Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches



Part 1 

Wow I have to start on that excellent Swedish Vallhund Feature in last week’s Our Dogs, Excellent for so many to contribute to it to.  Many Thanks  to Liz Cartlidge on The backbone of the British Vallhund , who we also Thank for bringing the Vallhunds to the UK in the 1st place ,Thanks to Chris Millard for the section on the history of the breed .Jo Day for The beginning of the Vallhund Society , and the Characteristics of the breed  ,Rosemary Peacock Jacksons piece on Judging the breed , Fiona Cameron wrote an article on herding ,Sami Bull on her journey with Daz  ,and all the Owners who wrote on living with the breed  with everyone showing from how people 1st met the breed  and added them to the their family and how versatile the breed is Showing ,Scent work with Mantrailing , Agility , Pets as Therapy . I can honestly say  a lot of these dogs do a variety of the activities, Breed standard and  importantly Health and welfare by Joanne Stockbridge and of course All the fabulous vallhunds pictured plus of course The committee whose hard work linked it all together  plus as mentioned some of these also writing an article . Thank you Our dogs for featuring SV.

       Joanne Stockbridge, our health rep has been hard at work again as there is no longer AHT a sad loss. The latest info on the Retinopathy testing .Joanne has contacted Animal DNA Diagnostics and they are now offering the tests for retinopathy, she has emailed the Kc about having the results reported directly to them as was done by AHT, she suggests maybe until they have set up results would need to be scanned and emailed to the kc to be put on the database .Update from kc they have contacted the lab and regarding results to be sent to them directly. They are currently updating the website so the new lab won’t show up on there yet until the update is done. another update; the assured breeders scheme won’t offer the discount with this new lab.

      News from Zoe Fithern to say Inga has made her proud as she has passed her stage 1 and 2 lowland rescue search dog. Assessments today part of her journey to become a Rescue search dog .It was a very wet day and they had some Thunder but she worked on and found her Misper, thanks to all who came and helped in the rain for the evaluations. Once again Zoe this time with her SV search and rescue dog Dash, she was really pleased with Dash’s 3rd place with a clean sweep on level 2 marks 99.35, with Scentwork UK.

     Our new (well sort of new )  Jo Strong took Bear to a special show training day with  Southampton club where the trainer was Michael Craig a great handler/trainer  and she  thoroughly enjoyed herself  and felt  he was a great  help to her and she learnt a lot other than Bear  she has whippets   so enjoyed how different it was to show a vall . Well done Jo.


Part 2

  Sadly there is not a lot in these notes today  as in spite of being promised by some people   No-one has sent anything . I was rather   pre - occupied over some stressful tests and worries definately not what you want to take 6 months over never mind enough about that I have pulled  some news .
 Saturday  I  went with Gemma Perry and our boys to Southampton Ringcraft, held outside on a field with all correct distancing  upheld. There was a training session with  Michael Craig  a well known handler who I have known for years and I love how he bonds with any dog  within a couple of minutes. I was sat watching and it was lovely to see dogs transform from a being a good dog and good moving  change to an eye catching  dog flowing round the rings. I was really thrilled to meet Skye, Ohanaway Shes a Rebel  with Sophie Zbilut and Bear, Ohanaway  Having a Blast ,with Jo and Amy Strong  they are  Ernies , Ohanaway The One I Want  , littermates  from Spyda and Emmie . Was entertaining at the start when they 1st met , Ernie and Spyda were excited to meet up and it was my 1st meeting with them at 6 months  ,previously only seen in photos as was shielding . Michael was very impressed with them and said to me interesting that each needed handling differently , I know he loves Vallhunds he has for long time I had met him years ago when Jacquie told me to let him campaign Rayda and as most of you know I handled  him myself until my injuries stopped me .
    Sadly Bournemouth Ch show was cancelled and we had an entry of 17 a fab entry with no CCs ,and now Skc  and Sv shows are cancelled . 
    Since all the lockdowns lifted its  great how numbers of vals and owners have been involved with training for Man Trailing and Scentwork , I know  Rosemary Jackson with Trev ,Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme  , Crufts 20 Bob , and Wendy Amon with Saga  ,Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu at Pepperthyme  and Zoe Fitherns Dash ,Nl ch Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern were actively doing their training before lockdown , not only have they returned to training but also Zoe is training Inga ,Hurstfield Chi Goddess at Rusern to join training to join with Dash on search +rescue   s/w ,and Sophie Linnney with Beni , Cecil Vombruggener Land (imp) , and joined by Aymz Hickenbotham  with Nova Trykeria  , Lyn Pallatina with I believe  Cora , Tanellis Coral Bellisima  , Aymz  Said her trainer fitted Nova with his harness and told her as if they really get into it  he will need to change it as you need 1 that fits correctly to protect their shoulders while people were discussing how well vallhunds enjoy it and to make a team , Another owner Neil Haslam  who has 1 of Wendys pups commented (hope he dosent mind me saying )  .
Next major manhunt is going to be shown on the news with a very large pack of swedish vallhunds hunting the suspect, The escaped prisoner was hunted down and sustained grade 3 lick  injuries  caused from the vallhunds tongues , really good idea Neil . .
Great working everyone .
   News from Zoe Fithern her youngster from her last litter Inga , Rusern Brynhildr , has safely arrived after a long journey to  New Zealand to join Kathy Sloane at Torval Vallhunds , and the pictures show her happily meeting Kathys other vallhunds .
   Our secretary  Sharon Sibley  ,is asking for  photos for the 2021 Calendar , we all know how lovely they were last year so send your pictures to sharon.sibley@btinternet.com   



After people had questioned as to whether the Swedish Vallhund had the MDR1 gene, Joanne Stockbridge, the Swedish vallhund society Health representative and is with the health sub community. Joanne has contacted the labs that run DNA testing. She was informed by MydogDna that they have tested more than 600 vallhunds and have never found a vallhund with the MDR1 gene, and from Embark who also have not found any vallhund to date with the gene, Thank you Joanne.

     I am delighted to give you all the news  that our Spyda , Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda , is now I believe the 1st swedish vallhund to become an Emotional  Support Animal to Gemma ,He is registered as a Medical Mental Assistance Animal with Esa UK and the Assessor was so impressed  with the bond between them and how Spyda is so Intune with Gemma’s emotions he is their Ambassador  for the South  , proud of Spyda as is his breeder Jo Day , we do know how special this breed is .

     Next is a piece from Sophie Linney about her Beni, Cecil Vom Bruggenerland, which I’m sure you will enjoy reading.

  Whilst any show dogs will be thoroughly enjoying a little respite from the ring, many of us are missing the opportunity to have a catch-up and natter with friends. I know my dogs certainly have made the most of the situation and perhaps benefited like many, they have enjoyed a wealth of lovely walks and enjoyed being at home. For me however, there was a beast beginning to rear its head .Beni 12mths, was growing tired of simple walks and trips out .He has a very busy and active mind, exercise alone won’t tire him, this is 1 of the many reasons why I love him and love this breed .Many societies and dog clubs are struggling to get back up and running due to the restrictions in place and social distancing measures. Certainly the 2 clubs I attend locally aren’t likely to start up ringcraft or obedience until the new year. Puppy classes are on but as I no longer have a puppy, Beni cannot attend. Agility clubs are full to bursting with above average numbers interested in getting out and trying something new .I had exhausted all avenues, or so I thought.

A silver lining came for me and Beni with the easing of lockdown .This came in the form of    MANTRAILING!!!

Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I’m always keen to try my hand at something new , but many readers may be asking what on Earth is mantrailing ?. I too had not heard of it until having a chat with Rosemary Jackson about her start in the sport with her young charmer Trev, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme and also Wendy Amon who had just got back to trailing with her lovely girl Saga, Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme fresh from her maternal duties .I decided that it sounded well worth a go. You could say it sounded just like a game a little like hide and seek but far better.

   Humankind has always bred dogs to assist us with tasks .The earliest example of this for trailing was in the 17th century when Swiss monks developed a breed to find snow covered tracks back to their monastery ,preventing them from getting lost .This breed became known as the St Bernard .Reports later came of these same dogs being sent out to find people lost in the snow and guide them back to the monastery to safety .Further development of trailing was made during the war .The concept of mantrailing was formed during the 18th century where specifically trained dogs were used to find escaped criminals and even slaves .

Mantrailing is not just for use by professionals, but is also a great activity for anyone who likes me, wants to spend quality time with their dog. As breeds go this sport is inclusive of all breeds, there is also not upper or a lower age limit for dogs or those hoping to get involved.

In modern day mantrailing we don’t teach our dogs to trail, they already know how to do it!! It takes teamwork between you both. Any introduction to this sport should be fun and your trainer should coach you in this truly amazing sport.

   Mantrailing consists of 3 main parties , your misper ,missing person ,or  runner who you will be finding ,you and your dogs handler and of course your dog .He/she has the tools of the trade ,their nose !

    We give our dog an article ,contaminated with the scent of the misper to sniff .Then the dog can follow these trails of scent to locate that specific person .This is such a lifesaving skill. The game also builds a stronger relationship between you and your dog .I should add that it’s something that can be enjoyed come rain or shine, summer or winter.

    Over the past 6 weeks Beni has attended evening trails to fit around my work schedule He’s enjoyed meeting new people and dogs ,we now have an established class of just 4 dog/handler teams ,whilst also gaining new confidence and the satisfaction that having a job gives .Within a fortnight he had successfully completed his introduction (this is normally done in 1 day however due to work commitments I couldn’t attend the half day course ) He has gone on to gain a wealth of new skills and abilities .Benis trailing people over different terrains , who are hidden presumed missing in hedgerows , fields ,bushes ,around trees ,outbuildings and under tarpaulins . He also can successfully distinguish between decoys and his misper. Once he’s on the scent you can see his determination to find his person and see the job done .His endgame satisfaction is confirmation to me that he enjoys it!

    I’ve enjoyed it too. I’ve learned how to read and differentiate between his different behavior and demeanors. However trailing does have the added bonus of a little peace and quiet late evening. Beni is flat out asleep within half an hour of returning home.

    To find out more and what you might need to get started visit MANTRAILING UK on


The site also has easy to find section to aid you in your search for your local instructor .If just 1 person enrolls on an introduction to mantrailing off the back of my article that would be a success .Happy trailing.

Thank you Sophie I enjoyed reading that and our readers will too.

    Some of you may remember quite a long time back of  Zoe Fitherns  Dash ,Nlch Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern who started off learning about trailing  and now he is a fully qualified and in  the Search and Rescue Southern team  I must contact Zoe again for any updates .




Part 1

Hiya everyone I thought id do something different , I have Emailed  several of our breeders with a questionnaire and have received  4 of their replies ;    RJ ,Rosemary Jackson ,  Kirkholme.   J D, Jo Day  Starvon.  SD ,Sandra Drinkwater ,Galerita.  DD ,  Domna Dodd ,Tanellis.    Questions  1 - 10


Q1, what first attracted you to the breed?

RJ, we first noticed the breed when they were being shown at Maidstone, Kent, we were showing Gsds and Shelties .This was in the late 1970s.We wanted a breed that would fit in with Gsds and this smart clever breed did just that.

JD, my answer may not be along the same lines as others .I was showing my German Shepherds and I needed a new handler - along came Tim West! He was handling for me 1 day and his mum ( Ada West ) came over and told him he was needed to handle  their dogs ,let’s say I went and handled the vallhunds and that was my introduction to a breed that wriggled its way into my heart  from that day .From the off I was attracted to the general soundness  of the breed ,the character and the intelligence, the fact that as far as a vallhund is concerned there is nothing it can’t have a try at ,they may not be brilliant at everything but will give their all to have a really good try ,and yes they are ever so slightly addictive .Try one you won’t be disappointed.

SD, The size and character.

DD, I wished to downsize to a breed that was similar to my Gsds then one day at a local dog show I came across the late Ted Manning with his 2 Svs.

Q2, how did you choose your affix and does it have a meaning?

RJ, My affix was a culmination of my late husband’s mother’s surname (kirkbride - Kirk) and the farm he had lived on in the Yorkshire woulds (Martinholme - Holme) Kirkholme .It was registered in 1975.

JD, It chose me - I have held a separate interest in the Starvon affix for a few years now, the affix was originally held by my late ex mother in law and ex-husband Ada and Tim West ,since the passing of his mother the affix has been transferred into Tim’s name in case he ever wants to come back into the breed which was a huge part of his life for so many years .It was something Reg wanted me to carry on the kennel name and Ada and Tim happily signed the paperwork required for me to have my own interest ,the Affix was picked  by Reg many years ago when they had just Gsds and he liked the link to gsd pedigree names  using Von with Star (Starvon) .

SD, we used to show foreign birds and we won the equivalent of Crufts in the bird world for 2 years running the bird was a greater Sulphur crested cockatoo and we took his Latin name of cacatua galerita, Galerita as our affix.

DD, I chose my Affix from my maiden name Tandis to Tanellis (Found after it’s a name of a rose)

Q3, When planning a litter, what do you look for in a stud dog?

RJ, The most important thing for me is temperament and Breed type.

JD , Old saying if it isn’t broke why fix it .We have always preferred to line breed than go for total outcross, this is our choice .We have over the years produced a consistent type of vallhund one that says Starvon ,by line breeding tight for a couple of generations then further out with 1 line retained .A dogs show record is not important it is the lines we want to keep and add ,the breed type ,if it doesn’t look like a vallhund then it’s not a vallhund .Temperament and health tests matter .We look for a dog who compliments our girls ,both her strengths and weakness taking into account the littermates and parents and their  littermates ,knowledge of your own dogs is the key to move forward. The gene pool is small as it has been for years with so few breeders in the UK and almost all the bitches used for mating being related and the same for the limited amount of stud dogs.

SD, Temperament, Health tested    and a dog that can offer quality to the breed.

DD, I look for a dog of good breed type who can complement my girl, also a good temperament.

Q4, what would you look for in a puppy as your keeper potentially for the show ring?

RJ, Again the puppy must be of good breed type, outgoing .Good head and ear set, reach of neck and topline .Ideally be good in front and behind and a good mover But puppies are puppies and they can prove you wrong and ugly ducklings can become swans .But on the whole, if you study the breeding lines you usually have a good idea.

JD, Ada always seemed to pick her keeper wet ,and in all the years I knew her she never changed her mind .I have  never picked a puppy on looking at it stacked ,it has always been hours of watching them play  , move and stand when something catches their attention .I like a balanced puppy with a good head shape and underjaw ,who looks like a mini adult  at 8-10 wks personally if everything looks promising at that age they can go through all sorts of development stages there is a really good chance they will come back .Remember  they are a slow  maturing breed and good things are worth waiting for .

SD, Attitude, outgoing, good proportions.

DD, A puppy with good character, good flowing movement and level back followed by clear markings and colour.

Q5, within your lines is there a particular Dog / Bitch who you feel has had a major influence in your kennel?

RJ, Our foundation bitch Mildane Lupe of Kirkholme has to be my "jewel in the crown”. We were so lucky to have her .She was by Ryslip Rustibuss of Norsled x Akkevall Zamba .Bred by Hazel and Jack Cranham she gave us many generations including 3 Champions in 1 litter, Ch K Harald, Ch K Oskar owned by Marge Dickinson and Ch K Eva of Palostras, owned by Louise Richards .She hated showing but was a super brood bitch.

JD ,This is a hard 1 as over the years we have been blessed with so many who have left a mark including those who didn’t go in the show ring  but produced  so well ,Ch Starvon Smashed Again, from a litter of 7 sired by Svedala Troll Olle out of Ch Skamsen Lady of Starvon a mating that just worked Alfie was a stud dog sired 7 litters and for us his stamp can be seen generations later ,Alicia ,was litter sister to Ch Starvon Altessa ,never shown but a wonderful producing brood and huge favorite of Reg, Fast forward to the arrival from Australia of Dlarah Summer Rain born in 2007 .A bitch who Ada and I had a few words over more than once, In her 1st litter she gave us Kassie and Wagg  and then had 3 litters with the same male ,lovely puppies and without her repeating the matings we wouldn’t have had Ch Starvon Xtra Special who gave us Starvon Ziva who in turn gave Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme .But me personally still think it was a waste of such an honest type of bitch was bred to both please the eye and produce .But hey if we all agreed all the time it would be boring .

SD, Ch Bodeneis Eko Eccles, Eko.

DD, My current bitch Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis,   Without Ella there wouldn’t be Tanellis   SV.

Q6, which do you feel is the best you have bred   1st choice    2nd choice?

RJ We has bred some super dogs that have not only been very successful in the show ring but have also introduced people to this super breed and have made much loved pets. 1 Litter brothers Ch K  Harald and Oskar ,2 ,Ch Kirkholme Ernst who was the grandson of Harald.

JD , Male ,Ch Starvon Lucky Lad at Valdivar ,always has been and will take something very special to change my opinion on this he was very tightly bred but for me oozed quality and breed type a dog before his time.

Female Ch Starvon Rumour Has it without a doubt it has to be Kassie a real 1 of a kind , who sadly took it too far and never had a proper season so never produced a litter.( I too loved her she was stunning ) Once she was on her feet she was a mini vallhund and never went off just got better and better  and was a lovely girl to be around ,and there have been so many other amazing dogs and bitches in my life .

SD , Ch  Galerita Hollie Berrie  ,Holly.

DD   1st   Tanellis Bloomin Primrose  ,Pippa , 2nd  Tanellis Bloomin William  ,Blaze .

