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By Lyn Etches



Hopefully a Happy and Healthy 2021 to you all and your families and dogs, and remember im waiting to hear all about your Christmas and Snow Stories with your vallhunds for your breed notes. Remember to watch out for any antifreeze  on the ground or in puddles where cars have been as dangerous to dogs. Im certain you will all join me wishing Domna and Richard Dodd a speedy recovery from covid and anyone else such a horrible virus. I know it floored  me for few months last year, i was lucky.

         Regarding how Our Dogs announce the Top dogs in the breeds of course sadly there were only 2 champ shows, Manchester  where the Dcc and Bob was Lynn Pallatina’s Ch Starvon all eyes on me, the bitch CC and Bp went to Debbie Howes Valaller Rainchild, Crufts Dcc and Bob was Rosemary  Jacksons Starvon double agent at Kirkholme, Bcc was Kerry Diamond Ch Eriksfjord aurora charm and  Bp was again Debbies Valaller Rainchild, so the 2 dogs were equal  but Debbies Valaller Rainchild declared Top Puppy 2020. A shame that for so many puppies they havent been in the ring and will start showing in junior hopefully, in a way as much as weve missed seeing everyone its obviously more important to stay safe. We will be entertained in the rings when shows restart with the hooligan teenagers  to brighten our days.

          A message from our Secretary Sharon Sibley, Due to all changes needed for safety, Sharon and committee have found a new venue for the Club Champ show still April 11th. The venue will be at Hudnall Park, an outdoor educational facility in Hertfordshire. Its closed to the public and outside, There are toilet facilities but you need to take chairs and Refreshments for yourself. To look it up its https;//www.ychertfordshire.org/hudnall park. Sharon would like to get your feedback about this plan. Obviously things keep changing regarding the pandemic and our arrangements may need to cancel at the last minute. We hope you can understand the decision is not taken lightly and just rather than just say no shows we will try. Thank you Sharon.

          As I havent been sent any news I asked Gemma Perry if she could write a piece about the fun shes had. Thanks Gemma.

  Having a litter of Bullmastiffs and how the Vallhunds dealt with it; So not many of you will know but I have been involved with Bullmastiffs for longer than Swedish vallhunds and i recently, Ocober, and I agreed to whelp my friends bitch at my house, she arrived a week before she was due so she could settle and the boys Spyda 3yrs and Ernie 8 months, welcomed her with open arms and both seeming to understand that she was in no condition to play. The day the (7) puppies arrived Spyda lay at the gate not making a sound watching each puppy arrive, Ernie slept through the whole thing!! lol. As the puppies grew and started to leave the whelping box Ernie became the fun big brother and he was always ready to play, very gently at first seeming to understand where to place his feet instinctivly and playing gently with toys, and Spyda became the protective uncle letting the climb all over him but a gentle telling off if they overstepped the mark.

        I will just say credit to Gemma who did a great job single handed and working at home too, because of lockdown her friend couldnt help, at least with sv they are in with the pups whereas Bullmastiffs need to be in separate pen and supervised milk time with their mum as they can lay on pups without realising as they are big, I wish you could see all see the videos gemma sent me of the boys and the pups playing  its so amazing how special vallhunds are. Plus of course gemma has 5 dogs too. So send me your stories of lockdown entertainment with them.

Please send me your news for your breed notes  .  lyn.etches@yahoo.co.uk    


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