKER (IMP SWE), Classic Vallhund bitch of 5 years that oozes femininity. Pleasing head and expression. Correct eye and medium mobile ears. Harness markings present. Good reach of neck into a well laid shoulders and level topline. Moved well when settled.

2nd Zbilut & Yacomen's STARVON DEJA VU Heavier type of bitch than the winner but with lots to like. Unfortunately she was very unsettled which spoilt the overall picture. Excellent head and outline but unable to assess movement as she was too erratic.




1st Day, West & Jackson's STARVON BINIT SINIT DUNIT WITH KIRKHOLME,  4 year old girl who is not the biggest but has definite ring presence. Beautiful feminine head with a medium eye, correct ears that she uses well. Well balanced outline with a level topline. Good feet. Excelled in movement with reach and drive. Best Bitch & Best in Show

2nd Drinkwater's TRYKEIRA DALEESHA Larger bitch of 5 years,  Excellent wedge shaped head, eye/ear correct. Overall body condition is excellent but her topline could be firmer. Moved well. I preferred the overall balance of the winner.



Jackie Tune (Rottalma)

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