Q7 ,which has been your most admired vallhund ,not bred by you ,worldwide past or present  ?

RJ , My ideal vallhund has always been Ch Norsled Mac and present day Ch/Swed/FinCh Svedala Billy Busvader  at Pepperthyme  (imp Sweden )

JD  I must start with the bitch I adored and in fact I wanted to send a message to her owner asking to buy her. Multi titled Fennican Geeba Gerbara ,Ada actually bought Amch and Ch Skyview Crimson Flyer at Starvon as he was a Geeba grandson .he was only used 3x. Time after time I come back to the Fennican vallhunds from the 90s always seeming to catch my eye for consistency of type and as this affix added vallhunds to their gsds in the late 80s they definitely produced some beautiful dogs in my opinion ,Seeing Skogsbygens Nora Supernova enter the ring at Crufts a few years ago ,did make me think wow ,we need some bitches like her over here I was impressed with her overall quality ,movement and attitude I will follow her offspring with interest .I’d better stop now or I will be here all day  .

SD , Ch  Fennican  Geeba Gerbera

DD , Ch Starvon Lucky Lad at Valdivar

Q8, what do feel is the most challenging thing facing breeders in the UK ?

RJ ,The most challenging thing to face breeders in the UK is the breeders themselves .To keep breed type and that wonderful working mind breeders  must be open-minded and work together .We are so lucky that this breed is still such a natural breed and we have all worked hard to keep unchanged .It is a good learning curve to go and see litters and study pedigrees and discuss breeding .But please try and keep breed type and temperament.

JD, We have so few breeders left due to so many factors ,many breeders lo longer keep the numbers they used to ,  the majority of the breeding bitches and active stud dogs are related and because of a few breeders we seem to be in a circle .Over the years for whatever reason there have been imports who have not been used for the benefit of the breed ,there have been breeders who wouldn’t allow any of their dogs/bitches used to be bred on from .I am becoming aware about the rising number of tailed vallhunds and personally note ,note the personally bit , Think we need to remember ours is a breed which naturally can be born with a stub or tail .We cannot rustle a miracle dog/bitch out of fresh air  worldwide it’s not out there ,importing is so much easier nowadays. But research must be done on what is being imported. Do I see a light at the end of a tunnel ?If the breeders we have worldwide  work together and possibly bring a male here for 1 year or 2   to use on a couple of good bitches who are unrelated to each other as possible. Maybe the same with a bitch to come over in whelp and be returned in whelp .I don’t know there are so few breeders it is not just fresh vallhund bloodlines we need new breeders who will keep our breed going into the future as none of us are getting  younger .

SD, Lack of different stud dogs used.

DD, not  having enough bloodlines that breeders can use to keep the breed healthy for future generations .

Q9.What has been your proudest moment as a breeder

RJ, Best of breed at Crufts with Kirkholme Harald which I think was his 2nd cc  ,and his brother Ch Kirkholme   getting   Bob there  too  another year.

JD  So many things as a breeder make me proud , owners faces when they win a class,cc,make up their do, today so many people are doing so much more with their vallhunds only today I received a message regarding the vallhund who won Bob at Crufts this year ,to let me know he had passed another scent work test and he is off to mantrailing tomorrow. Happy owners whose dogs have given them so much pleasure and opened a new chapter in their lives, I’m proud when an owner breeds their 1st litter and gets experiences  so many take for granted .I’m happy to walk my girls across a field and be proud of the fact in my eyes they look and act as a sv .

SD Making Hollie   into a champion  and all of her top awards  ,CH Galerita Hollie Berrie .

DD When the young Tanellis Bloomin William won the Rcc at Crufts  19 with his owner .

Q10 ,what advice would give to a New /Future breeder .

RJ   To new /future breeders I would say glean as much information as you can about the lines of the dogs you want to breed from .Ask questions talk to other breeders .You will find people in the breed who are willing to be mentors  .Listen  sift it through your head and stop and look at the dogs in the ring ,Its useful if you can see progeny from stud dogs If the dog isn’t shown go and see him at home .Most of all if you don’t get what you want 1st time ,be honest and start again .Good luck you will need it .

JD To start with stock that fits the standard bred from stock that fits the standard ,me and my sayings  ,can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear .Study the lines behind your girl find out as much as you can about her littermates ,parents ,grandparents and their littermates .Don’t be afraid to ask questions from more than 1 person  you never stop learning  .

SD To think before you do it and make sure you can take back all puppies you have bred .

DD   Ask loads of questions from experienced breeders who have been around for a while .Read the Breed Standard that is the Blueprint of the breed. I myself enjoy reading pedigrees just to see where my dogs are from. Good luck.





Part 2

I will start with another 2 Breeders Question answers;

One from Dr Chris Milliard, Hurstmore and One from Jan Wilton, Meddobe Thank you both x.


1) What first attracted you to the breed?

Chris, I met Nicky Gascoigne and Ch Rosern Forever at a show and I was hooked, lovely temperament, active, alert and an intelligent breed, with an easy to care for coat and an ideal size

Ja , We had Dobermanns at the time and were looking for a small but robust breed that would fit in with our Dobermanns .After quite some time we came across the Swedish Vallhund and we bought our 1st vallhund in 1984


2) How did you choose your affix and does it have a meaning?

Chris, My affix came about because I had westies and wanted a Scottish name also I was studying Geology at university and found some Cambrian (4600 million years old) rocks in western Scotland called Karmore beds.

Jan,  We had moved to the Medway and were debating whether or not to breed our Dobermann bitch so we decided to apply to the Kc for Meddobe which is part of Medway and part Dobermann, we have had our affix since  1981 .


3) When planning a litter what do you look for in a stud dog?

Chris, I don’t consider myself as a breeder as I have only had 2 litters ,but any stud dog should complement the bitch in terms of pedigree ,not have the same faults  but have virtues you wish to introduce into your lines .Also relevant health tests ,have good breed type  and good temperament and sound movement .

Jan, We look to see offspring the dog has produced ,also we like to keep our lines going by using dogs that were in our original breeding program within their lines .We look for dogs that produce puppies with good bone ,size ,markings and most important have the required health check certificates .


4) What do you look for in a potential puppy to keep for showing?

Chris, Good construction and movement and outgoing temperament, I always pick puppies when wet and then at 6 weeks.

Jan,  Size (not too small ) and plenty of bone ,good length  of neck and level topline ,nice head with good  ear set , a good shoulder placement .I prefer well defined markings  but that is not always the case ,a descent rear angulation .It is very hard to get it right as puppies change considerably whilst growing on .


5) Within your lines is there a particular Dog/Bitch who you feel has had a major influence in your kennel?

Chris, Can Ch Vastgota Rainmaker he is a lovely size, great topline and reach of neck and a sound mover and like most male vallhunds has a wonderful temperament.

Jan,  Ch Kirkholme Harald   and Hurstfield Dee at Meddobe .


6) Which do you feel are  the best you have bred   1st choice  2nd choice .?

Chris, 1st choice Hedra ,Karmore Cornish Design  lightly shown but is a very famine girl with a good head and sound movement  she loves to work she has her Kennel club Gold good citizen and has taken to agility well. .2nd choice  Zanta , Karmore Cornish Maid ,she won well in the ring ,a lovely sized bitch with a solid topline and excellent depth to chest and very sound movement .I was very pleased when she won the Rcc the last time Jacqui Bayliss judged  the 2nd I believe .

Jan, 1st, Ch Meddobe Alexis ,owned by Wendy Amon ,she was her 1st vallhund .2nd , Ch Meddobe Spices Endeavour.


7) Which has been your most admired vallhund not bred by you worldwide past or present ?

Chris ,There have been so many but here  is a short list , in dogs Can Ch Vastgota Rainmaker and Int Ch Rapp. Bitches, Multi Ch Fennican Geeba Gerbera ,I gave her Best veteran and Bis at the Finnish specialty and she took my breath away ,so full of breed type and exceptionally sound . My ideal vallhund though would be Multi Ch Skogsbygdens  Nora Supernova .I have never judged her but have seen her many times at Swedish shows her head ,,reach of neck and topline were superb and her movement exceptional .

Jan . Without a doubt Norsled Mac owned by the late June Pearce  and shown by Susie .


8) What do you feel is the most challenging  thing facing breeding in the UK?

Chris , It has to be our very limited breedlines ,we urgently need new  lines in the UK. Unfortunately in a few generations we will be facing major health issues it’s a problem that’s worldwide .The way forward is international cooperation and in the UK I would like to see  the breed club and the Kc develop a breeders symposium to address this issue .

Jan , Trying to get it right regarding the size and of course the breed standard. Breeding for the sake of breeding is not good without looking into the background of said dog/bitch before breeding. When in doubt  seek advice  from someone that has the knowledge of the breed  and the insight  of the pedigree of dogs from the past.


9) What has been your proudest moment as a breeder ?

Chris , Difficult as I have been lucky to have had a few , but it has to be making up Ch Hurstfield Mabel at Karmore into the 1st Tailed Champion as a veteran at the Club Champ show .

Jan , Three come to mind , 1 seeing a dog we have bred get its first  CC from our first litter, Ch Meddobe Dees Defender at Drois ,owned by the late Sue Burgess ; Ch Kirkholme Harold - Hurstfield Dee at Meddobe . 2 seeing Wendy Amon winning Bob Crufts with Ch Meddobe Alexis and Taggies dad Ch Hildrek Trygg Terje at Meddobe winning the Drcc. and being awarded the Drcc at Crufts  2018 with Ch Meddobe Spices Endeavour ,Morse when he was a junior .


10) What advice would you give to a  New / Future breeder ?

Chris ,  Ask many people for advice , learn about pedigrees and what is behind your stock. Be very self-critical of your own stock and take time to learn about the breed .Have a list of prospective owners before breeding  and be prepared to take puppies back ,if you can’t don’t breed. Health test all breeding stock and aim to only use stock of good breed type ,sound construction and excellent temperament .Finally and for me most importantly  remember we are thee guardians of this breed and for the time we are involved with it ,we should all aim to leave it in a better state than when we first became involved with it .

Jan , Don’t rush into breeding without looking into the breed  and knowing what you want Do your  best to keep to the breed standard and most of all have all the health checks done before hand and make sure that the Dog/Bitch you decide on also has all the required health checks and that you are happy with the results .If you do not have homes for all your pups ,be prepared to keep them .If unsure seek help .


Thank you both , Chris also sent me the following piece ,

Hi Lyn very interesting breed notes this week (the last ones) , although it was a shame more people didn’t respond ,how many were asked. I think we have a problem with breeders cooperating together over here and would like a proper breeding strategy developed ,maybe the Kc should get involved as we have dwindling bloodlines in a few years time we will have nowhere to go .It’s interesting that in Sweden they are promoting low inbreeding co-efficient , but this needs to take place in conjunction with health testing although with the Aht in financial difficulties that’s going to be an issue over here.

Some of the comments brought back  some very happy memories ,when I first came into the breed we all used to visit every litter and I remember Jacqui Bayliss  getting me to examine each puppy and discuss its virtues and faults , a very good grounding for later judging and breeding litters ,we all used to share pedigrees and work out matings. In those days there were no computer  programmers to help and we were often up to the wee small hours handwriting them out .I have been very lucky in that I have known most of the early dogs in our pedigrees  such  as Ryslip Rustibuss, Akkeval Zamba  and Snakkens Kikkan .I also remember seeing Starvon Atlantic on my first trip to Sweden , later on Ribston , Rodagardens Risto , Rapp , Garmalda, Degerdoris and many others .We really have a global vallhund community it would be great to see further cooperation with everyone .


Proud owner Rosemary Peacock -Jackson  had another good result with Trev, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme  passed another scentwork test and has started Manwork too  ,Brains and beauty  Bob at Crufts 2020, Congratulations Rosemary  x

Another proud owner Debbie Howe  ,amazing photographer as we all know sent in my favorite photo  of  Quinn  ( Valaller Rain Child )  literally flying across the beach into  a Photographic competition in a Global competition looking for a cover girl model , a couple of weeks ago she was notified she was a finalist , Debbie was pleased with that and then she has been informed that she has won the competition  making her The Orvis Cover Dog .She will be on the cover of their magazine  , plus vouchers to buy her something special .I’ve looked up the company beautiful top of the range  things for  dogs  . Congratulations who bred a proper lil superstar  Debbie x


    Thank you Rosemary  ,Jo ,Sandra, Domna, Chris and Jan   i'm sure our readers will enjoy reading this useful  info



Part 3

Good morning everyone  I have  a piece from  Steve Zbilut  regarding breeding his very 1st litter , Steve for those that do not know is  grandson of the great late  Alec Mackenzie  a fabulous ,knowledgeable and popular  judge, He had started Steve years ago as a boy handling Alecs vallhund ,  Moonsfield Tjina ,bred by Pauline Harrold .


A few years ago I decided to get back into showing and was lucky enough to be trusted by Jo Day to have our girl Emelie, Starvon Deja Vu .Although I have grown up in a dog showing family, breeding was not something I was familiar with, once Emelie was 3 years old plus had done her health tests, we then had to sort out a stud dog that we felt would complement her and be compatible. Obviously we then  had several  conversations with her breeder Jo  Day , and Jo suggested that Spyda , Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda would match up very well and we appreciated all the support all the way through from her Thanks Jo  .We then approached Gemma Perry and Lyn Etches asking if they would allow us to use the lovely Spyda ,who had also done his health tests, and we were delighted when they agreed .5 weeks after the mating we met up with Gemma and Lyn for the scan and we were delighted to learn that Emelie and Spyda  were expecting 5or 6 puppies, that was such a great feeling knowing the mating was a success.  The following weeks flew by and then Emelie's temperature dropped so we knew she was going to be delivering anytime soon .After a very restless night the puppies  began to appear  one after the other ,It was a very busy morning and then an hour and a half after number 6 puppy we had a surprise number 7 .It was such a big relief when the birthing   was over , and mum and puppies were all in perfect health  and settling .When it came to sorting out  potential homes  , we have kept a bitch  ,Gemma and Lyn , and my auntie Jo was having boys  so that left 4 to sort out with new homes .I was amazed at the interest from overseas as well as here .We also had this awful Virus  thing to contend with .We found that with people being off work they thought it was the perfect time to have a puppy ,on further conversations some calls were from people who thought when they go back to work the pup will be fine left all day , 1 lady said yes she will be going back to work shortly and thought puppy will be fine left 8/9 hrs  he will be ok as he will know it’s his house  , nobody going in during the day I told her it won’t be 1 of our puppies .By the time the puppies were a few weeks old we had lined up all of the special prospective families for them and were sure they will all be loved and cared for .We are delighted that ,Skye ,Ernie, Bear and Odin are planned to be going in the show ring that will be fun 3 boys in the ring together .This was the most amazing experience for us as a family and we are grateful for the support we received Gemma and Lyn were with us every step of the way and Jo Day mentored us through it from day 1 ,Occasionally we sought advice from other breeders and they were only too willing to offer advice which goes to show how close we are as a breed .We were also lucky to have  my auntie Jo Strong on our doorstep to help with the whelping and she has a puppy ,Bear 1 of the boys .

Would we do it again? I don’t know .It was special and enjoyable but it was very tiring.

       From Steve, Sam and Sophie (Ohanaway)


Thanks Steve and fancy these 2 were playing together at Jos when they were pups who knew how their futures were to get together again and produce some gorgeous pups.


Next I received this post from Jo Strong, you may remember I had asked people to pen a piece re your new puppies in your home .Some had promised but sadly only 1 responded.


As requested I am introducing us and our new Swedish Vallhund, Bear , Ohanaway Having a Blast with Mackjama  (Starvon Deja Vu  x Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda )


Although we are first time Vallhund owners, they are not a new breed to me as my father Alec Mackenzie showed his Magnus of Mackfield back in the 80s, some of you may remember him .Most of you may know my nephew, Steve Zbilut and his family who have bred this litter, so we have been following Vallhund showing and results for a few years now.

We have been showing our whippets for many years and Steve’s daughter Sophie often comes with me to show 1 of my girls as well as her own Vallhund ,so after falling in love with the breed again it seemed a natural progression ,when Emelie was having puppies ,to also have 1 of our own  .My daughter Amy and I are looking forward to learning a different style of showing than the stacking and precise lines that we are used to in whippets and im sure Sophie and Steve will have great fun teaching us for a change and being there to take Bear to shows when we can’t make it .

Bear has been a joy to live with so far ,he is good on his lead ,has pretty sussed his recall and sleeps happily through the night in the sitting room with 2 of our older boys .He is such a little character , far more vocal than what we are used to and very demanding when he wants something but seems to learn quite quickly what he will get away with .For example when he goes to Amy’s house to stay for the day he has already learnt that if he sits by her desk and barks at her ,she will nip him out for yet another walk .My husband hopes to do something in the future with Bear that stimulates his brain and is currently looking into things like  Man trailing .

I would like to thank Steve and his family for all of their help in choosing the right puppy for us and to others such as Jo Day and Mariette and Bob Fisher for all of their advice, we really appreciate it .We look forward to meeting those of you we don’t already know at a show one day in the hopefully not too distant future.

        Jo and Martin Strong and Amy Clinton

Thank you Jo.


News from Debbie Howe , Quinn ,Valaller Rain Child , has been notified she is the overall winner of the new Orvis Cover Girl for their magazines ,This makes her an International canine model  her prize for herself  is a voucher for £500  of goods of Debbie’s choice  from their  upmarket  Dog equipment and goods  , Fab well done


Vicky Allsop has just informed me she entered pictures in a competition for the Roostars o/l charity show, and Zeb, Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking won Bob and Zanta, Karmore Cornish Maid won Bpib.  Well done.


