Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


    Hiya everyone you may of noticed my absence from Your Breed Notes for 4 weeks this was because no-one sent anything to me so im assuming you have all gone into hibernation and hopefully this will stir you all into action please .Anything youve been doing with your valls .
      I will start with news from N Ireland from David Diamond and Robert Todd  and they want to say a big Hello  to all of their friends among our vallhund family that remember them , they sent me a card re my loss of Rayda  which was kind of them . Sadly  they have lost their Reba ,Mystarz Azzuro Crush at Tannerthorn with heart failure at 15 1/2 yrs so a good age for a vallhund She was from Stella Coombes .They are devastated with her loss but happy to know she is not suffering .I  always remember my 1st meeting with them we were at Malvern and was exercising our boys on the grass and of course were chatting  and they said they were looking forward to meeting a young dog from jacquie called Hurstfield Phollo Metz  i said i was looking forward to meeting Castleavery Silver Spirit at Tannerthorn and he said this is Jed  Stellas Secrets brother , i laughed and said and this is Metz it was so funny and we stayed  friends since xmas cards etc .Jed soon became a champ  and Top male vallhund male , what was also as it should be win or lose they were proud of him ,as it should be ,and his sister became breed record holder ,  Metz had an accident  and retired from the ring just after getting his 1st cc  and enjoyed walks and the sofa for rest of his life thats when I bought Rayda. Anyway sadly they lost Jed when he was i think about 8 yrs and Reba did not like showing so she stayed at home and was loved for herself until a couple  of months ago  , sending you both hugs from Sam and I , maybe you could pop over for Crufts to see us all that would be good .
      A warning we should all be aware of .
I was talking to a friend and she told me of a worrying experience during  a countryside walk with her dogs .She  found herself in a position where she was walking along a track when a man appeared walking but no dogs with him which seemed a bit odd, bearing in mind where the track was and she felt uneasy as it was a dead end  .He started to walk away then turned round and started  walking back to her and attempted to talk .As you can imagine she felt very uncomfortable as she felt trapped by the dead end ,her dogs clearly sensed her anxiety and started barking at him she said I cant hear you but if you come any closer you will be bitten  with that he turned around and walked away , I said that must of been unerving for you and well done to the dogs .  So everyone please be alert  to any possibilities , he may not of planned anything but better to be safe than sorry .
Our secretary Sharon Sibley is taking orders for the Swedish Vallhund Calendars for 2022 so dont leave it too late to get 1 ,

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