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By Lyn Etches


Results from East of England where are judge - Maggie Bryant   and  she chose the following placings 
Dcc + Bob  Lynn Pallatina's Loki Ch Starvon all Eyes on me.  Rdcc  Louise Patterson + the late Ada West's Teddy, Ch Starvon Wishful Thinking.  
Bcc  Steve Zbilut, Sam Yacomen, Sophie Zbilut's  Skye, Ohanaway Shes A Rebel. A wonderful result indeed for their 1st homebred youngster at her 2nd show after such a hard year especially, well done.  Bcc Fionas  Cameron's Ursa, Bowkol Akasha Fire.                                
Bpib Wendy Amon's Westorps Wild Thing to Pepperthyme (imp).  Bvib Louise Paterson and the late Ada West's Teddy, Ch Starvon Wishful Thinking.

Sv  club open show  judge -  Jackie Tune
Bd  Lynn's  Loki, Ch Starvon all Eyes on me.  Rd was Kyle Jones' Blaze ,Tanellis Bloomin William.
Bb  and  Bis   Jo Day +  Rosemary Jackson's Lexi, Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme.  Rbb  Steve, Sam + Sophie's Skye, Ohanaway Shes A Rebel, What a fab day you had.                                     
Bpib  Wendy's Westorps Wild Thing to Pepperthyme (imp)      
Bvis Louise Patersons and Karen Kennedy's Rocky,  Ch irch, Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin. Busy day for everyone.

National Working and Pastoral Breeds  judge -- Sue Bird ( Bridus )  
Dcc + Bob  Gemma Perry and Lyn Etche's  Spyda, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda. Rdcc son of dcc, Mr +Mrs Strong +Amy Clinton's Bear, Ohanaway  Having a Blast at Mackjama.
Bcc 1st cc for Domna +Richard Dodd 's Pippa, Tanellis  Bloomin Primrose. Rbcc (daughter of Bob)  Steve +Sophie  Zbilut +Sam Yacamen's Skye, Ohanaway Shes a Rebel.
They all did so well in the really, really strong heat  of the sun. A really long day as pastoral group followed the working group Our Judge was Meg Purnel -Carpenter  and our Spyda showed his socks off in a very strong pastoral group Meg moved around the ring and then apart from 1st 5 in line sent the others under some shade of the trees as each were judged  they left ring and next 1 went in until all  had been in gone over and seen moving then everyone  lined up back in the ring and Meg made her cut and I can proudly say Spyda was narrowed down to final 8 happy with that. I felt the Society worked hard  to run an excellant show especially as dealing with such heat,  keeping dogs as protected against the sun as possible and instructed  people to walk on the grass rather than the paths the good thing with this venue there is plenty of grass to walk on.


There have been cases of Lymes Disease  resulting from a tick bites. Be sure to check your dogs over and your legs  especially after countryside walks. You need to turn the tick anti -clockwise  to remove it so that they dont leave the head in.  Make sure you crush it as they can stay alive and attach to next host. I know there was a case I read that they put it in a sealed jar and it kept laying eggs very soon the jar was pretty full, so make sure you kill it. Also Remember to check for grass seeds as they can imbed between toes they can sprout and travel up in their legs and out at the elbow needing an operation to remove them.

Had a message that Steve and Vicky Warren's  Mara, Valaller Rainchaser has started Agility  and she really loves it. News from abroad  Polly Flicken  posted a picture to me of herself and her vall walking across Sundial  bridge, it has a glass bottom to walk on, you wouldnt get me walking over it lol, its in Redding Califat, Turtle Bay 2 vals  competed  in the Akc Rally National Champioships on July 9th in Wilmington there were 500 dogs entered in total Both valls  represented our breed well with placements. Saga Sunfires All Eyes on me finished 7 th in Rally Masters  and Tonks, Fantasi Nymphadora Lupin placed 2nd with an outstanding score of 199 in Rally advanced, added that there were 5 or 6  with score of 199 and the placements were awarded in order of the fastet and Tonks was the fastest of those on 199  What excellant results for them both especially as competing amongst other dogs Congratulations. Jen and Sharlene Carke 4 yrs ago bought their puppy Gunnar to be a farmdog and pet from Ulla Gumberg in New Brunswick and she is as proud as Jen and Sharlene  to hear that they decided to show him and he not only won Bob  ,but Group 1 and then under judge Guy Jeavon he took Rbis .

Dont be shy send me your news for your breed notes about anything you and your val  has been doing and you and your dogs take extra care in all this heat .Ideally walk early morning or in the evening .Stay safe


Hey hold onto your hats I have 2 show results 1 open and 1 Championship.

Sandra Drinkwater went to the Royal Cheshire Open show, the judge was John Purnell. Sandra had entered Aslan, Frau Fortunate Aslan (imp Fin) and he came 1st postgrad and Bob. Leng and Graham’s Gunner, Mystarz Muzik Maestro of Vallholme was Rbob, and their Remy, Galerita Northern Star of Vallholme who won Bpib.