Swedish Vallhund Enthusiasts UK Online Show Results

Best In Show  Judge  -  Kim Offord

Best in Show -- Hippi - Annika Lunblad       Reserve Best in Show -- Bosse -  Andy Lowry

Best  Puppy in show -- Stig  Annika Lundblund  Best Veteran in Show  Buse - Wendy Amon


Veteran   -  Lynn  Pallatina

Dogs    1st  Buse  9 1/2 yrs    --  Wendy Amon  ,     2nd Rayda  16yrs --   Lyn Etches -

             3rd  Zeb   12 1/2 yrs   --   Vicky Allsop   --   4th Teddy 7yrs -- Louise Eriksfjord Paterson

Bitch     1st  Wilma   11yrs    --   Annika Lundblad ,   2nd   Fay   8yrs   --    Joanne Stockbridge

             3rd  Yira      13 yrs   --   Wendy Amon      ,   4th    Mia   10yrs  --    Darren Green


Baby Puppy under 6 month  - Joanne Stockbridge .

Dogs     1st    Stig      11wks   --  Annika Lundblad  ,  2nd  Ernie  18wks         -- Gemma Perry

             3rd   Odin  Franklin  18wks                           4th    Bear   18wks         -- Jo Strong

Bitch     1st    Flisan    18wks  --  Annika Lundblad  , 2nd   Bumble  20 wks    -- Wendy Amon

             3rd   Cora      14 wks --   Lynn Pallatina      , 4th    Winter   13 wks     --  Andy Crouch


Puppy 6 - 18 mths   -  Wendy Amon

Dogs      1st   Stig  11 mths       --  Annika Lundblad ,  2nd  Rio  14 mths      --  Scott Shaw  Bitch   1st   Artan 6 1/2 mths    --  Annika Lundblad   ,  2nd  Ursa   -- Fiona Cameron,  3rd  Hippi   8mth   --  Annika  Lundblad


 Open  18 Months Up -  Mel  Harris

Dogs      1st  Linus     --    Annika  Lundblad         2nd   King       --     Annika  Lundblad 

              3rd  Milo       --    Annika  Lundblad         4th    Pojken   --     Annika  Lundblad

Bitch      1st  Hippi     --    Annika  Lundblad        2nd   Saphira  --    Annika  Lundblad

              3rd Pippa     --    Domna  Dodd               4th    Ellen       --    Annika  Lundblad


  Champion  -  Paul  Skinner

Dogs      1st   Bosse   --    Andy Laurie                   2nd  Buse      --  Wendy  Amon

               3rd  Pojken  --    Annika Lundblad           4th   Cain       --  Joanne  Stockbridge

Bitches   1st   Loppis  --    Annika Lundblad           2nd  Stella     --   Andy     Lawrie

               3rd  Hippi    --     Annika Lundblad           4th   Ella        --   Domna Dodd


Rainbow Bridge - Karen Powney

 Dogs     1st      Tagz       Kerry Diamond                      2nd   Spike   --     Louise  Patterson

               3rd    Yngve     Annika  Lundblad

Bitches  1st   Wilma  --  Annika  Lundblad             2nd  Taggi    --     Wendy Amon

              3rd   Ellen    --  Annika  Lundblad             4th   Fenella   --    Lizzie Young


Congratulations  to all    £ 132  was raised  for charity



Hi everyone some more reading  for you ,I  will start with the news from Sec .Sharon Sibley ,Recently the society was contacted by Solicitors regarding the late Ernie Gascoigne ,the solicitor informed her the society has been remembered in Ernie’s will and that he had bequeathed £ 500 for the Svs Welfare fund. Ernie and his wife Nicky were part of the founding members of the society, their affix was Rosern a very well-known kennels if you look back at our beginning in this country, for Rosern Forever etc. Some of you  will have a copy of Nicky’s book ,as I do too ,sadly now out of print. The society were already aware that Ernie had died as was fortunate in being allowed to see and remove anything  Vallhund related  for our archives  and these items are stored in safekeeping  with Jo day. Sharon sec, is still in discussion with the kc  regarding our Champ show in October plus re Agm, and will update you all as she finds out Thank you Sharon  for the post.

Some of you know both  Gemma’s house and mine are on the edge of the Beautiful New Forest ,and on the other side of us  we have the peaceful Wareham  Forest ,  that recently was devastated  by a fire that burnt a large swathe  of the forest , Cause unknown although several  disposable B-B-Q  were retrieved .  In the New Forest  they have launched a scheme for dog walkers to join Dog watch and to be vigilant  whilst walking and report any suspicious activities  such as  vandalism and hare coursing and B-B-Q which are all banned  and the Fly tipping often contains stuff unsuitable  for the inquisitive foals, calves and fawns  all of which are being born  at this time especially  and into the summer. Also as the Stallions are  running free in the forest collecting mares for their herds so a time to be extra vigilant. There are signs all over the popular areas telling visitors the ponies are wild and not to feed them  as some people invariably try and feed from car windows teaching foals to approach cars not to avoid them One family who were  setting up their picnic   very close to a large herd a passing rider explained to them the possible danger  she was told none of her business   as she rode away  she could hear screaming looked back to literally see some of the herd had decided to take over their picnic ,also has a problem of animals  hit and killed by fast  drivers not keeping to speed limit, morale of this  Read all safety Signs. Taking note of this  it’s a beautiful  forest and excellent walks  for as long  as you like to walk if you pass ponies ,deer, just  pop dogs on lead  the ponies won’t bother you it’s my favorite place I took some lovely pics of some foals the other day  .As I’m still  shielded  it was just Dave and I and the ponies did I say  ponies.

Please send me a piece about your dogs /puppies you must be doing something with them, special walks your 1st vallhund puppy etc. Gemma has sent me a piece for the notes so to start the ball rolling.

As owners of Spyda, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda  we are so proud of the litter  he sired  along with Steve and Sam’s Emilie, Starvon Deja Vu,  Both had been bred by Jo Day, Starvon, close in age so actually  had already played together as pups who  knew the future then . Ernie, Ohanaway the 1 I Want, has firmly established himself as his daddy’s shadow. Some of you may have seen the videos so you will of seen the rest of gang Murphy S/S ,Paddy and Buddy , Ett s, they are all males and living and playing together happily. Ernie has had his 1st walks on and off lead he was intrigued by the beach and enjoyed his 1st time with the sand and sea. So important to introduce off lead  asap safely  away from roads of course .At this young age they won’t go far from you and then you are able to continue as your pup grows up ,obviously when your training them make it short and fun sessions and include the most important lesson the Recall .Ernie has also met a few dogs. Its lovely to see the posts and videos posted by other puppy owners out of all the litters .Also is good to see as well as Ernie, Skye, Bear and Odin have also enjoyed  their 1st walks on and off lead .Thanks Gemma  Proud then  x  As I am too . 

An add on from Gemma, Ernie has had his 1st walk in the New forest and seen some ponies.

Just a word of caution when out for a walk don’t over walk pups luckily with our lovely breed they are not too heavy to carry for a while and be aware with all of this past few weeks heat it has brought out the dreaded Ticks and on heathlands Adders, they usually only bite if threatened but you need to be aware 


Welcome to the latest breed notes I hope everyone is getting rich now with no show entries, fuel to shows etc., Don’t worry next year we will all be poor again but richer to be back. I for one am sure I’m not alone , will look forward to it as I miss seeing everyone and catching up, it’s not the same just on fb but hey if it keeps us all safe so that we are all together again it will be worth it. With 2 litters now settled in their new homes and their keepers kept at home the other litter should be in their new homes soon too. Shame for those that are destined for the show rings  that unless shows are lifted before this time next April/May they will miss puppy careers but they will all take the junior classes by storm  so that will be worth waiting for. Plenty of time to train them just don’t over train make it fun just few minutes at a time ours is such a long lived breed I only retired my old boy when he was virtually 14 yrs.  vallhunds are generally so versatile they won’t bother about  being in a show ring they will take it in their stride .I don’t think the club show is completely out the window as its in  October  ill update you on that nearer the time. New puppy owners don’t forget I’m sure all of your breeders said feel free to contact them if you have any questions re care of your pups and as lockdown is partially lifted you can always  take your pups to see what you can, Pets at home are generally happy for you to walk round with your puppy in a trolley  put a towel in there for pup to sit in most garden centers  allow them too, gives chance to see as much as possible. I have sat on benches beside  busy parts of roads so they see lorries etc.,  sounds cd's are good for them too as include fireworks, thunderstorms etc.  If not make noises to sound and desensitize them metal food bowls are good to drop occasionally get dented though. Our breed is pretty tough anyway. Just have fun with them most important

Excellent news from Rosemary Jackson her dog Trev, aka Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme who as a lot of you know is in training with scent work, he has just passed his scent class test on line at Scent work UK Many Congratulations from me for more examples of our versatile breed.

Lynn Pallatina has sent a piece on Zen, Starvon Dark Knight.

As not many people are aware of my illness I will keep it short and sweet. Zeno is in training to become a psychiatric assistance dog, enabling me to have more independence and a better quality of life. Zeno started his training at 1 year old with Basic obedience, he had to be well socialized with all aspects of daily life and learn to ignore any distractions that come our way, from other dogs ,people ,objects  his focus has to be on me at all times while working .He is currently learning to task as to qualify he has to perform 3 specific tasks to aid this handler. Zeno is learning deep pressure therapy, finding an exit and distraction work so far, more will be added as time goes by. Zeno enjoys his work as to him its 1 big game, he is due to start his public assess soon which will enable him to attend more places with me, he has been a pleasure to work with and has been easy to train. I look forward to continuing his training and getting him qualified hopefully later this year. Lock down has put a lot of his training on hold unfortunately, but we aim to get back soon.

I have the results from the o/l fun show organized by Sophie Linney and Lynn Pallatina

Class 1 Puppy Pawfection - judge, Kerry Diamond, It was very hard they are all cute  1st  Ernie - Gemma Perry .2nd Bear - Jo Strong , 3rd Sprocket -Neil Haslam.

Class 2, 6-12mths - judge Vicky Allsop .1st Ursa -Fiona Cameron,2nd Stig- Catrine Yhuel ,3rd Beni-Sophie Linney.

Class 3 Versatility - Fiona Cameron  1st Emilie -Steve Zbilut , 2nd Rollo- Lisa Goosey , 3rd Spyda -Gemma Perry  / Class 4 Golden Oldies , Paul Comway ,Thank you to all ,1st Rayda almost 16yrs - Gemma Perry , 2nd Chubby -Kara Pauls , 3rd Sparkle - Mel Harris.

Class  5 Versatile - Sophie Zbilut,  Fiona Cameron’s dog herding Picked this 1 as it shows a vallhund doing what they were bred for cow herding ,Beautiful face seems to love what she’s doing,   2nd Zeno  working - Lynn Pallatina.

Class  6 Pawfect Helpers- Sharon Sibley,   1st Rollo -Lisa Goosey, 2nd Maya-Chris Jones, 3rd  Castiel-Wakefield.

Class  7 Doppelganger - Aymz  Hickenbotham,   This made me laugh so much absolutely brilliant, 1st  Rollo   as Elvis  - Lisa Goosey  , 2nd Rio as Gene Simmons - Scott  Shaw.

Class 8 Isolation Kit ,Helen Bennett   This has not been easy as everyone  is brilliant in my book , 1st  Nova  with her collection of assorted cans of drink , 2nd Rio - scott Shaw. 

Class 9  Childs  Best Friend - Marri  Khalaj   1st Sprocket and Austin -  Neil Haslam ,  2nd Castiel and Jess - Carrier Wakeford  ,  3rd Skye and Sophie Zbilut.

Class 10  Fancy Dress - Domna Dodd ,1st Greta as Princess Leia  , 2nd  Barley -Back to school , 3rd  Skye.

Class 11 - Best trick , Carol Gravely , I was crying with laughter ,1st  Helen Bennett and Barley Hat trick , 2nd Jen Clarke and Gunner Horse riding, 3rd Lisa Goosey and Rollo performing a Sausagerollo.

Class 12 Best pack - Joanne Stockbridge , Loved all the entries tough choice picking a winner they all looked good. 1st Louise Harts pack, 2nd Lynn Pallatina's pack and 3rd Marri Khalaj pack.

Best in show judges were Morgan Looker who kindly donated Bis prize, and Sophie and Lynn. Their combined  Best in show goes to the winner of Childs Best  Friend  Sprocket & Austin -  Neil Haslam  Congratulations  to all  and thank you for organizing this fun show, stay safe everyone



Well that’s another week over and hopefully everyone and their families are safe and well, we certainly have been having some fab weather to lift our spirits even if we have had to isolate. I’ve enjoyed watching some friends and club members performing some of the fun, challenges and tricks they have taught their dogs. We will say no more about toilet roll challenges. Was quite impressed by Gemma and Spyda, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda, playing Naughts and Crosses against each other, not sure who has won the most games. Please let me know of tricks and games you have been doing with your dogs together. Don’t be shy anything at all.

Our dogs have done a fun on- line show with judges being Zena Thorn - Andrews and Lisa Croft- Elliot. There were a large variety  of classes  from Baby Puppy  up to Veteran  and  Vallhunds have done well with 5 placed, Debbie Howes  Quinn, Valaller Rainchild, came 2nd in Baby Puppy, Credit to Debbie she had also taken the photo of the puppy that came 1st belonging to her friend.  Louise Paterson had good results with her crew, Teddy, Ch Starvon Wishful Thinking, came 2nd in Pastoral champion, Kiki, Irch Eriksfjord Magic Bean won Pastoral Veteran, and Rocky, Chirch Eriksfjord Chilled  Bunny for Jarlalfin  was 3rd in Open. Also i was thrilled to see that my Rayda, Ch Hurstfield Red Rayda, had come 2nd in Pastoral Group, wow proud to say the least, and then the stunning Norwegian Buhund that beat him ended up as Rbis. Congratulations to all plus Mel Harris who had a 5th with 1 of her Keeshonds. It was fun and you only put the pet name and breed  and it raised money for Kc Charitable Trust to enable them to offer support the Nhs. So good all round fun, keep your eyes open  for any possible further competitions, there was also a Head contest and Easter Bonnets.

In a previous breed notes i asked if anyone had any pieces for the notes including possibly any one fairly new in the breed  and i received the following from Sophie Linney.

"My worlds been turned upside down by a vallhund " Words iv said on countless occasions to explain a wide array of things ...From my terrible appearance due to being woken up at sparrows fart by the dogs or by a dog show, through  to my explaining  to my friends and family why i never have any time or money, We joined the Sv family nearly 3 years ago. I had seen a charming photograph, taken some years ago of a stout wolf-like stubby tailed, short legged dog, which belonged to a distant relative.  I had seen the same charismatic breed at Discover dogs and as cliché as it sounds, fallen in love. Life had been passing me slowly when my partner and myself moved into our 1st house, He grew up with larger dogs, whereas i have had a preference for smaller breeds. I grew up with a Ckcs, who met an untimely demise at 7yrs old. When looking for a dog breed, both Alex and i wanted something that would suit our busy lives. Being a kennel hand meant that any dogs would be able to come to work with me most days, which meant that our new pup would only be left for short period . We both love to be outdoors, walking mostly. Nothing too exciting but enjoying our surroundings. Having a rescue PRT, our newest addition needed to fit with his personality. We had considered lots of breeds from Gsds to Labradors, Fox terriers to Pembroke corgis. Yet we always came back to Svs. I contacted Domna and Richard Dodd (Tanellis ) at Endfield, having seen on the society page the most adorable puppies. Messages, phone calls, pictures and questionnaires followed. The rest is really history. I agreed that i would potentially show their precious puppy, Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily, aka pet name Blix, not having fully understood  what this really entailed. The early mornings ...sometimes expensive entries and long journeys totaling up to some of the most amazing experiences i could of imagined, something that led me to looking for our next Sv. Being part of such a fantastic, dedicated, global breed network is truly humbling. There is nothing else like it. Alex and I fell hook, line and sinker for Vallhunds after a very short time being owned by Blix. We decided last year that we wanted to get another one and Beni, followed. This time our experience was totally different to our purchase of Blix. We didn’t have the luxury of visiting Beni, he came from a German kennel, Affix Vom Bruggener Land. I was apprehensive about Benis arrival, there was a Brexit deadline looming and lots to be done to ensure a safe and stress free journey for all involved. Thankfully Alex’s father had been travelling Europe in a Winnebago with his partner and their dogs Loli and Kori. A stroke of luck meant that he just so happened to be nearby at the time and offered to visit the pups on our behalf. Based on videos, photos and his breeders knowledge alone we made  the purchase of Beni, Cecil vom Bruggener Land, from Barbel and Axel Knieling. They would be trusting us with the first of their lineage in the Uk. Having exported Rough Collies before, they were best placed to tell me which would be best pup and my wishes  for the lucky one. They also advised about what to expect of the import process and paperwork from the Vdh. Language barriers did make this hard on some occasions. Debbie Howe was on hand to help explain parts of the process and proceedings, as at times i was utterly useless having never imported a pup before. The network of friends created by dogs is immense, worldwide now, having met countless people, like me who are now completely hooked on these fantastic and truly versatile dogs. Benii and Blix are both predominately pets but we also enjoy scent work, obedience and ring training. As well as walks, holidays and the occasional pajama days. Other people i really like to mention, Lyn Etches for really getting me involved in the breed, for your tips and tricks. Sharon Sibley for encouraging new and prospective owners to be part of the society and its activities, including Discover dogs, which I’d like to mention is a great place for any would be owners . All of our breeders and owners who have looked on our journey as we’ve shared it and for all your kind words. 

