Breed Notes

By Lyn Etches



I’ve had an e-mail from Dr Chris Millard re Pancreatitis in 1 of his vallhunds, and how he has dealt with it.

   My 15 yr old Bora has suffered from this condition but was only diagnosed when she was 8 after I changed to a new vet. He had a dog with the condition and diagnosed it which was later confirmed by a blood test. As people may know the Pancreas has a very important function with regard to digestion and the secretion of hormones, so it follows that inflammation of the organ usually results in vomiting, diarrhea and general digestive disturbance, it can also be extremely painful and uncomfortable and dogs usually stretch which can easily be missed by owners.  It is usually recommended feeding a diet which contains less than 10 % fat, however I have found that less than 5 % fat is better. Attacks can be either acute (sudden onset) or chronic. Bora has only had two attacks that were acute and necessitated a prompt visit to the vet where she was given painkillers and anti-emetics. When she is in pain she usually chews her front paws so it’s easy for me to know what’s happening. Bora is only ever chronically ill for a few days and only vomits but refuses food so I give her honey -water until she wants to eat again usually 24-48 hours, any longer she goes to the vet. As for feeding I give her boiled white rice and white fish fillet which is blended with a hand blender she also has this mixed with chappie and Hills ID diet which I grind in a coffee grinder because it makes for easier digestion. I have also found slippery elm powder or Dorwest tree bark powder very beneficial. She used to have the occasional spillars shape but started to be ill on these, apart from this she has a yak chew a couple of times a week. It’s interesting though that she always had a sensitive digestion and was often vomiting which was put down to the amount of rubbish she ate such as mud rotten wood, grass, and rabbit droppings etc. For many years she did well on a sensitive digestion complete food but then suddenly became intolerant of it. Interestingly I have read that it’s not hereditary but with increasing numbers of dogs being diagnosed with the condition I’m not convinced. However if your dog is diagnosed with pancreatitis they can live relatively normal and happy life if you manage their diet Thanks Chris.

 The next piece is from Rosie Peacock Jackson as I had asked her to write on the work she is doing with Trev.

     When Trev (Starvon Double Agent at Kirkholme) was about 7 months old he couldn’t find me over the field where we normally walk. In Trev style no panic just took himself home! This meant crossing a main road. Needless to say realized that I had a clever dog on my hands!

Trev was being shown and we then introduced Scent work and then Mantrailing.

Several people have written about Mantrailing so I will give a brief idea of Scentwork. We started working with Scent in late 2018. We then started with Scentwork UK in mid-2019, I was ill late 2019 and then covid struck. Trev passed level 1 in October 2020 and now Level 2 June 2021. There are many different ways of working with scent. I work with Scentwork UK. There are 8 levels and eventually we will work with 3 different scents Cloves, Gun oil and then Truffle oil. Dogs are taught to find articles that have one of these scents on them as you go through the levels. To read how these levels work visit the Scentwork UK website.

We have now progressed to Level 3. You must qualify through the levels. I have learnt so much in working Trev .He was always a confident dog but he now takes every situation and venue in his stride, He loves the work always remembers venues where we work and the trainers. The vallhund is such a versatile breed and love a challenge which it can be at times. Have a go you and your dogs will love it. Thanks Rosie

     Was anyone else able to watch Zoe Fithern being interviewed on Youtube this week? For those that don’t know her vallhund Dash is in a Sars (Search and rescue team ) I’ve asked her to send me a piece about that so hopefully will be in the next notes This wonderful breed excels in so much truly versatile .

Also  a reminder the SVS open show is on July 11th  within East of England champ show so 2 shows in 1 visit and Spitz in the Park is definitely happening this year on the weekend 30th and 31st July a fun weekend for everyone to enjoy.  Please send me your news on your activities.


Hi everyone sorry for no notes for couple of weeks but you do need to send me things for your breed notes please

The following notes have been sent to me from Sophie Linney.

It’s been awhile since I updated you all on my Vallhund Mantrailing saga.