Sunday was our 1st Championship show for a long time; our judge was Darren Clarke (Peluche) and only 1abs (in season) out of 15.

Pd (1) 1st Imogen Robsons Floki, Valaller No Edit Required, very confident as he goes to work with Imogen.   Jd (1) 1st Jo and Martin Strong and Jo Clinton, Bear, Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjamas P/g  n/e . 

L   (2)   1st Kyle Jones, Blaze, Tanellis Bloomin William,  2nd Lynn Pallatina  Zeno ,Starvon Dark  Knight 

O   (2) 1st Gemma and my Spyda, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda, 2nd  Lynn Pallatina Loki  Ch Starvon All Eyes on Me at Valltineya,

Vd (1) 1st Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedy Rocky, Ch/irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin 

Pb  (1) 1st Debbie Howe Flicks, Valaller Picture Perfect  she was a bit overwhelmed but Darren was very  patient and let her go around more to help her settle.

Jun (2. 1abs) 1st Lynn Pallatinas Cora, Tanellis Coral Bellissima at Valltineya.

Pg (1) 1st Ruth Antieul, Joanne Stockbridge, Sharon Sibleys, Oakley, Feuer Vales Torchwood (imp.che)

Limit (3) 1st .Domna and Richards Pippa ,Tanellis Bloomin Primrose , 2nd Debbie Howes Quinn Valaller Rainchild  3rd Steve Zbilut and Sam Yacomens Emilie , Starvon De Ja vu  .

Ob (1) Debbies, Leica, Dangas Diva X Dotter (imp). 

Results of challenges: Bd Bear, Rd Spyda, Bjd Bear,  Bpd Floki, Bv Rocky, Bb Pippa, Rb Leica,  bpb Flicks.   

Final Result Bob and B/jun was Bear. Rbob Pippa, Bpib Floki, Bvib Rocky.

It’s really good  that the called  for bob, best junior , Best puppy  and Best veteran  and all were there for the groups great to promote our breed and see them all represent our lovely breed. As all run together if any missing as in they are in  main group  they don’t place until they are finished, Adult group judge was Frank Kane  and he pulled out more mature dogs , Amy took Bear into the junior group under Patsy Hollings and she awarded him Jun group 4, Puppy group judge was Jacqui Ward Floki he showed really well but  unplaced, Veteran gp judge Dr Ian Gabriel  and again  Rocky showed well but was unplaced. I stood watching and thought how fab 4 rings 4 vallhunds  in and especially seeing 2 new 1st time vallhund  young owners in the groups fab for our breeds future we need more younger keen owners.

Also at the show Domna took  Pippa in the Kcgc stakes under judge Sigurd Wilberg and she came 4th and £10 prize money, It was lovely to see Red Kites flying overhead too.

The next show results will be from the Swedish Vallhund Open show  joined with East of England  Champ Show.

     For those interested in Adult handling it used to be run by Anne Defaye and after many years she has given it up and after speaking with Jacquie  she has passed it onto a group of ex juniors who have formed a strong  committee and their plans  to build it up to a big event with time to a higher number of finalists like back in the day when there used to be huge numbers in the semifinals at Richmond. I remember my daughter Sam being in a 12 -16 class of 96 working breeds (before the group split into pastoral) class had to be split then judge took 6 from each then challenge and overall she came 3rd with our 1st vallhund Kayc. Now Jacque Walmersley o/d is part of committee consisting of Nicky Skinner (Chair) Jacquie (Secretary) Norwegian buhunds, Neil Hood (Treasurer) Norwegian buhunds , Andrea Keepence  (Assist Treasurer)  Beagles, Alysha Branchflower ( It and Design ) Beauceron,  Claire Tatum (Promotions) Weimaraners, and Heidi Allenby, Fauve de Bretagne.  Jun Committee, Maisie Allenby and Amelia Tatum .So a strong committee with Ambitions as well as the finals  they plan to hold  training days for  Handlers ,judges, and Refreshers I wish them success I know Adult handling classes at shows are quite high and I know those that Qualify through this year will be at the finals at Bath Champ show 2022 . So I wish you all the best success  and I’m sure it will be very popular and in good hands.

     I was pleased to see that the Armed gang that raided a home to steal the homeowner’s puppies ,have been jailed for 35 yrs.  thank heavens those poor owners must of been terrified . Just be aware to be extra careful it’s horrendous the amount of dogs and puppies have been stolen around the country  another issue  probably caused by ridiculous prices  they sell  for since the start of the pandemic. 

    Just another fact for you had Crufts happened this year 2021 they would of been celebrating 25 yrs. of Discover Dogs I guess they will celebrate it next year now.

 Wouldn’t it be really nice to see your dog’s news on their activities in your Breed notes so don’t be shy send to   



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