Thank you so much  Sophie  for sharing your story with us all  I can’t wait to meet young Beni, stay safe 

Is there anymore of you with articles for Your breed notes. By the time you read these notes the 1st litter from Wendy  will all be settling in their  new homes and shortly  Steve & Sams  will be too, and Domna &  Richards  will all be getting to the mucky weaning stage always fun, fancy  all  7 girls.



Message from Rosie Peacock -Jackson, Luckily the Swedish Vallhund Society managed to still hold the Bad day, Breed Appreciation Day, and Mce on the 15th March before the lockdown. It was really well attended with a good pass rate. Rosie has asked for me to remind people who want to be included on the Breeds judges list to complete the Judges form on the Society website, then send or email it back to her. All details are on the form. I’ve heard from a friend who attended who said how much he had enjoyed the day and found it very informative and helpful; he was extra pleased he had the chance to buy the book of the Swedish vallhund too.

Obviously as we know there will not be any show results until later on in the year, I and our readers  would like to hear of the different stories of what you are doing with your vallhund’s  to counter boredom and maybe a special favorite new place you have found  to walk and exercise your dogs. Maybe some of our new owners may like to pen a piece about their 1st year in our breed and how they are enjoying being part of our vallhund family. I know I have said will give you all of the details  about the huge fun event weekend camp called Spitz in the Park full of events, games, learning etc.  Just to update you as that is currently scheduled in July the final decision will be decided in April if it will have to be cancelled for this year. As I said I will tell you once it’s decided. Chris Millard has been in contact with me with an interesting article about his activities I thought you would enjoy reading it.

I have been working for the National Trust as a volunteer Dog Ranger, I always take one or other of my girls with me usually Hedra mostly, and our job is to promote responsible dog ownership. Most of this is encouraging people to pick up after their dogs, because besides the fact you should anyway a lot of people do not know that unlike horse pooh or cowpats dog pooh does not break down. It is a Major source of pollution in rivers and alters the soil Ph levels leading to the death of native wild flowers like Marsh Orchids. Not to mention that if the dogs are not regularly wormed Toxicara eggs can remain dormant in the soil for 25yrs. As we have had sheep savaged and cows bitten my work also includes explaining about the dogs need to be on leads in areas where there are livestock. We also generally meet and greet the public and his vallhunds are great canine ambassadors. We also hold dog awareness days, where we mark dog pooh with small red flags and then pick it all up and put in a bag and weigh it. We did one last week and had 11kgs of dog mess. Anyway it’s a lot of fun mostly and all of the girls enjoy it, especially enjoying visiting the cafe where they keep a generous supply of dog treats.Their days’ pay lol.

Plus  a show result  from what must of been the last of the open shows running, at Retford Premier show  where the judge was Sami  Bull, Sami has had vallhunds too,  she awarded her Bob and Bp to Fiona’s  youngster  Bowkol Akasha Fire, Rbob was  Irch  Eriksfjord Jazz Bunny irvetch.   Zoe and Dash, Nlch  Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern  have been enjoying doing their search and rescue training and work. Lynn Pallatina’s Loki, Ch Starvon All eyes on me ended up as 3rd in the independent agility winters league 2019.

Some exciting news of 2 litters of new puppies that have been born and another litter due in a couple of weeks, Will be lovely to see new puppies out in the summer to brighten up everyone after all this worry that is all around us at the moment, you can’t look at a puppy and not smile. Don’t forget send me your news and stories for Your breed notes .Stay safe +healthy everyone.



Sorry for the delay, as some of you know I’ve been unwell hence I had to miss crufts.

Our judge for Crufts was breed specialist Patricia Drinkwater (Trykeira ). She chose for her Dcc & Bob Rosemary Peacock- Jackson’s youngster Trev, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme his 1st cc of many im sure. Rdcc was last year’s Bob, Lynn Pallatina’s Loki, Ch Starvon All Eyes on me at Valltineya. Bcc was Kerry Diamond’s Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm Shcm, Rbcc & best Veteran was Louise Richard’s Inka, Fantasi Lucy Locket of Palostros. Best puppy at her last competition as a puppy was Debbie Howe’s Quinn, Valaller Rainchild. She has certainly been successful as a puppy. I was watching the group on TV & I was disappointed to hear our Swedish Vallhund was described as a Swedish Lapphund. That said he showed himself really well and looked fab. Following this our breed society and Rosemary received a full apology which they accepted.

Carolyn Simpson’s daughter Anneka with Jet, Jet Set on high, with her friend Chloe sorry I don’t know her dogs name, came 2nd in the YKC small pairs agility competition. Izzy Perry took Spyda, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda into YKC final and unfortunately were unplaced but he showed well for her.

I wish to join the committee and give a big Thank you to all those who took on manning the Discover Dogs stand with all their dogs, Lynn Klaire  with Zeno and Loki, Sophie Linney with Beni and Blix, Ruth Antieul and Oakley, Nikki McAllister, Bailie Stewart and Fleur, Gemma and Izzy Perry with Spyda, Paul Conway, Timothy Cox, Jay Bailie, Gary Dalton, Liz Dalton, Sarah Bateman, Beth ring and Jo Burnard and all of their dogs. Thank you for sharing your dogs on the stand and talking so well with info on the breed. Well done Sharon Sibley for filling all of the slots with everyone, not the easiest job to organize all so no one had to do too long with their dogs on the stand.

Couple of open show results, Kerry Diamond took Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm to Irvine and district where she won Group 1 under Judge Shona Muir. At East Kent where the judge was Gary Grey Trykeira Eindelose Sommer won Bnsc puppy and Puppy Group 4 on her debut in the show ring, i think this 1 is Pat Drinkwaters from her huge litter.

I also want to wish Louise Patterson who missed Crufts as was in hospital a speedy recovery, I know she was in the Breeders Final and so must of been disappointed.                   



Top Swedish vallhund 2019 - Jan & Derek Wilton’s Morse, Ch Meddobe Spices Endeavour.

Top Brood Bitch was again Jan & Derek’s Spice, Meddobe Indias Spice, Minka  Ch Anna Travis became a Ch at 17mths. Sadly as well as losing Torsten, Meddobe Torsten at 18 1/2 yrs, fabulous age, they have also lost Pepperthyme Nightingale at only 10 1/2 yrs, thank you for your email rest assured they will both be playing on Rainbow bridge together, Hugs x Sadly Jan & Derek are awaiting eye operations so won’t be at Crufts but wish to say good luck to everyone.

Top breeders are the late Ada West  & Tim West, Starvon.

Top Stud dog is Rosemary Peacock- Jackson’s Truls,  Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme. 

No Top Puppy as no clear winner. Congratulations everyone.


Sad news from Chris Millard as he had to say goodbye to Talek, Karmore Cornish Gift to save him from suffering,  I’m not sure what has happened, extra sad when still young, Hugs Chris x. Talek had been doing well in his Agility training and Chris was planning on competing with him this year.

We will start 2020 with the results from Manchester where the judge was Marion Sargent, she chose for her Dcc and Bob Lynn Pallatina’s  Loki, Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me at Vallatinya, Rdcc was Kyle Jones  Blaze, Tanellis Bloomin William, Bcc + Bp was Debbie Howe’s homebred puppy Quinn, Valaller Rainchild, Rbcc was again Debbie’s this time the mother of Quinn Rain, Pepperthyme on a Rainbow. There appears to be no Bv although there was a couple of a veterans.

Some open show news for you now, at Newton Abbot under judge Elias Vorrias  she awarded Bob to Cherrie Hackneys  Blue, Starvon Bring it on, Rbob & Bpib to Debbie Howe’s Quinn, Valaller Rainchild. Debbie and Kate Biss went to Taunton, Bob was Debbie Howe’s Leica, Dangas Diva X Dotter of Valaller, this time it was Kates Skye, Valaller Rainmaker won Bp & Pgp 3 under Huw Bishop, Quinn came 4th in a large Puppy stakes and won a nice prize. Kerry Diamond took Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm to Caladonian where she came 3rd nsc but went into ch stakes and came 4th & won prize money. Sophie Linney took her 2 to Guildford in nsc under Russel  Jones  Beni, Cecil Vom Bruggener Land (imp) came 2nd in pup  and  Blix   Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily came 3rd in pg then went to Portsmouth & Dist where Beni won  Bpnsc  & Pgp 2 Alex had to take Blix in the challenge and won Rnsc. Ruth Antieul took Oakley, Fleurvale Torchwood (imp) to Swansea & Dist and won Bpib under judge Lee Cox, Domna Dodd took Pippa, Tanellis Bloomin Primrose  under Edd Forsey and was Bob then under Kathy Kinton she won Gp 2 and she won the Open stakes under Chris Quantrill, sorry dont know the show.

Caroline Simpson, proud mum, has said her daughter Anneka with Jet, Jet Set on High, competed at OJAC, Open Junior Agility Championships  and they came 4th overall in Small Biatholen, but she captained the team who went on to win both the Team jumping relay & the Team agility relay and then Overall team winners. An amazing competition in her last Ojac.

Remember there is a Breed Appreciation day on 15th March and the Club open show on 11th April judge Tony Allcock send in your entries Also on the same day the Agm.



Sorry this is a late one but I wanted to include Lka results, I will start with some snippets I have been told about mostly show results. Jo Day took Ziva, Starvon Ziva, to Gravesend and Medway under Russel Jones and he awarded her Bob and Group 4. Sharon and Geoff Lees Casey, Eriksfjord Brave Charm, were at a Hoopers comp and won a 1st in Barrelers, clears in Tunnelers and Touch and go. Sounds intriguing perhaps Sharon would like to write a piece about these activities, I know about hoopers just not the others. At W+Pb of Scotland under judge Rob Sanson Kerry Diamonds Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm was awarded Bob. Sophie Zbilut took Emilie to Walsall Kennel Association under Colin Woodward and they won Bnsc and shortlisted in a large group and at Camberly open show Sophie won Best j/h. At Minehead under judge Dawn Woodley, Debbie Howe took her puppy Quinn, Valaller Rain Child and she was awarded Bnsc and Group 3. At Penzance open show Chris Millard took Wenna, Ch Vastgota True Topaz and judge Paul England awarded her Bob and Gp 4, Talek her son, Karmore Cornish Gift was Rbob.  Anneka Scholes and Jet, Jet Set On High, had an amazing weekend at the British Agility Championships and the came 2nd overall in small novice.

I had a very interesting article written by  Wendy Amon as I felt others like myself  would love to hear about this ..

Mantrailing is a handler using a dog on a harness and long line to follow a scent trail of a person. Trailing comes natural to dogs - they use their amazing sense of smell to follow animal trails all the time, however, to stay focused on one trail and to follow a human trail is not so natural and is something that has to be taught.The micro movements whilst on the move and following a trail you cannot see is challenging but has its rewards and builds up great teamwork with you and your dog. Dogs of any age or breed can do mantrailing as it’s a low impact sport, they work for whatever reward is their favourite, be that a toy or food, to them it’s a game and finding the person will give them their reward.

I have started to work my 3.5 year old Saga in mantrailing she is very methodical in the way she works. I’m amazed at how she just knows what and who she is to find, she checks out other people on route but just carries on past them until she finds her goal, to her this is food based, most dogs we have worked alongside use food, but one dog loved his tug toy, so its knowing what your dog works best for.

I recommend this sport to anyone who wants to build up a good bond with their dog or just to have fun, it is so rewarding and the Vallhund just love a job to do.

Thank you Wendy a great piece which may inspire people to try it and see another way to increase their bonds and just to add Saga is a show dog too Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme so proving another way our breed are so versatile too and Saga has also passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Test.

Results from Lka where our judge was David Cavill, He found his Dcc & Bob in Lynn Pallatina’s younger dog his 1st cc, Zeno, Starvon Dark Knight with Valltineya. Rdcc was Mr & Mrs Bradley-Upton Bowkol Dragon Rider, Im sorry i don’t know your 1st names or pet name. Bcc Debbie Howe’s Leica, also her 1st, Dangas Diva X Dotter of Valaller (imp). Rbcc  was Kerry Diamond’s Nova, Ch Eriksfjord  Aurora Charm Shcm. Bp was Debbie’s quinn, Valaller Rainchild, Bv was Joanne Stockbridge’s, Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar . Congratulations everyone. Just in case anyone reading the catalogue/results it was printers that did the add ons to Spyda’s name lol and we did get it changed before judging.

I will just add that there are a few spaces left on the clubs Bad day (Breed Appreciation day) with a Mce (Multiple choice exam) on Sunday 15th March, you need to contact our Secretary Sharon Sibley if you’re interested in expanding your knowledge on our lovely breed. Dates for your diaries, our Open Show is on 11/4/20 and our champ show is on 11/10/20. All info on these will be in the next breed notes in the New Year. I will leave you with my wishes for you all to have a lovely Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2020 and please send me your news for Your Breed Notes 



A good mixture of news this week. Sophie Zbilut and dad Steve took Emile, Starvon Deja Vu, to Buckingham canine open show where Emilie was awarded Bnsc & Gp 3, Sophie also won Best handler in show at Oxford limit show. Sophie Linney took Blix, Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily to Shields fun dog show where she won Rbis. Debbie Howe has started Quinn, Valaller Rain Child on her career in the ring by taking her to Bridgwater & District where she did fab winning the Puppy group and 1st in the puppy stakes under judges Chris Dawson & Michael Masters.

Preston Kelly has a dog from Judith Rand, Loki (sorry iv not been told pedigree name). It was a companion show organised by Gsd rescue with large classes, Loki won 1st in pedigree under 24 months, 1st in dog the judge would like to take home and was complimented on his good behaviour and temperament. One happy proud owner, but to top this off they took home over £100 worth of prizes. To think those of us who go to champ shows pay huge entry fees and come away with a piece of card and occasionally a rosette. Think we are all going to the wrong shows lol.

Joanne Stockbridge’s Fay, Thorjakker Topsy Tury at Valladar as well as showing they are in a Flyball team and they took part in the Little League at the Stormchasers competition in Oswestry where the team came 1st. It is the UKFL equivalent to BFA starters. Lynn Pallatina’s Zeno, Starvon Dark Knight has passed his 1st stage training and received a certificate Assistance Dog Prospect.  Rosemary Peacock –Jackson’s Trev, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme has completed his UK Sniffer dog Bronze trial, and has his Certificate of achievement Bronze Trail. Stella Coombe’s Shampas, Mystarz Ice Spice Baby, have now qualified into Grade 5 Agility, and won Best Grade 3 - 5 partnership.

At SWKA the judge was Melanie Reed - Peck, we only have Nsc although most of the dogs were Sv. She chose for Bd a bsd, Bb, Bnsc + Bp went to Kate Biss Skye, Valaller Rain Maker, apparently she went well in the groups but obviously only being  6 months it was very tiring to do 2 groups adult and puppy. Welcome back to the ring Kate. Rb went to her sister Debbie Howe’s Quinn, Valaller Rain Child. A message from Chris  Millard telling me at Liskard & Dist premier show  there were 5 vals entered under judge Mark Wakeland and he chose for Bob Cherie Hackney’s Ash, Starvon all About Me and Rbob was Cherie’s other boy  Blue, Starvon Bring it on. Anneka Schole’s Jet, Jet set on high was taking part in the British Agility championship and came 2nd overall in Small novice. Congratulations everyone on all your results and further showing the versatility of our breed.

This past weekend was the Discover Dogs at the Excel Centre in London. It’s an event where the dog loving public looking for a possible dog to join their family go to as there are stands for every breed in the UK where they can talk to the various people manning the stands about the breeds. We had an enthusiastic team doing shifts with their vals, a Big Thank You to everyone, I know it’s a tiring but an enjoyable day, just talking about our lovely dogs all day perfect. This used to be Rayda’s favourite time he used to enjoy doing tricks with the children. A Big Thank-you to Sharon Sibley and her family for setting up the stand and again back on Sunday to dismantle again, from the pictures the stand looked good and very popular.  Many thanks  to Domna & Richard Dodd  with Rupert & Pippa, Michelle Olley & friend with Ellie & Moony, Ruth Antieul & Tim Cox with the latest import Oakley  who was lovely with the young girl in the wheelchair enjoying a cuddle. Then of course Sharon and her family with Dizzi & Penni.

Anyway that’s it for now Please make sure you contact me with all your news of your lovely vallhunds and if it’s a show result as well as name of show I need judges name too thanks xx



Lots of news for you today, I hope some of you are reading the breed notes, it would be nice to hear if you’re enjoying them.

Brilliant news from Zoe Fithern concerning Dash, Nlch Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern. Zoe proudly said he has become the 1st Search and Rescue Operational Scent Specific Trailing Swedish Vallhund in the UK. Also 1 of only 4 dogs to gain the new Skills For Justice award for operational trailing dogs. Dash will be looking for lost and vulnerable people in the south -west of England working with the police and various search and rescue groups. Also Zoe and Dash when at the British Man Trailing Academy were presented with their Skills for justice and Bma team certificates. Zoe had attended to continue the team training for the team certificate. Dash had to complete a tracking course over a 3 hours old trail, a complex trail over multiple surfaces, road crossings in high contaminations areas and with distractions he was unfazed by it all. Zoe was congratulated for displaying a professional approach and worked well as a team. Excellent news huge credit to you and Dash showing another versatile side to our breed. Congratulations.

