Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches



Notice to all Breed Club Secretaries, to ensure your CC, Bob, Bpis at your breed club show are allocated points towards Top breeder, Top dog ,Top stud and top Brood bitch asap  Post or Email to David Franks, 3 Canterbury Road , Offerton , Stockport , Cheshire  SK1 4DR  . he needs a Marked up Catalogue too , plus Dcc Kc Registered name ,Owner, Breeder ,Sire and Dam  ,  Same of course for Bcc  also same for Bpis .


       Results from the National where Jeff Horsewell was our Judge

Dcc, his 2nd, was awarded to Kyle Jones, Blaze, Tanellis Bloomin William, Rdcc was Jan and Derek Wiltons puppy Mach, Meddobe Mach One.

Bcc was Domna and Richard Dodds, Ellie, Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen, Rbcc was awarded Steve, Sam and Sophie Zbiluts, Skye, Ohanaway Shes a Rebel, Bpib Mach, Bv Ellie, In the challenge for Bob, Ellie beat her son to secure Bob, Bvib so a good day for Domna. Sophie Zbilult handled Skye, Ohanaway Shes a Rebel in the Ykc, Young Kennel Club, classes, in Ykc they won 1st in Pastoral Stakes and 2nd in Ykc handling under judge Anthony Allen, Well done you are doing so well everywhere you must be thrilled.


   At Chippenham and District Sophie and Skye won Bob and Group 1 under Darren Pearson, then in Bis ring where we were stewarding the judge Mark Walshaw commented how thrilled he was with the 7 group winners and said it was really hard to choose between them, he didn’t pick Sophie and Skye but hey they held their own.   Under Judge James Moore the pair won Adult handling too.

We took Spyda to Oakhampton under Russel Mosedale where he won Bob and Group 4.

Zoe Fithern has taken Dash, Hurstfield Renen Dasher and passed their Silver Kennel Club Good Citizen test, fab news well done. Dash is often busy in the Search and Rescue team.

Lynn Pallatina has been doing a hoopers course on line with Cora, Tanellis Coral Bellissima, and she has just passed level 3. Hoopers is fun for dogs Ernie loves it.  We do some Hoopers at our obedience club to finish off my Gold level class. We are very lucky ,1 of our trainers is so clever she likes to do things while we close for August 1st time she made a fabulous free-standing gate mostly used in our puppy and Bronze classes perfect for our kcgc tests, the next year she made a large set of hoopers. I like to finish my gold class with fun we all know if you can’t play with your dog you can’t train it . Wonder what she may make this year.


      As always if anyone has anything they would like to see in the Notes please email them to me at           lynetches@yahoo.co.uk


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