My journey to trailing enlightenment started back in July 2020 (midway between two lockdowns-yawn the joys) Being on furlough wasn’t exactly healthy for either me or the dogs. We needed a purpose, a job to do to keep our busy minds sharp. With that thought and after discussions with friends, I found a local Mantrailing instructor who was running an introduction course, so with nothing but a lead, harness, treats and a scent article we took to trying out trailing. Mantrailing teaches your pet dogs find people for fun .Sniffing is a skill they all have, so why not utilize it. It’s almost like a superhero ability when you’re on the end of the lead and you see your dog find their 1st missing person (or misper for short) It’s an exhilarating feeling when your dog is in the zone and "on the scent". Long term, you’re building the foundations of a lifelong partnership with your canine counterpart, whilst doing something fun that is rewarding for the both of you. Most recently Beni and I undertook our Mantrailing Uk level 1 assessment. For context, to be assessment ready you need to have successfully completed a minimum of 20 trails. The assessment itself is an "aged trail" of which is a scent that has been laid by the missing person up to an hour before you set out to find them. The assessment trail is also a "single blind” which means neither dog or handler saw the direction in which their missing person  set off or where they are hiding. As if that wasn’t enough, just for good measure the trail has to be between 300 - 500 meters in length with a 90 degree change of direction. I will add that the missing person may be sitting / laying or standing in there hiding location.

Our assessment took place at home farm, a well walked patch of woodland which is part of a 330 + acre woodland trust site, situated between Basingstoke and Alton. When Beni and I arrived, I was a little nervous, Beni keeping it together for the both of us. He had his A-typical adolescent attitude, for him this was just another day at the office - which reassured me, massively. It was a little wet, the torrential and persistent rain which had plagued us, thankfully held off for our go, but had left the ground very well saturated. The grazing cattle which are used as part of the ground flora conservation of the area, had churned it all up, added yet another layer of difficulty, for me anyway. Adding to the distraction, there were lots of dog owners taking advantage of the dryer morning to enjoy this particular area .With a deep breath, I got Beni dressed for work, his harness on and line attached ready for the next command. We were presented with our mispers scent article on the ground and I gave Beni his sniff command which initiated the countdown timer, 30 minutes to find our misper. Next vocal cue is "Beni go trail" to which he responded with tug to end of the lead, he cast with his nose thrown onto ground and then into the air to distinguish the mispers direction ....we were away. At this point I’m desperately trying to remember my training. Beni was like a carriage horse, leading me up a steep slip and slide muddy bank in the scents direction, my first obstacle was ensuring I didn’t go face down in the muck. A fork in the path meant that Beni had to carefully eliminate the wrong path. The scent had slowly dispersed all around the area over the time it had aged so it does make choosing a path more difficult. We approached the edge of an enclosure, where some people were standing by the entrance gate waiting for their dog to return after its pursuit of a deer. Was one of these our misper? With a swift turn of nose, Beni confirmed that it was negative, these weren’t ours. As the wind changed direction Benis nose hit the ground, he swung his head to the left and pulled me over to a man lying in the long grass under a tree. With a vallhund nose -boop, he clearly indicated and confirmed our misper had been found! The whole process took just 9 and a half minutes, it felt a whole lot longer. To mark our achievement we were awarded a completion certificate and rosette, which now takes pride of place on his award board which up till now has remained rather empty. We’ve already embarked on our journey to level 2. We have a lot to work on, but completing the necessary 30 trials will give us time to figure it all out.

Id urge anyone interested, to just give it a go. Trainers regularly run induction courses for new teams. It’s a fantastic and fun way to build on the natural skills your dog possesses. It’s also a great way to enhance the relationship /partnership you have with your dog, and the mental stimulation the job gives your dog has the added bonus of keeping a menace out of mischief by tiring them out. Happy trailing. Thank you its most interesting.

    Also today I have received the following from Lynn Pallatina.

She has had to semi retire Loki from agility for now at least as there wasn’t a class for his height at this time, he is now learning hoopers and enjoys his lessons, he attended our flyball party and enjoyed sharing his hoopers skill, he is also having a go at rollers which is new to us and he enjoys chasing his disc.Zeno has started scentwork and he did his 1st car search. Cora is enjoying scentwork and starting blind searches and learning to indicate on cloves, she has also started agility training learning distant commands and object discriminations her favourite is the tunnel .She had her 1st trip to Blackpool  beach  she loved it and loved swimming in the sea and enjoyed drying herself on the sand, a beach babe . Thanks Lynn



Hopefully you have seen and read the sv newsletter and enjoyed reading the stories from new 1st time vallhund families. I was moved by the story of how Jocelyn Norres - Wiles welcomed the special puppy from Domna Dodds litter at such an important time in their lives. Sympathies on the loss of your sister during such a hard year, how special for her to have chosen your pups name Babz, Babushka  and for you all to see how amazingly sensitive vallhunds are in the way even as a young puppy  Babz instinctively knew what your sister needed, she will support you too xx

    A piece sent to me from Britt Borlinghaus about her puppy headed “Ada the Mantrailer" 