More news from Sharon Lee, she is also proud of Casey, Eriksfjord Brave Charm at scentwork he has passed his scentwork level 2 with marks of 99 - 5 points. Also Sophia, her import, is in training I believe she has passed Level 1 too. Sharon is training them up for Race the Blackdog event; hopefully Sharon will send me an update with info about this event.

Also Wendy Amon and Rosemary Peacock -Jackson have also started man-trailing classes, i don’t know which dogs, it would be good to have an update on how they are doing. Fabulous to have owners getting involved in this useful training. Rosemary has proudly announced that after just 6 months training Trev, Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme has gained his Level 1 in scentwork. Excellant Congratulations.


Now for show results; At Paignton the 1st time we have had classes for a long time, and unfortunately due to the classifications of pup, jun, and open we only had a low entry and all 6 were entered in Open for our judge Darren Clarke. He chose for Bd and Bob mine and Gemma Perry’s Spyda, Ch (tbc ) Starvon Cryptic Spyda, Rd  Debbie Howes Alfie, Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici, Bb and Bos was Sue Poultons Martha, Meddobe Spice Girl, Rb was Chris Milliards  Wenna, Ch Vastgota True Topaz for Karmore. Debbie and Alfie won two 5ths in the stakes, presumbly vet and champ stakes. I spoke with the committee to request for next year  Jun, Limit, Open dog, Open bitch.  So all crossed for next year.

Next a very, very windy Bournemouth whereas the gales were so strong for that day we were not allowed in the benching tents for safety, luckily this year we had in out rings so although crowded there were parts to stand in and on the whole all was fine I found all exhibitors more than happy to squash together with good spirits shown to support all not just their own breed. Our judge was Celia Vines and she chose mine and Gemma Perry’s Spyda, Ch(tbc) Starvon Cryptic Spyda for Bd and Bob, Rd was Cherry Hackney’s Starvon Bring it On, Bb +Bos was Sophie Linney’s Tanellis Bloomin Tigerlily.

At Wkc the judge was Sue Hewart-Chambers Dcc and Bob was Joanne Stockbridge’s Cain, Ch Valladar Call of Duty, Rdcc was Lynn Pallatina’s Loki, Ch Starvon All Eyes on me. Bcc was also Joanne’s this time it was Fay, Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar, mother of Dcc, Rcc was Jan and Derek  Wilton’s Meddobe Anna Travis. Although according to results site he’s  Best puppy lol BV  was Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedys  Chich  Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin  and Sophie Zbulut  with Emile,  Starvon Deja Vu  came 4th in the Ykc handling under judge Sophie Wildig  Well done.

At Stoneleigh City of Birmingham welcomed us holding the club show there and put classes on in the main show too for us. Sharing venues is the way for the future for breed clubs it makes economic sense. The judge was Mrs Rosemary Peacock-Jackson and she chose for her Dcc and Bob Lynn Palatina’s Loki, Ch Starvon All Eyes on Me, RD was Mr and Mrs Baillie Pepperthyme Winter Storm, Bcc was Kerry Diamonds Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm shcm, Rbcc was Debbie Howe Leica, Dangas Diva X Dotter of Valaller (imp). Her Bv was Vicky Allsop’s Zeb, Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm (imp).  The special classes were judged  by Louise Paterson and her 3 main winners were, Jun, Jan and Derek Wiltons Minka, Meddobe Anna Travis.  P/g was Steve zbilut and Sam Yacamen’s Starvon Deja Vu, Open, Joanne Stockbridge’s Fay, Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar. City of Birmingham judge was Mr S Atkinson for his Bd he chose Lynn Pallatina’s Loki, Ch Starvon all Eyes on Me, Rd was Gemma Perry and my Spyda, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda, Bb and Bob was Kerry Diamonds Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm shcm, Rb was Domna and Richard Dodd’s Pippa, Tanellis Bloomin Primrose, and Bv was Joanne’s Fay, Thorjakker Topsy Truvy at Valladar. 

The following week I had the pleasure of judging at one of my favourite venues, Richmond. I chose for my Dcc and Bob Zoe Fithern and Ade Russel’s Dash, Nlch Hurstfield Renen Dasher at Rusern handled by Zoe’s sister Susie, he looked fab in the group too.  Rdcc and Bv was Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedy’s Rocky, Ch irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, shame he couldn’t stay for the vet group as Louise was unwell. Bcc was Steve Zbilut and Sam Yacomen Emile, Starvon Deja Vu. Handled perfectly as usual by Sophie Zbilut, Rbcc was the veteran bitch winner Jo Day’s Yosemite Swift River at Starvon ably handled by another young handler Izzy King. It’s so good to see younger handlers appearing in the breed rings.

Last results from the shows comes from Darlington where the judge was Mr Doedjns and he chose Dcc, Bob and Bv  to Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedy’s Rocky, Chirch  Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, Rdcc was Graham and Leing’s Otto, Mystarz Muzik Maestro of Vallholme. Bcc was Kerry Diamonds Nova, Ch Eriksford Aurora Charm, Rbcc was Kim Offords ,Rusern Cradle of Love at Kimaroff.

Finally a reminder as well as sending me your news, Sharon Sibley is asking for volunteers to man the stand at Discover Dogs  on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of October so if you like to talk about swedish vallhunds  and your dog/s have good temperaments essential as often the children like to stroke and some like to cuddle them, if so contact Sharon.   



The start of these breed notes must of course begin with the news of the loss of Ada West, Starvon also known as The Boss she has passed over the bridge to join her beloved Reg and all of the Starvon German Shepherds and Swedish Vallhunds that have been waiting for her there plus other breeders ready for that magical show up above. Shows are not the same anymore without hearing her famous catchphrase ‘Ere guess what ... ‘etc. Jo Day has promised to carry on with the Starvon lines for them and shares the affix. Gemma and I have the last dog that she bred and so was lovely when jo was able to tell her the last dog she bred has become a champion the latest of many champions of Starvon far and wide. Jo has promised that in the next Starvon litter there will be a pup called ‘Starvon Ere ..... ‘ . My daughter Sam and I 1st met Ada & Reg  at Bath champ show i think 1991, Sam was waiting to go in the ring with her 1st vallhund a tailed puppy bitch obviously at the time we didn’t know anyone but I was horrified when this male exhibitor  had a go at her about not taking her in the ring as she had a tail. Ada and Reg stepped in against him telling him not to have a go at a youngster ( 14yrs) and said she has a vallhund and of course she can show her. Since then we became friends, of course we occasionally disagreed on things but we never fell out. When Sam a few years later was at a show with her baby son (10mths) on a hot day we were all sat ringside waiting to go in they both suddenly started laughing and proudly saying we have bought his 1st ice cream it was all over his face it was so funny but that sums them up always looking out for youngsters. Starvon vallhunds are known globally for their lovely sound temperament and good type and size. I and Gemma now own the last male she bred and it was lovely that Jo was able to tell her that he was now another champion for Starvon. I’m sure you all join me in offering the family condolences. The funeral will be held on 19th August at 1 -20, Barham Crematorium , Barham, Nr Canterbury, Kent, CT4 6QU. Dress Code Colourful, any other info contact Jo Day.


I have been given some show news for you all. Kingston open show had vallhund classes the judge was Penny Roberts and there were 3 valls present. Bob was Jan & Derek Wilton’s Morse, Ch Meddobe Spices Endeavour and he also won Group 1. She said it was a long day but worth going. I previously had said Morse was littermate to Minka but she was from her repeat mating of Morse thanks for correcting me. At Minehead they had sv classes and the judge was James Adamson, Debbie Howe won Bob with Leica, Dangas Diva X Dotter of Valaller (imp).  Rbob was Cherie Hackneys Blue, Starvon Bring It On. At Totnes & Dist the judge was Mrs Davies and she chose for Bob Debbie Howe’s Alfie Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici. Sorry not sure which of Cherie Hackneys boys were Rbob. Chris Millard went to Cambourne show at Redruth and won Bnsc and Gp 3 with Wenna, Ch Vastgota True Topaz for Karmore, unfortunately he hadn’t entered in Pastoral veteran also. You always have to be entered in the 7 group veteran classes to challenge for Bvis, that way the final challenge of the day is 7 group winners  for Bis, 7 pups and 7 veterans the majority of shows do this now.  At Dorset County open show  the judge was Mrs A king, unfortunately  Spyda, Ch (tbc) Starvon Cryptic Spyda was the only vallhund but he did win Pastoral Gp 2 out of a large group, we were pleased with that.


News now from SITP, Spitz In The Park. A fabulous fun event for all Spitz breeds on the Saturday A complete mixture of events Inc. a Companion show, Steve Zbilut took Emile, Starvon Deja Vu into this, the previous year they had won BIs. Kc Good Citizen testing Bronze and Silver, Have a go Rally -o, Agility other interesting things followed by quiz night and supper. On the Sunday there was an Animal 1st aid course, very useful. Eye testing, have a go Agility and this time a new one on me Hoopers.  Spyda  fully enjoyed this as did Gemma’s other boy her SS Murphy, also there was Kcgc Gold testing, a Barbecue and the always fun Spitzolympics where everyone formed teams of 6  mostly the same breeds  but Gemma’s team was the Misfits with 1 sv, 1 ss and 3 spitz. Races comprise of this year  11 legged, Water race always a hoot as you hold the dogs lead in same hand as cup of water, sack race, fastest eater, fastest down etc. We met a couple of vallhunds, Ceri and her family who could only stay for the morning but they have promised next year if they can only do half a day again they will come for the afternoon, turns out he was another young starvon who was 1 of the other litters at jo’s when she had Spyda. The other one had left he was bred by Wendy. Hopefully next year there will be more sv and on that note the weekend’s dates for next year will be 17th, 18th, 19th July at the same venue held near Reading. So put that in your diary.


Results from Leeds another smaller entry for Steve Hall, he chose for his Dcc & Bob Jan and Derek Walton’s Morse, Ch Meddobe Spices Endeavour. Rdcc was Karen Kennedy & Louise Paterson’s Mikey, Ch irch Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, Bcc & Bv was Louise Paterson’s Kayla, Eriksfjord Charmed. Rcc went to Kerry Diamond’s Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm. There were no puppies or Spec Beguiners. Im sure Jan was thrilled to read that Morse is currently Top Swedish vallhund in breed.

Talking of low numbers I was very sad to read Liz Cartledge’s comments from Blackpool  my heart went out to her after all the work her and the late jo went to, to bring swedish vallhunds to us, it again was a small entry at this rate we could lose ccs for 20/21.



A large selection of show news for you all starting with 3 Counties, with no ccs on offer our judge was Mrs Gail Hussey.  She chose for her Bd & Bob Lynn Pallatina’s ‘Loki’ Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me,   her Rd was also Lynn’s ‘Zeno’ Starvon The Dark Knight. Bb & Bv was Louise Paterson’s ‘Kayla’ Eriksfjord Charmed. No Rb as only 1 bitch entered.    

Next came Blackpool where our judge was Mrs Liz Cartledge. This lady is the one we have to thank for bringing our lovely breed to us in the UK, and obviously a breed specialist and so it was such a shame it was another low entry. The trouble is Blackpool is so far for a lot of our exhibitors, she was obviously still happy with the exhibits as no w/h.  Liz chose for her Dcc, Bob & Best jun Kyle Jones’s ‘Blaze’ Tanellis Bloomin William. This young dog has given Kyle such a good start in the breed. Bcc was awarded to Blaze’s dam, Domna & Richard Dodd’s ‘Ellie’ Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis. Rdcc was Louise Paterson & Karen Kennedy’s ‘Rocky’ Chirch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin. Rbcc was the litter sister to Dcc, Domna &Richard Dodd’s ‘Pippa’ Tanellis Bloomin Primrose.

Next came Windsor where our judge was Mr Voss (Norway), Dcc  was awarded to Jan & Derek Wilton’s ‘Morse’ Meddobe Spices Endeavour His 3rd Cc, Rdcc was Kyle Jones’s ‘Blaze’ Tanellis Bloomin William. Bcc was another of Jan & Derek Wilton’s ‘Minka’ (Littermate Of Dcc) Meddobe Anna Travis, Rbcc was Wendy Amon’s Ch Pepperthyme Theodora, Bv was Karen Powney’s Eriksfjord Jazz Bunny .

Next came East of England and other breed specialist Mrs Britt-Marie Young. She chose for her Dcc & Bob Gemma Perry & Mine ‘Spyda  Starvon Cryptic Spyda, this was his magic 3rd thank you all for your congratulation messages. Rdcc was Jan & Derek Wilton’s ‘Morse’ Meddobes Spices Endeavour. Bcc was Jan & Derek’s ‘Minka’ Meddobe Anna Travis, Rbcc & Bv was Jo Day & Ada West’s Yosemite Swift River at Starvon. Spec Beg was Mr Doug Pazienza & Mr Andrew Dobinson’s ‘Tippi’ Pepperthyme Cloud Burst, she also came 3rd in Pets as Therapy stakes. Jo told us and our judge that Britt- Marie made up Spyda’s mum the last time she judged so that’s interesting. It was a very good day for team Spyda as first thing Gemma’s daughter Izzy paired with spyda in the Ykc (Youth Kennel Club) members stakes to win, which has qualified them into the finals at Crufts 2020. The Gemma took Spyda into Kcgc (Kennel club good citizens) class where he came 3rd and we finished the day with a quick trip to Dorchester in Dorset for Izzy army cadets training weekend to take another section for her Duke of edingborough award, we were just in time for the coach and she completed her 1 and 2 stars.

Next came National Working & Pastoral breeds and our judge was Mr Richard Kinsey. He chose for his Dcc & Bv Louise Paterson & Ada West’s ‘Teddy’ Ch Starvon Wishful Thinking. Rdcc was Jan & Derek Wilton’s ‘Morse’ Meddobe Spices Endeavour, for his Bcc & Bob he chose Jan & Derek’s   ‘Minka’ Meddobe Anna Trevis. I received a message from a highly delighted Jan to let me know the results especially as this was her 3rd cc in a row making her a champion, congratulations again. Rbcc was awarded to Debbie Howe’s ‘Leica’ Dangas Diva x Dotter of Valaller (imp).

Steve Zbilut stopped on his way home at a compnion show the judge was Colin Bowden and he awarded ‘Emilie’ Starvon Deja Vu Bis. The following day Steve & Sam’s son Thomas raised £313 in a Race for Life, well done Thomas for completing and raising all that money. Kerry Diamond took ‘Nova’ Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm to Annandale open show, the judge was Mr Paul Conway & she won Bnsc, Gp 1 then Rbis well done. Meanwhile Debbie Howe took Alfie, Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici  to Yeovil open show in nsc, Unfortunately  the judge was overheard clearly to say to his steward "and how am i supposed to judge this lot" there was a Pmd, Shelties, Lanc heelers & Alfie, he won Bv. Thats really bad as to judge nsc he has to also be qualified to judge the group. Alfie had won the veteran stakes under  Laureen Woods. Sharon Lee took her two, ‘Casey’ Eriksfjord Brave Charm and ‘Sophie’ her import (i dont know her ped name) to take part in their club’s Hooper Tournament.  Sharon was proud to say both passed their Silver Hooper’s award and Sophie had a 2nd in Barreler’s. I dont know anything about these 2 activities, perhaps Sharon would send me some info to share with us describing the event.

Lastly just a reminder that this coming week is SITP, Spitz in the park. I believe this is the 4th it’s a fabulous event  and the purpose is to encourage All spitz breeds to get together for lots of fun Saturday19th and Sunday 20th you can camp overnight and take part in the Sat eve quiz night. My personal favourite is on the Sunday the Spitzolympics where teams compete against each other, some teams have all the same breed and some are mixed you just get together on the day. There is a variety of things going on, So far this event has raised Several Thousand Pounds for charity inc AHT so don’t be shy, come along to Padworth Village hall, Reading.  



Good afternoon everyone. Firstly apologies to Wendy Amon as Buse had group 4 at East of England and to Joanne Stockbridge as Cain had Group 4 at w&Pb of wales in 2018. What i would like to do is compile a list of all group placings at Championship shows as far back as possible ,  as this would help people inc new exhibitors as our beloved breed  do get placed on occasions.  It annoys me when i hear the words not worth going into the group as we don’t get looked at. So Please everyone  let me know of your dog’s group places or any that you know of, Thank you.

Results from Skc judged by Mr Wilberg for Dcc he chose Rocky, Louise Paterson & Karen Kennedys Ch irCh Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin. He was also awarded Bob & Bv. Rdcc was witheld. Bcc was Kerry Diamonds Nova , Eriksfjord  Aurora Charm. Rbb Kim Offords Rusern Cradle of Love. At the present time there are no puppies in the ring, at least not till the end of the year as there are 2 young litters. On the same day at Christchurch & New Forest there was only 1 entry unfortunately for judge Petra Thomas which was Gemma Perry and my Spyda, Starvon Cryptic Spyda who also was Group 4 under judge Karen Kennedy.

