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By Lyn Etches


  Well here we are back at Christmas already , hoping everyone is staying safe and well and looking forward to 2022 and good times ahead .
  I had a video clip from Zoe Fithern showing Inga , Hurstfield Chi Goddess doing an impressive lowland search clearly thorougly enjoying herself . Zoe has a great bond with her dogs and trains her dogs in different ways for all most useful search and rescue needs ie Dash ,Hurstfield Renen Dasher  works a different way as also does her Malanois .To pass her Lowland Rescue Stage 4 Inga had to go  looking for 2 people hidden 25 m from a track over a 1 km distance in woodland with light  ground cover this is towards her operational qualification and for that Inga has a day and a night mock to complete 2km search and then a Full operational assessment .They work and train with Wiltshire Search and Rescue Team .This all shows how well suited vallhunds are for various jobs .As we  know especially in the winter you hear stories of people getting lost in different areas and they need the search teams .
  I also  had a message sent to me from Lynn Pallatina she had taken Loki, Ch Starvon All eyes on me to a agility club christmas party .Loki had great fun and enjoyed the games , he played Gamblers ,Snooker, Iv no idea how they play them must involve jumps of course, and a relay race which was amazing . Loki was the fastest small dog in the relay which was amazing and he managed a 4th place in Gamblers , but Lynn said  wont mention the snooker as she sent him over the wrong jump and got him eliminated .He thoroughly enjoyed seeing his friends again and learnt that if he lays down looking sad humans feed you .It was a lovely evening and he had a goody bag to take home he slept soundly  .I know how much fun dog club christmas parties are we had fun at my club party winning rosettes , prizes etc and all the dogs received a wrapped pressie from us ..
  Another message from Domna Dodd She took Pippa ,Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose  to Woolwich ,Bexley and distract where they had breed classes the judge was Darren Clarke  Pippa won Bob but nothing in the group .
  Results from Cc winners , Gemma and my  Spyda ,Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda head the Table with 5cc +4 Bobs , Top Bitch cc  is Domna and Richard Dodds Pippa on 4cc +1 Bob .Top Breeder Starvon .Jo Day ,Top Veteran Louise Paterson + Karen Kennedys Rocky ,Irch Ch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin . we will have to wait for Top sire ,Top Dam and Top puppy as they were tied . We have 12 sets of Ccs .
   Christmas warnings watch your dogs do not eat ; Mince pies ,Xmas cake ,Grapes, Sultanas, Rotten apples ,Blue cheese,Onions,Garlic,Chives ,Sage and onion stuffing ,Chocolate , Plants to be aware of Poinsetta, Mistletoe ,Holly berries ,Lilies , Pine needles from natural trees in their paws or eyes . Xylitol thats in sweeteners , is also in some snow globes ,chewing gum and of course Anti freeze on the roads from cars ,dont let your dogs drink from puddles as anti freeze is dangerous +can be fatal  , Dogs will drink it as it tastes sweet .also watch for small toys out of Crackers as they can cause a blockage . Sorry this info needs to be here to help keep dogs safe
I  wish you all a Happy Christmas  and that we all look forward  to a Healthy 2022 . Maybe you may include in your New years resolutions to let me know of your exploits with your vallhunds over the holiday , maybe some new people with their 1st Christmas with a Vallhund                      

.Make your new years resolutions to do things ,and then message me what your dogs are up to .


      News re Ferns law , On December 4th the government published a summary of its responses in setting out a series of actions that its planning.The government is introducing cat microchipping and its also reviewing the database  system to identify practical measures which could improve its operation of databases before introducing secondary legislation covering both Dogs and Cats and will publically consult on its movements .The government is working along with  Veterinary Profession and Tuks law campaign to monitor the effectivness of requirements relating to scanning prior to Euthanasia of all dogs and cats ,as set out in the updated Rcvs Code of Professional Conduct for all veternary surgeons .  
  So lets hope all the databases can link together so all  missing dogs and cats can be reunited  found in whatever area , and also rescue groups can also check with all microchip databases  not just the initial  chip . 
   With all the christmas activities happening in the clubs Im glad to receive a message from Ruth Antieul who proudly told me that had been too her local ringcraft  club and  Oakley ,Feuervales Torchwood  had won the Fancy dress  dressed as a Christmas Pudding ,well done Oakley .
  We held our Christmas party at our obedience class and it was great fun starting with fancy dress then several fun races   obstacle,  noughts and crosses etc and  the fun of trying to get their dogs to run through Temptation alley  lined with toys and biscuits without eating or playing with the toys  each round they got through the lines got closer until the last 5 left in as well as going though the middle all through  was extra biscuits too they had to walk other we ended with 5 still clear so all had doggy bits and red rosettes it was a hoot , the winning fancy dress was an outfit on a sbt with a jockey father christmas on and he wore it all through the games which as you can imagine especially going over the jumps .great fun for all .
    Iv been asked by Rosemary  to alter from my last notes that Trev had passed his uk level 3 scentwork not manwork as I had reported .
  Results  from Lka , where our judge was Russell Jones (Quemerford ) and his 1st Ccs for Sv  he had a very good entry in fact 1 of the best entries this year in spite of a few of us who would normally be entered  wasnt this time for various  reasons , only 5abs some in seasons .
Russell  chose for his Dcc and Bob and Bv 10 yrs young to Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedys Rocky ,ChIrCh Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin ,  Rdcc was Jo and Martin Strong and Amy Clinton Ohanaway Having a blast at Mackjama  . Bcc went to Debbie Howes Rain ,Pepperthyme  on a Rainbow also a veteran . Rbcc  went to the sister of rdcc ,Steve and Sam and Sohie Zbiluts  Skye , Ohanaway Shes a Rebel    , You all  must be proud of breeding these 2 youngsters and from your  1st litter I know Gemma and I and daddy Spyda are  pleased with them . There were no puppies today , hopefully there will be some in 2022 as there have been some matings .
Sophie had to be there extra early as the Junior handling was on at 8-30   the judge was  Mr Noah Tarabad (Frondil )and Sophie and Skye came 3rd out of 10  a great result very well done 
Just had a reply from Louise that although Rocky went well he was unplaced in the group .
   Some sad news from Vicky Allsop she has had to say goodbye to Zeb , Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking at Thornevald he was coming up to his 15th birthday  , hes up there playing with his good friend Rayda .Im sure once she is ready she will send me a piece on his life with her .So Sorry .