It all began last year in early puppyhood that Ada showed the signs of loving to sniff things out (and eat them ) - first ,the wild strawberries growing in the cracks on our patio, then the treats hidden around the garden .She was a real star and it was such a fun game to play throughout the summer months - and it was also something that wouldn’t put too much strain on her growing bones as a young pup .Wendy Amon , Ada's breeder ,had told us about how much her mum Saga enjoyed Mantrailing. I had no idea what that was and also I hadn’t realized that any dog breed can be a great "sniffer dog " not just specially chosen ones for the police and rescue services .It sounded like a fun thing to do together with Ada, so when the covid situation allowed, we signed up for an introductory session

The Mantrailing sessions, put on by K9Lifestyles Mantrailing UK, are held in different locations around East Anglia by Dawn Seago ; this 1 took place at the Aviation Museum in Flixton near Bungay .They  normally take around three hours and  5 or 6 handlers with their dogs can take part.

We arrived shortly before 10 o’clock on a perfect bright day with a temperature of 10 degrees, ideal for leaving the dogs in the cars safely with the boot open, as we were the only people around that day .After introductions, Dawn gave us a short lecture on how the day would progress and explained the main points of the process; the background (police and rescue work)

what a misper (missing person) is and what they do, what the handler does, and what the main "persons" i.e. the dogs job is .Then she showed us how to handle the long line and explained why it is so important that the dog has a special harness that is used only for mantrailing and should only be put on just before they set off on a trail. It was a lot to take in and I was glad that Dawn then demonstrated how to put all this into practice with her Dachshund Storm, who is clearly very experienced .There were three huge young German Shepherds, a Miniature Dachshund and Ada .I was glad we weren’t first - another chance to observe and learn.

One person was shown the route by Dawn and then they put a bag with an item of clothing to sniff out for the trailing dog. The dog has to sniff around the person (misper) and the bag .The person then hides in arranged  locations and the dog is sent off to trail  them .A super special reward is given each time the dog finds the misper .All dogs work individually and wait in the car until it’s there time to trail.

Then it was our turn. Ada was very excited and I had already forgotten the order of doing things, so I was glad that Dawn talked us through it step by step. “Just follow her -let her do the job" Probably the most important sentence of the day.

Ada thought that sniffing around a patch of grass and scratching the ground was what she was supposed to do -no sign of trail happening - oh dear! So Dawn quickly grabbed the line and sent me ahead a few meters, and got her going, then passed the line back and we were off! From that point in there was no stopping her. She happily sniffed out the different mispers on all of our three goes, and it was such a joy to be following this little dog around containers and under huge old planes doing such a fab job! Dawn said she was following in her mums footsteps - I couldn’t have been more proud of her. And that’s exactly what was so enjoyable about mantrailing; the fact the THE DOG is doing it, not the handler. Unlike all the other training, where the handler asks the dog to do certain things and is in control all the time, mantrailing hands over to the dog.

We loved it and are booked in for our next session in May .from Ada and Britt.

Thank you Britt so that is two activities with vallhunds during lockdown, Mantrailing and last week’s Hoopers with Gemma and Ernie both activities to encourage your dogs to use their own brains without a command.  I know there are several other owners taking part in Mantrailing especially during the limited activities of the past year and of course Zoe Fitherns Dash works as part of search and rescue in the South west, she is working 3 of hers in different styles of searching I’m hoping to get her to write a piece about hers but I know she is busy with her new litter so we may have to wait. There must be plenty of stories out there of activities you are doing.

     Welcome onto the Swedish vallhund committee Kerry Diamond and Sophie - Marie Linney.

    Sorry to read our secretary has lost Stan, Ch Peakdreams Kinder Scout at Thorjakker at 15 yrs. He was Sharon’s special boy leaving behind his offspring and grandpups. Sharon please feel free to write a tribute to him for the breed notes if you like, run free  on rainbow bridge Stan.

     For those on here planning on showing this year please don’t forget  the Sv club are holding their open show alongside East of England on the 11th July e of e  judge is Maggie Bryant and the Sv Open show judge is Jackie Tune. Later in the year on the 4th September the club will be holding back to back Championship shows   2020 and 2021 shows The 2 judges are Sandra Drinkwater and Karen Kennedy, both are Breed Specialists so would be fab to have a good turnout of entries and will also be a great chance for people interested in meeting our lovely breed and breeders too.

Couple of things to think about, don’t keep your mask in the same pocket as your dog treats as you may have horrible tasting bits of treats stuck on the mask, i.e. liver fish etc.  Also watch your hand sanitizer doesn’t leak either with all the alcohol in there lol.