Results from Bath where for the 1st time we had Ccs, we were  judged by Tony Drinkwater where  he chose for his Dcc and Bob Jan & Derek Wilton’s Morse, Meddobe Spices Endeavour.  This was his 3rd cc making him the latest champion in our breed. Rdcc was Joanne Stockbridge’s Cain, Ch Valladar Call of Duty. Bcc Donna and Richard Dodd’s Ellie, Ch Hurstfield  Renen Vixen, Rb was Karen and Morvyn Phillip’s Ayla, Ch Starvon Willamina. Bv was Debbie Howes Alfie, Ch Starvon  Veni Vidi Vici who also was narrowed down in the Veteran group . Time flies that he’s a veteran already. Marian Allens  Alfie,  Kintallis Tangled in Tinsel  was narrowed down in a large Kcgc stakes class.

This past weekend was Southern Counties show and our Judge was Sue Bird who found her Bd and Bob in Gemma Perry and mine Spyda, Starvon Cryptic Spyda . Rd was Rosemary Peacock - Jacksons Truls, Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme.  Bb was a delighted Sophie who was handling Emilie (very well, sorry steve think you’ve lost her) Steve Zbilut and Sam Yacomen Starvon Deja Vu. Rbb was Domna and Richard Dodd’s Ellie, Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen. Best Junior was Domna and Richard’s Poppy, Tanellis  Bloomin Primrose. Their new system for the groups was a bit bizarre, they did puppy group, junior group, veteran group sp beguiners  and then the Bob groups  by which time it was very hot.  They also pre-judged all the groups meaning you went to 1 ring then another then finally into the group ring, for those that have been there would know all rings inc pre gp juging ring are in and out rings. I could not believe the group ring judge wanted the dogs to stand outside in the full sun as he wanted the undercover part to go over and move the dogs, grief the mentality for dog’s comfort they should have been able to wait in the shade and then go over and move the dogs outside. I can only hope that changes for next year.

Results from 3 Counties where sv were judged by Gail Hussey, there were no cc on offer, there was a small entry of 7 which only included 1 bitch. She chose as her Bd +Bob Lynn Pallatinas Loki Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me, Rd went to lynns Zeno, Starvon Dark Knight, Bb and Bv was Louise Paterson’s Kayla, irch Eriksfjord Charmed.

Zoe Fithern ‘s Dash, Hurstfield Renen Dasher has now completed and passed his Justice accredited trailing course and become Operational Trailing dog,  Huge Congratulations to them both.

Dont forget  to put in your diary about  SITP (Spitz In The Park)  a fab fun weekend for all Spitz breeds on July 20th and July 21st . Also don't forget to send me all those championship group placings.



Results from SV Open show where we had breed specialist Vicky Allsop as our judge.  For her Bb and Bis  she chose Wendy Amons Saga, Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme. Bd +Rbis was Gemma Perry and my Spyda, Starvon Cryptic Spyda, Rd was Kyle Jones Blaze, Tanellis Bloomin William. rb  was  Jo John Day & Ada West, Starvon Ziva,  Bv was Sharon Sibleys Ch Peakdreams Kinder Scout at Thorjakker. Catherine Debuchler found her 2 class winners were Steve Zbilut & Sam Yacomens Emilie, Starvon Deja Vu well handled by Sophie. The open class was joanne stockbridge Cain, Ch Valladar Call of Duty.

At Working & Pastoral breeds Julie Price stood alone with 1 of her boys, Starvon Xpress Delivery at Conningsbear and they were awarded Bob  from Judge Mrs Lewis.  I used to like going to that show years ago, its a shame she was alone as im sure she would of liked some company.  

We have 2 new holders of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver level awards. Mal Allens  Alfie, Kintallis Tangled in Tinsel and Gemma and my Spyda, Starvon Cryptic Spyda .

Next we had Welks where our judge was Mr Kevin Young, His Dcc was Jan & Dereck Wiltons homebred youngster Morse, Meddobe  Spices Endeavour, Rdcc was Lynn Pallatinas youngster Zeno, Starvon Dark Knight. Bcc was Tony & Sandra Drinkwaters Hollie,  Galerita Hollie Berrie, Rbcc  was Mrs J Day, R Peacock-Jackson & A West's  Lexi, Starvon  Binit Sinit  Dunit.  There were no puppies and Bv wasnt declared. Kevin chose  a delighted  Jan Wiltons  Morse for Bob & who later under Group judge  Mrs C Vines  flew  the flag for our breed by attaining Group  4, very well done! The 1st championship show group placing for awhile for our breed. I'll have to try and work out who was the last adult group placement, possibly the 1st since my Raydas last group placing at a champ show 5yrs ago, when he was 10 and1/2 yrs old he had 2 group places that year.

Talk about a chance meeting with a blast from the past, Fri before bank holiday i took Rayda (ch Hurstfield Red Rayda shcm ) to the vets as arranged as he was booked for a scan. The form for me to sign was on the desk and as the receptionist picked it up she said this is Rayda  i cant believe its rare we see this breed here as they are so healthy but we are expecting another one here at any moment. With that the door opened and in came Barbara and Reba  (starvon maid in waiting (i think) from Vicky Allsops bitch Zoe. I havent seen them for years and here she was for the same scan. I anxiously waited for the phone call with Raydas results and arranged to go and collect him. On the way i said to my hubbie, wonder whats the chance they will be there so i can ask how she is. Surprise she was there just before me and was waiting for Rebas liver tablets so another Snap I had to also collect the same tablets, and we have to go back the same time too lol. I was obviously very relieved  that hes not going anywhere yet, she said its likely the signs are showing it but only way to be sure whether its cancer is to open him up and do biopsies on all his organs, of course i said No hes almost 15yrs im not having him opened up, so i will just carry on appreciating whatever time we have left together. Don't get me wrong he dosent know anything is wrong he still has quality of life, up for walks and flirting with the girls and charging about with his toys or my slippers. It came about when i took him to the vets a couple of weeks ago when he got stung as usual they are always thorough and gave him the general check and said though he felt a bit full although he hadnt eaten since the evening before  so thats why we decided to scan him.

Bank holiday Monday shows, Gemma  went to Banbury as it was  breed supported classes such a shame only Spyda, Starvon Cryptic Spyda was entered. The sv judge was Ms M Hodgson. Spyda stood alone but then went on to Pastoral Group 1, as this show is pretty central its such a shame its not supported. Domna Dodd took Pippa, Tanellis Bloomin Primrose  to  Chelmford & Dist open show under Britt-Marie Young  and  won bnsc She was also 1st in a large yearling class under Barry Blunden. Ella Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis won best Av Pastoral under Krystyan Greenland.

Kerry Diamond said she was walking along a road with Nova when a large out of control dog ran across the road straight to Nova, luckily it wasnt agressive although first of all she didnt know that, so scarey im sure. Eventually the dog ran back across the road where he was hit by a car, luckily wasnt too bad as it walked away but then who knows if it had internal damage. Another case that could of been different if it had been aggresive. There is a large rise in dog attacks across the country lately.

At  Birmingham  National  our judge was  Toni Jackson  and she chose for  her Bd and Bob  Lynn Pallatinas  Loki, Ch Starvon all Eyes on Me.  Her Rd was his younger brother  Gemma Perry and my Spyda, Starvon Cryptic Spyda. Her Bb was Kerry Diamonds Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora. Rb  went to a delighted Kim offord with Meddobe Gina Gold. Bv  was Loise Paterson & Karen Kennedy Ch irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlifin.

Dont forget  to put in your diary about  SITP (Spitz In The Park)  a fab fun weekend for all Spitz breeds on July 20th and July 21st .



Sorry for the delay. Results from Crufts where our judge was Karen Gilliland. It was nice to see some foreign exhibitors who between them brought 14 vallhunds. Karen awarded her Dcc & Bob to Loki, Lynn Pallatina’s Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me. I personally had given him his 1st cc at the club show 18 months ago. He was made up with the same award Crufts 2018. Rdcc was Kyle Jones youngster Blaze, Tanellis Bloomin William. For his 1st vallhund he has had a good year, at their 1st show at wkc he won Puppy gp 4 to 1st Crufts Rcc, and several bps. Bcc was Mrs Simone Uitendaal, Cib Ch Sharinjah Simasuu Njk,NkJw15 w15bwnl16 bkbw17bw18,bwbe17. Rbcc Mrs Ingela Johannesson Dangas Asta X Dotterjw,wjw,17Ger jun winner17. Best Veteran was Mrs Ingela Johannesson this time with Seuch/dkuch/nuch/norduch Fixens Gote Vast ww/12sev/13dkv/14wvw/17.  Best puppy sadly this year we only had 1 puppy and our Bp was Miss Ellen Koelemans, Westorps Shining Red Star. So all in all it was a very worthwhile trip.

I also need to thank all of the volunteers for the DD stand, a tiring but enjoyable task and they were all very busy. Thurs - Sharon & Geoff Lee, Alix & Sophie Linney, myself, Gemma & Izzy Perry. Fri - Morvyn & Karen Phillips, Karen Kennedy, Joan & Ian Lee, Jo Barnard. Sat – Nikki, Ashley & Louise, Domna & Richard Dodd, Lynn Pallatina. Sun - Tony & Sandra Drinkwater, Vicki & Chris, The Sibley family. I apologise for not knowing some surnames. Its fab that we had a full selection of volunteers so Thank You all. I was intending to take Rayda as he loves doing his tricks with the children but I decided against it, so I found it quite upsetting as this was my 1st Crufts without him for 14 years as I retired him at last year’s crufts.

Ykc news (Young Kennel Club) Izzy Perry with our Spyda, Starvon Cryptic Spyda was in the Ykc Pastoral Finals; they both performed well but were unplaced. Anneka Scholes had few faults in agility but was very pleased with their performances. Jet, Jet Set on the High Road was in the Ykc small dog Abc (anything but a collie) and Otto, Meddobes Spice Wyecliffe in Ykc graduate agility. I do usually go and watch and support Anneka but I thought it was in the afternoon like Izzys but apparently it was in the morning hopefully her mum will let me know next year.

It was nice to see Vicky Allsop, with son Jo and Zoe Fithern both recovering from operations,  Zoe had her sister Susie with her who handled Dash to a respectable 2nd in open dog . The following day Dash was in Epping forest and passed his Man Trailing Module 3 practical test. so another with Brains and Beauty all being well he will be in active service this summer in the Southern Search  and Rescue team.  Apparently the trainers have been very impressed, Jacquie would be proud.

Don’t forget to get your entries in for the club open show on 6th April at Baginton Village Hall. The day includes  the Agm  and going by last year a good lunch. The open show judge is Mrs Vicky Allsop (Thornvald) and the special classes’ judge is Catherine Buecheler. So be sure to enter under the 2 judges have lunch attend the agm it’s your club so support it

Lynn Palatina was at an independent show where they hold a monthly competition and Loki had 2nd in agility, 5th in jumping and 2nd in the winter league from his points. I believe its 2 or 3 small clubs that get together and you collect points.



Mostly news for Crufts and car safety, as no one else has sent me any news this time around. Just remember it’s Your Breed notes.

News from Dr Chris Millard following the last notes on Debbie Howe’s crash. Chris was also involved in a car crash and he had Hedra in the car, although serious damage to the car thankfully both Chris and Hedra are ok.

I hope everyone is aware of the laws governing safety in cars. Dogs can only be on the back seat with a harness or restrained in the back of the car ideally in a cage. In the event of an accident if your dog is loose the fine ranges between £2,500 and £3,500 and between 6 to 9 points and your insurance is null and void.

Kerry Diamond took Nova, Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm to a local show and in a large Avnsc open class she came 2nd, then won the member’s stakes and she chose to spend her winnings buying her mum a nice bottle of wine.  Lol fancy her being clever enough to know which 1 she would like.

Crufts info.

Our judge Karen Gilliland has been informed that Vallhunds are hopefully going to be in the ring approximately 1 o/c, so that is useful to know, means you can get your shopping 1st.

Events this year at Crufts include the Eukanuba World Challenge, Champion Stakes  final and The Top Puppy of The Year. Breeders Finals are on Friday. Unfortunately i have been unable to find out when Anneka Scholes is in the ring with Jet, Jet Set on the High Road in YKC  Smalldog Abc agility (Anything but a collie) and Otto , Meddobe Spice Wyecliffe in the Ykc Graduate Agility. I don’t know the times but will be in the Ykc area.

To say some people on Fb have been discussing about having to stay till 4 they should be so lucky years ago we had to be in there really early and not leave till 6 o/c and its always  easier to wait for the queues to go first then you won’t queue to get out of the car park. But if you recall i had mentioned Gemma’s daughter Izzy is in the Ykc Pastoral Finals with our Spyda, Starvon Cryptic Spyda  her final is at 5:45 so guessing the queues will be gone.

Tv times to televise Crufts is Thurs  between  3-4pm channel 4, 6-30 -8pm  More 4, then 8 -9 channel 4. Fri 3-4pm ch 4, 6-30 - 7-30pm more 4, then 7 -30-9pm ch 4. Sat 4 – 5pm ch 4, 7 – 9pm ch 4. Sun 7 – 9pm ch 4( inc live Bis). Also on  www.youtube .com/ crufts. Everyone just remember you always take the Best dog home, Enjoy your day and keep a strong eye on your dogs and your bags . Can’t believe they are forecasting  Snow  really  !!!!

Just one more important mention on here don’t forget on 6th April it will be the clubs open show plus AGM, with lunch on offer so get your entries sorted and posted. So Very Good Luck for everyone, enjoy yourselves at Crufts and for all of the 1st time at Crufts goers feel free to send me a piece on your 1st experience .



Firstly to clarify the missing info Top sv of the year Sandra & Tony Drinkwaters  Ch Galerita Hollie Berry, Top Sire was Wendy Amons Multi Ch Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme, Top Brood was Ada  and Jo Ch Starvon Valley of Dreams.

During a cold & windy day at Hamilton open show Nova, Kerry Diamonds Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm came 2nd in a large Avnsc open class under judge Gordon Haron. At Coalville open show Loki, Lynn Pallatinas Ch Starvon all Eyes on Me judge Angie Allan awarded him bob & gp 3, Zeno, Starvon dark knight was rbob. At Chichester Gemma Perry + mine Spyda,  Starvon Cryptic Spyda  came 2 nd in open class judge Sally Duffin  2nd yearling stakes judge Ann Bradley & 3rd members stakes under Dr Curr plus prize money. Domna Dodd took Pippa, Tanellis Bloomin Primrose to East Kent , into Nsc under judge Liz Cartledge who awarded her Bp and Puppy group 2  a lovely result for her last puppy competition.                                                                                                                                          

Im sure others on site enjoyed the demonstration of the Versatility of the vallhund with a film clip of Steve Zbilut + Sam Yacomen  Emilie,  Starvon Deja Vu pulling a sledge on the snow with little Charlie enjoying the ride, they both looked like having a fab time. Lynn Pallatina’s Loki took part in the Dig it Dogs agility comp  where he came 3rd in the Steeplechase, 2nd in Clear round jumping and 7th in Agility. I’m sure Lynn was happy with that.

Im sure you join me to wish Vicky a speedy recovery from her recent hospital stay, I know she’s pleased to be home.

2 weeks ago Dennis Haddon of Norsled vallhunds lost his fight for life and has gone to join with his beloved dogs that have been waiting on the Rainbow Bridge. Dennis & his wife Shiela founded the well-respected Norsled kennels. Sv were import to the UK by Lz & Joe Cartledge in 1974, they imported the bitch Snackens Kikkan in whelp to a dog called Kurre and she produced a litter of 6 puppies in quarantine. One of these was sold to Shiela & Dennis and there began their involvement with the Sv, they imported another bitch and showed them until they moved to Australia  in 1981. Their dogs successfully competed against other traditional Australian breeds and won recognition as stock workers, which was how they spent their lives working. Most of their pups they bred were sold  for working homes. I have some pictures including Ch Norsled Balzac 1 of the 1st sv in Australia. Kloval and Ausled worked together to keep the Norsled excellence in Australia. In talking with Sharon Donaldson (Ausled), she has many memories of learning about the breed and was proud to be given her start in her foundations of vallhunds. There are Norsled lines in several of the older pedigrees, Proud my boy is sired by Ch Norsled Fang following in the Norsled steps of working showing etc till well into veteran the reason people wanted it in their bloodlines. Shiela is still living at her home along with her 3 remaining valhunds sired by my rayda, My thought go to Shiela at this sad time. 



Here we are for our 1st Breed notes of 2019. Happy + Healthy New Year to everyone.
First from Domna Dodd news from Wealdstone & Northolt where there were sv classes, the judge was Penny Roberts and she awarded Bob & Bpib then Adult group 3 then Pgp 1 to Pippa 'Tanellis Bloomin Primrose'. Ellie 'Ch Hurstfield Renen Vixen 'was 2nd in open, i dont know who the other 1 was. Ellie was 1st in Open stakes under Daniela Tranquada with a £10 prize.

I had an e-mail from Zoe Fithern to say her Dash 'Hurstfield Renen Dasher' has passed his Scentwork Uk level 1, he is also a Trainee Search +Rescue dog, as his speciallity is scent specific trailing they hope to pass out as operational this summer. They will be helping to find lost and missing people in the South-West, a big job but Dash is proving to be good at it. Hopefully Zoe will keep me updated, Jacquie would be so proud.