 This year seems to of gone so fast cant believe we are in December already, I do hope people are going to put on their resolution list to  share some news via your breed notes  dont be shy just send me your snippets maybe of your 1st vallhunds Christmas etc please.

   Fab news there is now a new Canine Genetic service availible it opened its doors on November 22nd. Its called C.A.G.T. This service operates from the Department of Veternary Medicine at the University of Cambridge and offers a range of Dna tests for painful, blinding, or other Debilitating Inherited caninie disorders. The CAGT team are passionate about providing a high quality customer service to offer accurate breed relevant and validated Dna tests that can be used to reduce the incidence of disease in breeds at risk. Prior to being at the Universaty of Cambridge some members of the CAGT team previously worked at the AHT prior to its closure back in 2020 and bring considerable expertise in Canine Genetics and Gen testing . Now its open and offer a range of valdated tests and it will be offering these plus the number of tests will increase over the coming weeks and months.

   Congratulations to Rosemary with Trev, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme on passing his Uk Level 3 in Manwork, they clearly are both enjoying themselves.

    Congratulations Zoe and Dash, Nlch Hurstfield Renan Dasher who passed his Nosework Games gaining 20pts, you gain points at various tests similar to Scentwork Uk.

     Its been reported that a dog is recovering from suspected covid, he had all the same symtoms Coughing, Wheezing, Shortness of Breath and Vomiting, he himself is a Detection dog who helps his diabetic owner. Hope he recovers well.

     Sharons poor Koba has had a nasty experience by being bitten on the nose by a house spider, his poor nose looks so nasty and sore, he had to have a steroid injection and has to have antibiotics but just to add on his woes he has to wear the cone of shame poor boy hope hes feeling better soon.

    At the Nordic show where the judge was  Jacky Cutler she chose Jo Martin, and Amys Bear, Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama ,Rbob was Sharons imp. Penni ,Chipsmakers Que Sera.

    At  Guidford where  they were in Not separately classified the judge was Val Dyer and Gemma took our Spyda, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda and they were awarded Res bnsc ,and in rbob stakes he was a 5th,  Sophie  took their  Skye,Ohanaway Shes a Rebel, and was unlucky in  the nsc class. Sophie was so thrilled to win her Young kennel club  handling class which gave her the rest of her points needed to qualify for the Ykc handling finals at Crufts so really well done an thanks to co-owner  Steve on being their personel driver lol.

   "Its ok my dog is friendly "  how many times have we heard that shout. No your dog is out of control and loose running up to another dog under control. Dogs are allowed to say No if they feel threatened so they bark, a natural defence. If you have a nice friendly dog thats a relief. But dont let your dog off lead if another dog is on the lead as it could be for so many reasons ie dog could be in recovery ,Elderly with sight problems, walking dog for someone else, temperment, timid, aggresive or other reasons. Everyone should take the responsibilty of training their dogs and behaving responsibly. The other day i received a phone call from actually quite an aggresive sounding lady, she wanted to bring her puppy to club. After further questions it turns out to be a rather large, 15 stone American bull terrier, 12 months old.  She has problems controlling him and actually no she cant hold him at all to the point where even  if he sees a person or dog  far in the distance hes gone and dosent stop till he has the person or dog on the floor where they are pinned  and she struggles to get him away once she has caught up, she said i dont think he will bite them as long as they dont try to get up. Her other words were "to be honest if i saw a dog like him running at me id probably have a heart attack". Obviously I said a club is not what you need why on earth did you  not start as a young pup. I gave her a behaviourist phone number who is used to working with large strong guarding breeds and told her she must book with her to see  if she can help  before you end up with a court control order. I rang my friend and explained all that the lady had told me she said ok and agreed why on earth did she not search for help earlier. Currently  im still awaiting an up date. 

                  Send me your vallhund news and activities to ;



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