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By Lyn Etches



Hi everyone hope you are all keeping safe and warm I’m going to start with a warning of how easily things can change  during a walk, Monday morning was just another Monday in lockdown .We had our Covid jabs on the Saturday morning and although I had the shivers on Saturday night and a headache on Sunday. Monday I felt fine, so about 7-30 in the morning I got ready to take the dogs out all 3 of them, wrapped up in everything and set off. Although it was a bit snowy and icy I walked up one field the paths were a bit dicey so I decided to take a short cut over the hill into the next field. This would be a shorter walk but the boys would get a good run. As I climbed the hill I realized how cold the wind was and I began to feel breathless. The Temperature was -2 and the wind chill -5!!. I got to the top of the hill and felt faint and thought I am in real trouble now! I walked down a shorter walk that took me to the edge of the park. By this time I knew I was just about to collapse. The dogs although were off leads were playing in the snow and stayed with me all the time. As I got to the path I knew I had to sit or lie down, It was so cold .Just at that moment I heard a dog trying to come through the hedge .It was a super Gsd who is owned by someone I know in the village .The dog loves me and the Vallhunds! I called to his owner for help and she came through and helped me. She called for hubby to collect the dogs and then I managed to walk to  her house which is nearer than mine, and hubby collected me. I have never been so scared. I knew that if I hadn’t got off that field it would have been a very different story!!  Thank God for my friend from the village, mobile phones and Hubby (and the Gsd)

 This is a wake up call to everyone. As we get older we can’t do what we did 20 yrs ago! Always have a phone with you and whoever you are pay attention to the weather .As most of you know I have had cancer treatment in the last year and my body is different now and doesn’t really like the cold.  I am a very LUCKY lady - Rosie Peacock -Jackson.

    Thank you Rosemary you were indeed lucky after being in a dangerous situation, I agree after being in the same situation with the cancer although mine was few years back I had also found a difference in the cold weather and was told the treatment actually affects the lungs and it still does for me. Thank heavens for the nosy Gsd too I’m sure we all send thanks to the friend and take heed everyone.

     If you read the dog press you may have read of the current Topic of debate it has been suggested that 3 Rcc make a Cc, or if the Dog /Bitch that has won the Cc and it are already a Champion then the Cc moves down the line as it does on the continent.

I received the following from Wendy Amon.

Having read David Cavill's comments and this week’s letters, mostly of support for the Rcc being worth something. I did have to smile as who remembers the single CC? There were breeds who for a few years only had the single CC. So basically the Best of breed won the CC and the other unfortunate winning dog or bitch normally had the Rcc (but not always). I was showing a lovely bitch and she won  5/6 RCC, each time winning best bitch, the disappointment in being by the dog every time was disheartening, I very nearly gave up showing her due to this, but she did finally win her crown (with the 1CC still in place ) and  this made her a worthy champion, in my breed with the numbers dwindling over the years  It is becoming easier to make up a champion, would they have made it with the single CC I very much doubt that.

Thank you and to elaborate on the single CC shows.

Can you imagine winning Best Dog and Best Bitch and yet go home with Cc or Rcc, or neither, the judge would  do the challenge  for Bob and the CC , but then the Reserve  dog or bitch to the CC winner  would challenge  the other  best of sex winner  and could get the Rcc, while the other Best of sex  may occasionally  be declared best Opposite sex  and nothing else not even Rcc, I remember clearly the confusion of the single 1 cc, on several occasions I said to steward  don’t forget judge is not to award Cc yet and even a couple of judges queried why id said that and I then explained  totally ridiculous idea supposed to increase entries but actually  it reduced them, especially as Wendy mentioned the CC was often given to the dog. Obviously with the bitches  having  chucked coats as seasons due or just after  plus coming back after a litter could  have a harder battle  against  dog  who can look in their prime and at most could be in spring / autumn molts. Whereas you would expect a CC judge to see past the coats a lot didn’t, but off the Single Ccs.  I totally agree  the Rcc  should remain  the Rcc, Rayda won 16 Rccs  and not once did I want  to swap them for a Cc , at the end of the day if a judge gave him Rcc then it’s because  they preferred  The Cc dog  and that’s fine  He won enough CCs as well.             

Also on another point when shows do start again be very careful how you fill in your entry  and watch  you all have details correct  and in the correct classes don’t be afraid to ask  if you need help your breeder or 1 of us ,there is nothing worse than to win a class only  to have the win removed by the Kc  if its wrong entry details. I’m writing this warning  as  generally you’d enter your puppy class  and ask at a show about when to move classes etc. Sadly because of the covid situation for the past year  there are currently a large number of puppies that entirely miss puppy and straight into Junior  if we are lucky and of course  several new members of our Vally family.

Please send me any news or antics about your vallhunds; it doesn’t have to be long   just as long as you want




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