Due to many shows having to re schedule their dates and judges due to COVID, this page will be subject to alterations as and when we get conformation of the confirmed dates and judges, thank you for bearing with us.


2021 Show Judge (2021) Judge (2020) 2022 Judge
Cancelled MANCHESTER     21/1/22 Ms L Paterson
Cancelled CRUFTS       10/3/22  
Cancelled Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales (No CC)     16/4/22  
Cancelled WELKS     23/4/22  
2/10/21 SKC (double show) Mr A R R Doedijns Mrs H Fitzgibbon 21/5/22  
3/8/21 BATH  Dr Chris Millard   29/5/22 Mrs KV Gilliland
27/6/21 SOUTHERN COUNTIES (No CC) Mr Darren Clarke   5/6/22  
Cancelled THREE COUNTIES (No CC)     11/6/22  
22/8//21 BLACKPOOL Mr F Kane   26/6/22 Mrs Mae Persson
Cancelled WINDSOR     2/7/22  
11/7/21 EAST OF ENGLAND Mrs M Bryant   8/7/22 Mrs SM Coombes
17/7/21 NWPB Mrs S Bird   16/7/22 Mr K Baldwin
25/7/21 LEEDS Mrs M Harris   22/7/22  
9/8/21 PAIGNTON (No CC) Mr S Watson   5/8/22  
16/8/21 BOURNEMOUTH (No CC) Bridget Bodle   13/8/22 Tim Ball
Cancelled WKC     19/8/22 Mrs H Fitzgibbon
Cancelled CITY OF BIRMINGHAM (No CC)     3/9/22  
4/9/21 SVS (2020/2021 Double show) Mrs K Kennedy Mrs S Drinkwater    
10/9/21 RICHMOND Mrs WA Sharman   10/9/22  
17/9/21 DARLINGTON Mr R C Kinsey Ms AY King 17/9/22 Mr AJ Drinkater
24/9/21 BIRMINGHAM NATIONAL Mr Howard Ogden   8/5/22 Mr J Horswell
12/12/21 LKA Mr Russel F Jones Mr A Wight 8/12/22 Mrs GC Chapman
11/7/21 SVS OPEN SHOW Jackie Tune      


(Shows with no Date/Judge are ones who had classes last year, this list is updated periodically)

  Jan  Taunton & District Canine Association          
  Jan  Lichfield Canine Society    
  Jan  Coalville & District Canine Society    
  Feb  Swansea & District Canine Club    
  Feb National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society    
  Feb  St Helens & District Canine Society    
  Feb  Torquay & District Canine Society    
  Feb Okehampton & District Canine Society    
  Mar Bridgend & District Kennel Asscociation    
  Mar Oxfordshire Canine Society    
  Mar Retford Canine Society    
  Mar Herts & Essex Border Canine Society (Supported)    
  Mar Bridgewater and District Canine Soicety    
  12th Llanelli & District Canine Society    
  Apr Chippenham & District Canine Society     
  May North West Canine Association    
  May Aberystwyth & District Canine Society    
  May Pollard Canine Society    
  May Christchurch & New Forest Canine Society    
  June Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association    
  June Pembrokeshire Canine Association     
11th July SVS Open Show JACKIE TUNE  
  June Chepstow & District Canine Society    
22nd June  The Royal Cheshire County Show Mr John Purnell  
  July  Evesham & District Canine Society    
  July Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society    
  July  Kingston Canine Society    
  July Langstone & District Canine Society    
  July Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society    
30th Aug Great Yarmouth Gorleston & District Canine Society Mr. Tim Ball  
  July Dorset County Canine Society    
  Sept Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society (Supported)    
26th Sept Poole Canine Club KAREN ANGIER  
  Nov The Nordic Show (Supported)    
  Dec Burton-on-Trent Kennel Association    
  Dec Lincoln Canine Society    
  Dec Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society    


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