Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches


You may remember in a previous breed notes I told you about Hollie Jones who had fostered and fell in love with Willow and adopted her and following that Emma Willson realized this was her Willow, bred by Melanie Harris, and long story short they have been chatting and Emma told her she is actually 2 yrs. younger than they had been told and they arranged they will meet up once lockdown is over. Anyway Hollie has given birth to her beautiful baby and as predicted she said Willow is wonderful with the baby and a great babysitter so that’s lovely for everyone x

   Here we are in spring with flowers sprouting in beautiful colours brightening up our world   after the last major stressful times of the past year. I know it’s not over yet  but with more people having their vaccinations  it looks like brighter times ahead hopefully .You need to be aware of which plants are toxic to your dogs especially if they are growing in the part  your dog’s use .I personally  have flowers in my front garden ,and hanging baskets in the back .anyway here is a list if you don’t know   Toxic ; Rhododendrons , Daffodils ,Tulips ,Lilies , Crocus ,Hyacinth , Lily of the valley .Fertilizers and of course Insecticides . Obviously  from now on there will be Bees and Wasps about and especially young dogs and pups may try to catch them and get stung .Most stings will be some pain and irritation although multiple stings can prove fatal in rare cases ,mostly if the stings are in their mouths .Like us some dogs can be allergic so watch for the any signs of reactions swelling in mouth or breathing difficulties , needing immediate vet care .Many dogs that get stung on their paws or face ,the normal signs are holding up paw ,biting and nibbling at site you can always ring your vet for advice, In fact if you are going for an appointment good chance to ask advice for treatment if it happens plus if your dog gets a snake bite out on a heathland walk . I personally with my vet’s agreement always have piraton in my phone case if needed as with snake bites can give you extra time to get to a vet .As my vet said it must be proper Piraton, not any of the alternatives. But don’t take my word for it talk to your Own vet for their advice .I will just add I saw a virtually instant reversal on Raydas head after he came in from garden and his head was swelling he looked like a staffie after giving him a piraton, I went in garden to see if I could see anything before leaving for vets and there sat in the corner where he liked to lay was a large toad ,the culprit and with steroid injection too  his head went back to normal although I stayed on the sofa with him all night to keep an eye on him .

     When driving please don’t allow your dogs  to have their heads out the window as flying dust and insects  can cause very sore eyes .Remember its illegal  for your dog to be unrestrained  on the back seat  ,you need a crate or a car harness there are plenty available , nor must they be at the front at all . With all these multiple dog thefts be alert on your walks and please Don’t leave your dogs tied up outside shops even if for a few moments .When your next at vets ask them to check your dog’s microchip as occasionally, but rarely they move or fail .I’ve only once had this happen to any of my dogs , I had taken him for his normal yearly eye checks and we found it had moved to his shoulder  about a month later I popped into my vets to check if had moved again and after checking All over by 2 nurses and a vet it had either gone or failed so he had a new 1 .Since then we bought a scanner for my dog club to do checks especially on kc gc tests as per requirement by kc so we all occasionally check our own dogs  too .Also take an updated  photo of your dog too  i.e. profile and head on your phone just in case you need it if they get lost .

    Disappointing news for exhibitors of Crufts and now Windsor shows cancelled, I hope it’s not a repeat of last year, Although Bournemouth and Bath own their own ground and have plenty of room to spread out more and I believe the same for Southern Counties too, although only Bath have ccs, both Bournemouth and Southern Counties have entries open now for you to enter .Also the venue the Swedish Vallhund Championship shows are on private ground too.

     I had omitted a piece from Zoe Fithern ( Rusern) she is training her Malinois import alongside her vallhunds in Search and Rescue , you may remember her Dash ,Hurstfield  Renen Dasher , is part of the Southern Search and Rescue Group .Anyway Zoe took her Malinois  along with her Misper (Missing Person ) for a training session she went ahead on the trail and  was in hiding in the woods . Without thinking of checking if anyone was in earshot ,Zoe got her out of the van saying lets go hunt her down ,you gonna get her then , as she turned round she saw 2 people who had obviously heard her and were watching in horror  , and there’s rumored to be photos of the Misper looking suspicious hiding in hedges . Moral of this story if you’re going to be winding your dog up to go get her, check if there are other people watching you.

     Extra news just in  news from Jo Strong ,There was an on/line photo competition  with the Essex and East Anglia Pug club , apparently they had several classes for pugs and then also some classes for other breeds .This was at the back end of march as a last puppy competition she entered Bear .She has just been notified  that Bear , Ohanaway having a Blast at Mackjamas won Bpis , nice end to his puppy career , Congratulations Jo and Amy  .

Don’t be shy send me your news of your Vals exploits and good places to walk in your areas and anything else you want to see in Your Breed notes.

Please send me any news or antics about your vallhunds; it doesn’t have to be long   just as long as you want




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