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By Lyn Etches


    Sadly with more shows with only small entries if this continues we will lose all cc status  ,so that will be all shows not just the low entries so far , this will be very sad for the breed the entries are now so low I and plenty of others on here remember  when the classes were so big you felt proud to be in the line ups  let alone win a 1st to then qualify at crufts , Although I cant remember the total entry at Crufts that year early 90s  with our 1st 2 vals they were in classes of 12/13 each , sadly so many have passed away now or retired from showing ,and obviously times have changed  plus the aftermath of the covid  epidemic where so many lives have been lost ,  there are not nearly as many shown these days and as I say if numbers dont pick up we will be without ccs. So please if you like to show and our able to even if mostly in your end of the country please do so .Obviously we are not the only breed that are struggling for numbers .
    Results from Birmingham National  where the judge was Howard Ogden   and he chose for his Dcc and Bob ,  Jo and Martin Strong and Amy Clintons  Bear , Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama , Rdcc and Best Veteran  was Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedys  Rocky ,Ch/Irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfvin .Bcc Steve and Sophie Zbilut and Sam Yacomens  Skye , Ohanaway Shes a Rebel litter sister to the Dcc, Rbcc Pat  Drinkwaters Trykeria Daleesha back in the ring after her huge litter of pups  so obviously looking good again .No puppies entered .
   Next results from Poole premiere show and as usual gemma and I help and steward there as they used to help us at christchurch nf . Izzy was judging J/h  and A/h , which put a spanner in the works best laid plans and all that , it had been agreed as she was only judging handling she could show Spyda so all sorted , anyway I was at the far end as the rings were spread out well so I couldnt see them at all . It turned out I stewarded in the Gundog ring and the judge was Sami Bull whom a lot of us remember Sami showing her 2 vallhunds Chresta and especially the lovely Daz who she showed more .It was nice having a catch up before judging  and she had a good entry so clearly a popular judge .What I heard later was they called for vals Spyda and Bear to the ring but there was a problem re an objection to her showing by i believe the steward which was wrong anyway. Meanwhile Caitie Gemmas oldest daughter came along to see us all ,she dosent come to shows  anyway she kicked off her flip flops off  and took Spyda in ,as I said she didnt know what she was doing but she did her best even going round 1st Bless her ,  So 2 vals in ring both handlers babies due at the same time xmas  so well done to them both .Result 1st Bear 2nd his dad Spyda .Well done ladies .Later in for refreshments after judging done spoke to the judge she said she thought they were lovely I said the vals are father and son and both handlers have their babies due at same time she wished them both all the best with their babes .
    Next shows were both at Skc , 1 show with Ccs 1 nsc .such a shame only 3 vals ,although I believe was also 2 abs ,its so far for a lot of exhibitors plus the fuel issues maybe why 2 were absent .Anyway the May skc show now October the judge was David Cavill  and he chose  for Cc and Bob and Bv  ,Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedys  Rocky ch/irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin , Rdcc was Tony and Sandra Drinkwaters  Aslan , Frau Fortuna Aslan (imp)  , Bcc  was awarded to Mr and Mrs  Hislop and Mrs Dolans youngster Lina , Tanellis Colina .
At the 2nd skc show the judge was Mrs Donald and  it was Nsc and Rocky was 2nd in open , and Lina was 2nd in Jun  .

                            Well done everyone   send me your news for your breed notes to



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