After catching up with my papers for the past 2 months i came upon one of Karens Breed notes in the paper relating to Fiona Cameron. Im sure those of you who dont have the paper would like to hear of her herding successes with her girls. We know Fi trains her dogs to herd and has her own sheep. They have just received confirmation from AHBA (American Herding Breeds Assossiation) that Freki 'Bowkol Dragon Dancer' has become the 1st Uk vallhund to gain her herding Trial Arena Dog 1 HTADI title. Fi has been training her dogs for the past 10 yrs and aquired 17 sheep and 2 heifers in her 6 acre field. Its only been in the last year that the AHBA tests and trials have been held here in Yorkshire. Earlier in 2018 Freki and Tilly (her dam) 'Starvon Valkyrja Mist for Bowkol' passed their Jun Herding tests under 2 separate judges to be 1st 2 valls in uk to gain Ahbd Jhd titles. In Sept they had a trial competing with a variety of breeds inc Acd, Asd, Bc and Psd, to gain the title the dog must gain minimum points in each section under 2 different judges, who were Anneka de Jong and Lyn Moorland. Tilly had gained 1 leg but handler error lost the 2nd leg. Im sure an easy mistake to do. Freki qualified on both legs giving her the title Ahba 1. A historic event for a Uk vallhund. Fi must be so proud of her girls especially as she bred Freki. In future Fi can you send me your results so i can put in notes earlier im sure everyone else would enjoy reading it.

So thats 2 amazing fields of success with swedish vallhunds with 2 different owners in the uk, excellant.
Missing from the last notes was the news Wendy Amons multi Ch Svedala Billy Busvader at Pepperthyme was Top Stud dog 2018. 
Results from Manchester where we were very late in the ring as we followed nearly 200 Dacshunds, our judge was Jeff Horsewell  & he awarded  Dcc & Bob to Gemma Perry and mine Spyda,'Starvon Cryptic Spyda',  Rdcc was Louise Patterson & Karen Kennedys Rocky 'Ch irch Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin'. Bcc was Kerry Diamond's Nova 'Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm'. Rbcc was Jan & Derek Wiltons young pup Minka 'Meddobe Anna Travis'. Bp was Kyle Jones Blaze 'Tanellis Bloomin William'. The bonus of being in ring so late was Bob and Bp went straight into the Pastoral groups, I stood in between both rings and can say they both showed well. Unfortunately nothing in groups, its always a shame though even when groups are so close from judging our exhibitors didn't support by watching and cheering on i always do when possible.

For those that asked re crufts and our Juniors the Ykc stakes finals are in hall 3 in ykc ring but iv still been unable to find the Ykc Agility time so at the moment i can only say it will be on the fri too hopefully Annekas mum can let me know.



An update to the last notes Sorry Domna, I had said pups where from her 1st litter whereas in fact its her 2nd as she had a litter back in 1995 from Kirkholme Disa to Linmays Hes Magic there were 5 pups who all went into pet homes  sorry again .

Results from Lka where the judge drew a good entry of 31 unfortunately there were 10 abs ,Our Judge was Maggie Bryant (Panelma rots ) For her Dcc, Bv and Bob  she chose  Louise Paterson + Karen Kennedys Ch Irch  Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, he also was Narrowed down in a large group  Well Done. So good for the breed .Rdcc was Lynn Pallatinas Starvon Dark Knight at Valltineya. Bcc was awarded to Tony + Sandra Drinkwaters  Ch Galerita Hollie Berrie . Rbcc was Stella Coombes Mystarz Ice Spice Baby. Bp was Mr Jones Tanellis Bloomin William, who you may remember in the summer at their 1st show at Wkc they won Puppy Group 4 Too. At Lka they also came 4th in the Puppy Stakes under Espen Engh .

Sharon Lee told me also that Casey, Eriksfjord Brave Charm  has passed his Level 1  in scent work. Congratulations! Has anyone else passed? Sharon said she thinks there is another 1 in the UK please let me know.

Mal Allen told me she took Alfie, Kintallis Tangled In Tinsel to her local Paws In The Park and he won Best in Show Wtg Alfie +Mal.

News For the Up +Coming Crufts i am hoping  other Val exhibitors  will join us in supporting our Junior Handlers, Anneka Scholes with Jet , Jet Set on the High Road in the ykc small dog Abc (anything but a collie ) and Otto , Meddobes Spice Wyecliffe in Ykc Graduate Agility. We have watched Anneka previously to cheer her on, also to Izzy Perry with Spyda,  Starvon Cryptic Spyda in the finals of Ykc Pastoral Stakes  Brings back memories of  when my daughter Sam  took part with our 1st Vallhund Shangalis Sweet Dreams in the 1st ykc Triatholon they held for the juniors at Crufts. They had a Hoot her tail never stopped wagging June Pearce came and watched them too was a fab experience. Times and Rings info to follow asap.

News from Wendy Amon she took Saga Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to pepperthyme to Colchester+District, she had taken her for support to her whippet ,but it was Sagas day  She won Bnsc  plus Group 1. Also in the Kcgc stakes in an entry of 18 and she came 2nd complete with £ 15 prize money. There you go folks another good reason to train your dogs, my boys always did well in kcgc stakes i used to tell them it was their "steak" money .

The judges for 2019 are; Manchester -Jeff Horsewell,  Crufts -Karen Gilliland, Welks - Kevin Young,  Birm National -Toni Jackson,  Welks - Kevin Young , Skc - K  Wilberg, Bath - Tony Drinkwater, Blackpool - Liz Cartledge, Windsor - Mr Voss,   East of England - Britt-Marie Young, Nwpb -Richard Kinsey, Leeds - Steve Hall, Wkc - Sue Hewart Chambers, Svs - Rosemary  Peacock-Jackson, Richmond - Lyn Etches ,  Darlington - Mr Doedjns,  Lka -Linda Loney. I will give you the missing names asap.

This is the end results for the year; Top Breeders  Starvon , Top Sv  Ch Galerita Hollie Berrie,  Top Puppy Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel of Kitsam. I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and a Sucessful and happy 2019



Hi everyone and Thanks to those people that have sent me your news as i say you send me your results showing, agility, anything you would like its Your Breed Notes and il print it.

From Jan Wilton ( Meddobe )

At Barking & Dist (i havent got the judges names) there were Swedish Vallhund classes  but only 3 entered with 1abs, Morse 'Meddobe Endeavour' was awarded Bob and her newest pup just 6 months old Minka 'Meddobe Anna Travis' Was Rbob & Bp. The next day was Whitstable & Dist, here they were in Nsc, Morse won Bnsc & Minka was Bpnsc then went on to also win Puppy Gp 3. Next they went to East Kent Canine again there was only Nsc and she only took Minka on her own. She won Best Puppy nsc then went and won Group 1, what a good start for her very Well Done. Some of you newer exhibitors may not know Jan yet. Jan showed her 1st vallhund 'Hurstfield Dee' over 28 yrs ago and she told me she found a lot of differences in todays open show scene, Thank you Jan.


Chris Millard went to Penzance show and he took Raydas lovely daughter Bora 'Hurstfield Time for a Tail' where she won Bob & Gp 4, her Breed judge was Sandra Smith. Then Trudi Baird judged Veteran where Bora won again  and then Icing on the cake she won Reserve Best veteran in show by judge Carolyn Fry, which in turn has qualified her again for Top Dog of Cornwall. Very well done nice to see especially at her age, i believe she is nearly 13.


Steve Zbilut sent me the news from Camberley & Dist. Again it was Nsc & the judge was Celia Vines. Steve said he was so proud to watch his daughter Sophie handling Emile 'Starvon Deja Vu'. Emilie showed so well for her & Sophie handled her perfectly. Out of an entry of 15 Emilie & Sophie won Bnsc & then Group 2. Your great-grandad will looking down watching you with Pride and remembering all Steve when he handled his Moonsfield Tjina Very  Well done. It's great to see the youngsters in the rings with sv,my daughter started when she was possibly about Sophie age. The youngsters are our future.

Next came Saturday 24th with results from 3 ends of the South.

At the Nordic held at Coventry, i used to love that one but trouble is it now clashes but never mind. Im sure you had a good day obviously we have classes there as this show literally has classes for All Nordic breeds reg with the kc im not sure if they had import. The Judge For sv was Mrs Sue Bird (Bridus). Her choice for Bob was Jo Day, Ada West & Rosemary Peacock-Jackson's Lex 'Starvon Binit Sinit Dunit with Kirkholme'. Rbob was Lynn Pallatina's littermate Zeno 'Starvon Dark Knight', who also came 4th in rbob stakes. Bp was Domna Dodds Pippa 'Tanellis Bloomin Primrose', from her 1st litter. Best Veteran was Karen's Ayla 'Ch Starvon Willamina'. Then Toni Jackson (Elbereth) judged Bis followed by Bpis and really pleased to say Domnas Pippa won Res Best PUPPY IN SHOW. Excellant result very well done.

Then in the middle of the 3 shows was The Top Dogs of Dorset Finals. This was a mixture of feelings as this was the 1st time that Rayda 'Ch Hurstfield Rayda shcm' had stayed at home. He has been in it every year of his show career starting with Res Top Puppy in Dorset, followed with several wins. I had to hand over his last trophy that he has been holding for the Top Veteran in Dorset so actually he had finished still at the top, Bless him he can enjoy his retirement although he still looks worthy of another cc.

With this competition if they qualify as a pup then they go in puppy so they are usually up to 20 months. Gemma Perry & I took our Spyda 'Starvon Cryptic Spyda' under the judge Lynn Campbell (has St Poodles ) for this competition, its run on knockout rounds ie 1 against 1. There were high entries in each puppy, veteran and Adults, also a really tasty roast meal & sweets between Veteran & Adult. Spyda went into his 1st pair & showed his socks off as he went though every round then finished up with Reserve Top Puppy in Dorset, which we were thrilled with. He also qualified for the adult so again showing well but then lost the round against an equally lovely dog, but of course we are proud anyway. All in all a fab day, if you qualify for Top Dog in your county then try it.

Then down at Truro, Jo Day sent me the results from Cherie Hackney. Her judge for the day was. Melinda Thomas  and she awarded her Blue 'Starvon Bring it On' Bob & then he went on to win Group 1, Well done Cherie. Im not sure if this was the same judge. When i spoke with Jo she also told me she was very proud of the whole team a good day for Starvon indeed.

I also want to thank Victoria  for adopting a Romanian rescue Vallhund lookalike from Battersea.

Joanne is now collecting Christmas picture greetings and snippets for the christmas newsletter, any club members wishing to put in a Christmas ad in the winter newsletter this year, last submission date is December the 6th. Cost is £5 for a page with the money going to SVS Welfare Fund. Also if any members would like to submit an article, submission deadline is Dec 4th for those.



I have an assortment of news this time as i have had a few snippets sent to me Thank you for those that did . Gemma took Starvon Cryptic Spyda to Swka under judge Mrs Meg Purnell-Carpenter they no longer have classes there  and was only Nsc which she awarded to Spyda .Years ago we had classes there and when we lost ccs they promised to keep the classes but was only for 1 yr  then they dropped them i used to go regularly  with my boys over the years i used to like the Chepstow venue shame they lost it . Steve Zbilut took Starvon Deja Vu to Oxford Limit Show under the Judge Tony Mcquilken ,Sophie took her in a big class for the open stakes and came 3rd , well done ,look out dad your gonna be replaced as Emilies handler .Couple of weeks ago i was watching Bargain Hunt when what should appear on the screen but 2 vallhunds ,i only caught a glimse of her but im sure it was Fiona .The camera did close ups of the smiley vallhunds .They werent camera shy . 

Jo has said they have said Goodbye to their Gilli ,6 months after her cancer diagnosis , She  came from Leonie Darling  before her tragic accident  . Gilli , Dlarah Summer Rain ,  was the dam of the breed record holder Kassie ,Ch Rumour Has It who also has gone over the bridge too ,they will be racing about together,Gilli  was also dam of Ch Starvon Vanquish, Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici ,Ch Starvon Valley of Dreams.And the X litter . She gave a lot to the Starvon kennels im sure you will join me in passing  on our sympathies to Jo and Ada .

Rosemary Jackson , Jo Day ,Stella Coombes and Britt-Marie Young  ran a well organised Breed Seminar ,Wendy and Lynn provided the dogs .Im sure everyone enjoyed it and learnt a lot .With the new  Kennel Club JCF  there will be only Breed Appreciation days  instead of seminars .I much prefer the old way of doing your seminars judging all of the required numbers of vallhunds and gaining your experience the good old hands - on  way .

I had a message from Carol Day To update me on 8 1/2 yrs old  Briar, Greymantle Ariel .She started the year in agility Grade 2 classes, In July  she competed and won  her Grade 2  level and so moved into the Grade 3 class where she competed for the 1st competition at that level  and won ,and so now is competing in Grade 4 .Carol is rightly very proud ,Congratulations .

Im sure the commitee would like to thank the volounteers who manned the Discover Dogs stand , its always a tiring but enjoyable day , we all love to chat about our special dogs .

Sharon Lee is proud of her import puppy Sophia  ,i dont know her full name , she has passed her Kc puppy foundation course .

At Skc  Robin Newhouse judged Nsc  which included 4 valls . Kim Offord  won Rd with Meddobe Inspector Morse and Kerry Diamond  won Rb  with Ch Eriksfjord Aurora  Charm . 

Poor Debbie Howe was in a really bad car accident another car crashed into her and her car is a right off. Luckily the dogs were okay and luckily Debbie has escaped with Whip Lash painful of course but could of been worse ,can replace a car .

Joanne is now collecting Christmas picture greetings and snippets for the christmas newsletter, any club members wishing to put in a Christmas ad in the winter newsletter this year, last submission date is December the 6th. Cost is £5 for a page with the money going to SVS Welfare Fund. Also if any members would like to submit an article, submission deadline is Dec 4th for those.



I am so sorry it’s been so long, those that know me will I have spent quite a while in hospital again, think I'm jinxed, especially at Windsor. So I will start with some basic results which you will mostly be aware of but just in case will put them here, sorry again for the delay.

Blackpool judge Christina Chapman. Dcc & Bob was Tony & Sandra Drinkwater’s Galerita Goji Berrie, Rdcc Louise Paterson’s & Karen Kennedy’s ChIrch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin. Bcc Kerry Diamond Eriksfjord Aurora Charm, Rbcc Domna & Richard Dodd’s Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tanellis. Best Junior Leing & Graham Simpson’s Mystarz Muzik Maestro of Vallholme. Windsor judge Joanne Day, Dcc Sharon Sibley’s Thorjakker Hundi Homnelvik, Rdcc Rosemary Peacock-Jackson’s Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme. Bcc & Bob Pat Drinkwater’s Trykeira Daleesha, Rcc Wendy Amon’s Pepperthyme Theodora. Bp Mel Allen’s Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel of Kitsam, Bv was Vicky Allsop’s Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking. East of England judge Meg Purnel-Carpenter, Dcc Louise Paterson’s & Karen Kennedy’s ChIrch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, Rdcc +Bv was Vicky Allsop’s Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm. Bcc (her Magic 3rd) & Bob Domna +Richard Dodd’s Hurstfield Renen Vixen at Tannellis, Rbcc Pat Drinkwater’s Trykeira Daleesha .

National Working+Pb  judge Melanie Harris, Dcc & Bob was Joanne Stockbridge’s Valladar Call of Duty, Rdcc wendy Sharman’s & Lucy Wikmark’s Trident Frodo. Bcc Tony & Sandra Drinkwater’s Ch Galerita Hollie Berrie, Rbcc Kerry Diamond’s Eriksfjord Aurura Charm. Bp Marion Allen’s Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel, Bv Penny Lewis’s Ch Starvon Vanquish.  Also for the 1st Time SVS Champ show at the same venue following on Judge Chris Millard and ironically had the same cc results that Melanie chose. Dcc +Bob was Joanne Stockbridge’s Valladar Call of Duty, Rdcc was Vicky Allsop’s Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm. Bcc Tony +Sandra’s Ch Galerita Hollie Berrie, Rbcc Judith Rand’s Hurstfield Renen Dancer at Kintalis. Bp Marion Allen’s Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel, Bv was Vicky Allsop’s Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm.

Next results from Leeds judge Zena Thorne Andrews. Dcc Louise Paterson’s & Karen Kennedy’s ChIrch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin, Rdcc  Louise Paterson’s Candace the Scandinavian. Bcc Kerry Diamond’s Eriksfjord Aurora Charm, Rbcc Louise Paterson’s Irch Eriksfjord Charmed.      

At Paignton although only Nsc, judge was Steve Hall  and once again Debbie Howes Ch Starvon Veni Vidi Vici won Bnsc. I expect other breeds in nsc must be willing swedish vallhunds to get classes again as for several years I’ve lost count how many times Rayda won Bnsc and since he last went every year since Alfie has won. We used to have classes there so who knows. Rd Cherie Hackney Starvon Bring it on, Bb was Mrs Poultons Meddobe Spice Girl, Rbb was Debbie Howes Pepperthyme on a Rainbow. Next came Bournemouth (no ccs again, we used to yares ago) judge was Darren Clarke and he chose Gemma Perry and my Starvon Cryptic Spyda for Bd +Bob, Rd was Cherie Hackney’s Starvon All About Me. Bb was Debbie Howe’s Pepperthyme on a Rainbow and Rb also Debbie’s Danga Diva X Dotter (imp), No pups no vets.

Next came WKC where the judge was Dr Geoffrey Curr. His pick for Dcc (his Magic 3rd) & Bob was Joanne Stockbridge’s Valladar Call of Duty, Rdcc & Bv was Penny Lewis’s  Ch Starvon Vanquish. Bcc (her Magic 3rd) was Kerry Diamond’s Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm, Rbcc Joanne Stockbridge’s Thorjakker Topsy Turvy, mother of bob so a very good day for you Joanne. Bp Mr Jones (sorry I don't know your 1st name yet) Tanellis Bloomin William and then to make your day even better under judge Espen Engh was awarded Puppy Group 4  Congratulations and welcome to our breed. Also Gemma's daughter came 2nd in ykc with Starvon Cryptic Spyda, and Gemma took him into Junior Stakes under Mr Keith Pursglove who awarded him 3rd place and Spyda also won £15 for his kitty, or lunch for Gemma & Izzy. So what a day for Vallhunds, 2 new champions a Puppy Gp 4 and a 3rd jun stakes a very good day for the breed.

Other news congratulations to Wendy Amon on Saga passing her Kennel Clubs Good Citizen Silver level. From Spitz in the park I saw a picture of Sharon & Geoff Lees Casey aka Eriksfjord Brave Charm  who from the picture of him wearing a medal so he must of won a game, possibly fastest down as I know he is quick at that. Hoping more sv will be there at next year’s spitz in the park, I know there were a few more but previous years there has been a breed stand and sv helped with the running of it so would be good if there could be a similar happening next year at the same venue, loads of fun for all spitz breeds. So another Congratulations for the 3 new champions   Ella Ch Hurstfield RenenVixen, Nova Ch Eriksfjord Aurora Charm & Cain Ch Valladar Call of Duty.

1 sad piece of news came from Steve Zbilut to say that his grandad Alec Mckenzie had passed away. Alec was always a very highly respected judge by all he judged, he was well known especially by the Swedish Vallhund and Whippet exhibitors. I remember one of the 1st times I took a sv under him which was at oxford open show and I was warned I didnt need to panic to get there as previous to us he had whippets, I soon saw what they meant there were masses of whippets and as I always saw with him he gave every exhibit the same time and attention. It was obvious the respect everyone had for him, even people leaving the ring unplaced were still all smiling and happy. Over the years I think I’ve had all my val’s under him, although I have to say the year at LKA when he gave Rayda DCC + BOB + then we went into the group winning his 1st group placing of group 4. But always I left the ring happy, placed or not that's the kind of respect everyone had for him. He used to come to Chieveley to watch the sv shows for years. It was so sad that he developed dementia and it was obviously extra hard for Steve’s nan and family to care for him. Steve used to handle his grandads vallhund when he was a boy I believe she was a moonsfield from Paulline Harrild. I send my sincere condolences to the whole family; he’s probably up there chatting with Reg West about all the vallhund. Rip Alec x



1st of all your reminder  to enter the Swedish Vallhund Championship Show ,judge Dr Chris Millard (Karmore)  and National Working and Pastoral Breeds Championship Show, judge Mrs Melanie Harris (Candace). The 1st time for the opportunity to enter 2 championship shows on the same day at the same place at Three Counties Showground at Malvern ,and to top it all Both Judges are Breed Specialists .You may not get the same opportunity again ..so get your entries in please .At the SVS  show there are special prizes again and a raffle,  so feel free to not only buy the tickets but if you would like to donate a prize it will be very welcome.  There are also 3 special classes  judge is Jackie Tune (Rotalma)    
Another event for you all is the Spitz in the Park  , if you look on the Southern Finnish Lapphund website you will find all about the events planned for the weekend from Friday July 20th to Sunday 22nd .There are various activities on offer,  on the Sunday it is the Spitzolympics  which is in teams doing fun races.Those of you that have been before can tell you all about the fun to be had, I'm not sure if any camping spots are left so you will need to contact the group.It is held at a new venue this year, Padworth Village Hall , Reading  RG7 4 HY.

Results from Banbury ,Starvon Cryptic Spyda owned by Gemma and Myself was BOB and he also won Pastoral Group 2. Spyda  was also in the Junior Handling class with Gemma's daughter Izzy and they came 1st .A shame when they put on breed classes but only one dog entered.

The next  was Southern Counties Championship show ,the judge was from Finland, Mr Reino  Korpela ,He found his Best Dog and BOB in mine + Gemma's Starvon Cryptic Spyda , RBD and  BV was Vicky Allsop's Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking Shcm.  BB was awarded to Debbie Howe's Pepperthyme On A Rainbow  and RBB was Steve and Sam Zbilut and Yacomen  Starvon Deja Vu. There were no puppies.

At 3 Counties the judge was Barry Croft and he chose for his BOB and  BV Vicky Allsops Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking Shcm, RBD was Lynn Pallatina Ch Starvon All Eyes On Me  , BB was Karen Hackney's ,Starvon Dreams Are Maid .
 Mal Allen's  Alfie ,Kintalis Tumbling of Kitsam    and also his brother Arlo owned by Charlotte Watkinson  have both already passed their Puppy Foundation courses, Well Done , Now for the Bronze Good Citizens. Helen Bennett's Barley ,Bowkol Dragon Haki won a 2nd out of 21 at an agility show at Bilsthorpe ,really well done. Another sport our breed do very well in.

 At Taunton Open show where Vallhunds were in NSC pastoral ,our judge was Mr Brian John Essenhigh.  He found his BNSC in Cherry Hackney's Starvon Bring It On.  As 6 of the 10 entries were Swedish Vallhunds, they have given us classes for next year .If you have a dog with a CC and is 14 months old and you want to enter a stakes out of the available Puppy ,Graduate and Open which class would you enter ? We thought obviously Open ,  but according to the judge he should not be in this stakes as he was way too young and then ignored him !!! BIS judge!!  Whats your thoughts , could hardly say won a CC so Gemma just said it's the only one he could go in .

I'm sure you all don't need me to warn you that  if you can't keep your hand on the pavement for  10 seconds then it's too hot for your dogs to walk on! Signs to watch out for with your dog are  Lethargy ,Vomiting,Sunken eyes, less urination ,Sticky gums ,lack of co-ordination, excess panting and drooling .Always carry water on a walk  for them. Adders and ticks are out in abundance so check for them as well when out and about.


May 2018

Now for some catching up as I'm trying the method of collecting news for a month and then printing plenty for people to read, rather than just each week per show.


We will start with WELKS, where breed specialist Raye Parry was judging. It was so wet and cold we were judged inside . For her DCC and BOB she chose Gemma Perry and myself's Starvon Cryptic Spyda, his 1st CC, RCC was Rosemary Peacock-Jackson's Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme, BCC her Golden 3rd went to a happy Pat Drinwater's Candace Sea of Dreams at Trykeira, proving how our older vals are still up for CC's, she is 10 years old. RBCC was Karen Phillip's Ch Starvon Willamina. BP was Rosemary Peacock-Jackson's youngster  Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme. Another fabulous thing, although was right the other end of the showground of course,  Gemma's daughter Izzy handled Spyda for the 1st time in the show ring ,she usually shows her etts , and thrilled us all when she won the YKC stakes,qualifying them for the finals at next years Crufts.When they were in the ring the t annoy went berserk, screeching,  awful as was next to ring and made the dogs jump. Instantly every junior handler in the ring forgot about the judge etc and worked on re steadying their dogs.  I was proud of them all, great handlers for the future.

Next was Birmingham National,  the judge was Gerrard Jipping  from Holland I believe .It was certainly Vicky's day as he awarded Zeb, Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm  the DCC,BOB and at 10 yrs old BV and as they have a veteran group too, was hard on Vicky  after her treatment .But they went into both groups with Zeb narrowed down to last 6 in the veteran group .

RDCC was awarded to Louise Paterson's Ch Candace the Scandinavian , handled I believe by his previous owner Melanie Harris.  BCC  was  Tony +Sandra Drinkwater's Ch Hollie Berrie and RBCC was Kim Offord's  Rusurn Cradle of Love at Kimaroff, there were no puppies. Unfortunately for now we seem to have run out of puppies till the next kids on the block are old enough for the show ring.


Next was SKC with Jan Wilton, another breed specialist. Her choice for DCC was Rosemary Peacock -Jackson's  Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme , RDCC was Tony and Sandra Drinkwater's Galerita Goji Berrie , and BCC and BOB was Tony and Sandra's Ch Galerita Hollie Berrie .


Closer to home at Christchurch +New Forest Open Show,  Britt-Marie Young awarded BOB to Gemma with Starvon Cryptic Spyda and Darren Clarke awarded him Gp 4 .


Lisa Thomas wrote to me about her dog Rollo,Bowkol Suidhe Biorach. Lisa says she always wanted a dog growing up but had to wait until she and her partner had got a place and were able to have one ,She did some studying on what breed they wanted ie, smart ,active , independent etc. Before deciding for definite they  went to Fiona's to meet her 4 adults and the pups, and her heart was won over. After taking him home, she's taught him little tricks and commands ,taken him to see cars, people ,dogs,shops and used sound cds .She has found him so bright and eager to learn everything . He passed his puppy , kC Good Citizens bronze ,silver and now training for gold .They have been enjoying agility with him, completing courses even though Lisa had gone wrong . Lisa is also maybe gonna try Flyball at some point .Positives is Rollo is enthusiastic, negative is his excitement meaning a lot of barking ,thank you Lisa.


Wendy Amon entered Suffolk Agricultural show, unfortunately Ch  Mystarz Lavish Loitsu  was the only entry as they only had one open class.The judge was Kris Kingsley who awarded her BOB. The long wait  before the group has meant Wendy is not sure if she will enter next year .The group judge was Sharon Ashdown and she gave Saga Group 4 but only rosettes for 1st and 2nd . That's a big shame , have to say our show, Christchurch and New Forest, over ran this year but that won't happen next year and our group rosettes are 1-4 .


I've heard that Chris Millard's Hurstfield Time For a Tale (Rayda's Daughter )  has won BVIS again at Penzance and District show, which qualifies her for the Top Dog of Cornwall competition again next year.



Sorry I have had time out for various reasons but I'm back now . Already it has been a very busy year, so i will give an update . 

We started off the year with the sad loss of our President, Jacqui Bayliss, after a long strong brave fight ,a devastating loss for her Family the Breed and her friends .Jacqui taught me a lot of what I know about our lovely breed and of course she had bred my Metz and Rayda, for which i will always be grateful .She did so much for the breed.I especially wish to thank Dr Chris Mallard for the perfect tribute to her in the Our Dogs paper.You were the best person to write it . Thank you Chris .


Manchester Championship show judge was Dianna Spavin, whose main winners were DCC Debbie Howe's  Starvon Veni Vidi Vici  , BCC was Kerry Diamond's  Eriksfjord Aurora Charm . BP  was Joanne Stockbridge's  Valladar Call of Duty ,BV was Byrne's Eriksfjord Jumping Bean.


Next was Chichester +Dist . AVNSC judge was Pat Hutchinson,  she awarded BNSC  and Puppy group 1 to Gemma Perry and my  Starvon Cryptic Spyda  and to top it off  he went BPIS  under judge Cristina Chapman.

The next big event was Crufts, where our judge was Robin Newhouse. He awarded DCC and BOB to Lynn Pallatina's ,Starvon All Eyes On Me ,this was his magic 3rd CC giving him his crown .Such an excellent show to make it more special.Loki is Lynn's 1st show dog ,what a start and still only a youngster. I had awarded his 1st CC  back at the club show in Oct ,his 2nd was at LKA ,so 3 Champioship shows 3CCs + 3 BOBs so a perfect crown .BCC was awarded to Mrs Johannesson's , Dangas Asta x Dotter jw so well worth their trip across the water ,guessing we might see this pair again next year. RDCC was awarded to Jan Wilton's Meddobes Spices Endeavour ,RBCC and BV was awarded to Ada +Tim West's Ch Starvon Rumour Has It and Best puppy was won by Steve Zilbert + Sam Yacomens , Starvon Deja Vu .What a lovely welcome back in the breed rings for Steve, as he used to show his grandad's dogs when he was only young,not that your old. His Grandad would be so proud .

Also a Big Thank You to all of the kind and important volunteers who manned our " viking " stand in the Discover Dogs section .This is the perfect place to "talk nonstop about our lovely versatile breed " Criteria is just for friendly dogs, unfazed by things ,Gemma and I did a stint with Rayda and Spyda and this was useful in as much as life span with a puppy and a 13 1/2 yrs ,and they loved it, doing tricks with the children and loads of cuddles. All being well we will do again next year . Each stint is for half a day as it is surprisingly tiring , obviously the weekends are the busiest . There is also Discover Dogs at London in October, so if you feel like it's for you and your vallhund ,not just show dogs, pets too,please contact our Secretary Sharon Sibley.


Results from Oxford where we had change of judge and BOB went to Karen +Marvyn's Katrina Des Fummes Du Nord, they were unable to stay for group . BP and Puppy group 3  was Gemma and my  Spyda. They had some absent judges so classes were all shuffled around but what lovely gifts they gave out and the further you got there was links to add on .I stepped in to steward and they gave me one too, which was very nice of them as I was quite happy to help out. I know the problems of not enough stewards being a chief steward too.


News from Cornwall from Dr Chris Millard  and Hurstfield Time For a Tail had qualified for Top Veteran in Cornwall. At the event she won her section then challenged and Won Top Dog Of Cornwall at 12 yrs old,  proudly following in Daddy Rayda's footsteps,as He had Won Top Veteran in Dorset a couple months ago so proud of her .

The Swedish Vallhund Society Open show was held in a new venue .Our Judge was Wendy Sharman.  For her BD and BIS  she chose Mrs Rosie Peacock-Jackson's Ch Pepperthyme Golden Noble at Kirkholme , BB+RBIS+BOS  Wendy chose Wendy Amon's Ch Mystarz Lavish Loitsu to Pepperthyme .RD and BVIS was Vicky Allsop's Ch Eldhastens Bobbo Viking shcm (imp),Res BV was Wendy Amon's Nl ch Onderaan De Gele Berg Ylra at Pepperthyme( imp). BPIS  was Lynn Pallatina's Starvon The Dark Knight  ,who is the son of the BIS. RBPIS  was Mr +Mrs Stewart's  Starvon Cudya Shudya Wudya  .The special classes were judged by Mark Kennel , Sp/Junior was  Joanne's ,Vallader Call of Duty .Sp/pg was Karen Phillip's Katrinas Des Fumees Du Nord (imp).Sp/open was  Louise Paterson + Karen kennedy's Irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin .


Right now, all of you, whatever you do or any news with your vallhunds, let me know your stories and results. It's down to you to contact me, if you don't tell me I can't write it so get your pens handy .


Hey an extra piece of news just in time, Joanne Stockbridge went to Working +Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship show and won BOB with her 13 month old Vallader Call of Duty  and then in the group, under Britt -Marie Young, he was awarded GROUP 4 Excellent,congratulations Joanne .



Results from last Championship show of year, LKA, the judge was Dave Weller. This is the  last but 1 qualifier , as Manchester  in January is also a qualifier for Crufts and with all the puppies out there old enough to show they were approximately half the entry, a  shame as there were  7 absentees . Louise Paterson's Kiki , Ch Irch,Eriksfjord Magic Bean Irjch12ejw was awarded BCC , BOB and Best Veteran, I've heard this was her retirement show, is that correct as she's only 9, perhaps Louise you could verify this for me?DCC was awarded to Lynn Pallatinya's Loki, Starvon All Eyes On Me at Valtineya, who ,as most of you remember was my DCC and BOB at the SVS club show. RDCC was  Louise Paterson and Karen Kennedy's  Ch Irch Eriksfjord Chilled Bunny for Jarlalfin .RBCC was awarded to Jo Day and Ada West's Starvon Yakety Yak .Best puppy was Lynn Pallatinya's  Starvon Dark Knight .I haven't heard if anyone had any success in any stakes.

Back home in Bournemouth Gemma Perry and my Spyda ,Starvon Cyptic Spyda, has just been lightly shown ,as we don't want to overdo a puppy so he's just been to 4 shows including  LKA, but he has been entered in ours and another local club's matches, at both qualifying for the finals at Christmas .Thrilled to say at Poole Club he won Puppy of the Year. At the Christmas finals at CNFC, where they hold their competition differently whereby the challenge is puppies and adults together. So we were extra pleased  when he won reserve Dog of the Year, only beaten by a very nice adult Sheltie .


News from Domna Dodd  who had attended Wealdstone and Northolt  Open show . The judge for AVNSC was Sharon Ashdown and she awarded Best Not Separately Classified and Group 2 to Ella , Hurstfield Renen Vixen . Steve Zbilut was also there with Emile , Starvon Deja Vu and she won BNSC puppy plus Pg 3 .  Ella had also won the Open stakes under Howard Ogden.


With all the snow and ice around about please be sure to wash your dogs paws and lower legs after road walks even if you only have to cross a road  with all the salt put down .The salt used can  irritate their paws causing them to lick them and ingest the salt which could make them ill. The amount that can be fatal is only between 1-9 and 3-7 grams per kilo body size.The symptoms can occur up to 72 hrs later , most common is sickness and diarrhea. Also  if any of your dogs have longish hair on their feet between toes etc they can collect lumps of snow ,slide it off don't pull it .Be very careful of the icy cold, especially puppies and your oldies ,I personally keep a towel on my hall radiator to rub them dry after a walk . If your really concerned give them a little warm water and some sugar for energy .If really concerned ring your vet .


When travelling in icy conditions the government are advising  you to be prepared .They suggest taking the following. ; A Shovel, Flask ,Food ,Wellies , Rock salt , Hi viz jacket , Blanket and a torch , I thought it was very sensible advice .  Mind you I did get some odd looks on the bus .


Wishing everyone A Happy and Healthy 2018

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