I must start with the great news release that’s been campaigned for by several Charities for many years the Bill to increase maximum sentences for animal cruelty is to change from 6 months to 5 years and has been passed through Parliament .Hopefully this law will now send out a message that cruelty will not be tolerated at all.

   It’s also more great news from the police especially those surrounding London area at rescuing so many stolen dogs. It’s appalling how high the numbers of dog thefts are all over the country with the highest numbers appearing to be Gundogs and Small pretties, with lots of puppies too .Please be aware of where you dog is especially on walks, I’m sure I don’t need to say never leave your dog outside shops on their own or with young children .This has no doubt come about with dogs fetching such high prices through the Greeders during lockdown charging ridiculous prices. Results now from that are older puppies starting to be handed into rescues as owners start realizing they haven’t allowed for returning to work.

    A double warning  for those walking or camping in the South planning on walking in our beautiful New Forest with acres and acres to walk  thousands walk there every day  you can walk for hours without seeing anyone , just a heads up there  has been a few snake bites  . The other thing is from May 10th for 8 weeks The Stallions will be out running and covering (mating) their mares and even if you’re sure your dogs are good with horses , please don’t let them near them as they will object to dogs wandering  around their mares and foals as their job is to also protect them .The reason the stallions  are only running with the mares for 2 months is to insure the foals are only born in the Spring and early Summer .Please also follow the rules of the forest of not feeding them either .

     This next piece is from Gemma Perry.

  Following from my 1st enjoyable experience of an intro to Hoopers with Spyda, approx. 2 years ago at SITP. (Spitz in the Park) hosted by Southern Finnish Lapphund club. Ernie and I attended our 1st face to face Hoopers lesson .I was excited and apprehensive at the same time, we had done some online learning but nothing is the same as face to face with a fully qualified trainer to guide you .We started by loading the hoops, this involves waiting for the dog to choose to go through before offering a reward, rather than luring them, as you may with other training. We  then moved onto the barrels ,you don’t need a tight turn like in agility , but they must go round the outside of the barrel and not cut underneath .WE also practiced a ring of hoopers ,going in both directions .In time you add the directions commands too .One main difference I have found with Hoopers  is that the dog is encouraged to think for themselves  rather than constant commands and directions from us as in other activities .Obviously this lends well towards our amazingly versatile breed and their eagerness to learn which makes it fun to watch Ernie developed this new skill , we can’t wait for our next lesson . I always like each of my dogs to have their 1 to 1 with myself doing different activities just for them.  Thanks Gemma.

    One big thing that has come out through Lockdown is now how many of you have all been  taking part in more activities  especially now several doing  Manwork, Trailing,Tracking, Search and rescue, flyball, agility. I see Lynn Pallatina has a new guy training Loki for agility they have clearly bonded as Loki is going fab and he has certainly cracked the very fast weave too. No -one will be bothered about returning to showing now, it certainly will be a lot different on the showgrounds. I know a couple have said as no benching  there will be no bench tents of course  and exhibitors can take small tents for yourselves, but only around outside  area where benching tents would of been  just  Not at ringside, and a gap in between them.



You may remember in a previous breed notes I told you about Hollie Jones who had fostered and fell in love with Willow and adopted her and following that Emma Willson realized this was her Willow, bred by Melanie Harris, and long story short they have been chatting and Emma told her she is actually 2 yrs. younger than they had been told and they arranged they will meet up once lockdown is over. Anyway Hollie has given birth to her beautiful baby and as predicted she said Willow is wonderful with the baby and a great babysitter so that’s lovely for everyone x

   Here we are in spring with flowers sprouting in beautiful colours brightening up our world   after the last major stressful times of the past year. I know it’s not over yet  but with more people having their vaccinations  it looks like brighter times ahead hopefully .You need to be aware of which plants are toxic to your dogs especially if they are growing in the part  your dog’s use .I personally  have flowers in my front garden ,and hanging baskets in the back .anyway here is a list if you don’t know   Toxic ; Rhododendrons , Daffodils ,Tulips ,Lilies , Crocus ,Hyacinth , Lily of the valley .Fertilizers and of course Insecticides . Obviously  from now on there will be Bees and Wasps about and especially young dogs and pups may try to catch them and get stung .Most stings will be some pain and irritation although multiple stings can prove fatal in rare cases ,mostly if the stings are in their mouths .Like us some dogs can be allergic so watch for the any signs of reactions swelling in mouth or breathing difficulties , needing immediate vet care .Many dogs that get stung on their paws or face ,the normal signs are holding up paw ,biting and nibbling at site you can always ring your vet for advice, In fact if you are going for an appointment good chance to ask advice for treatment if it happens plus if your dog gets a snake bite out on a heathland walk . I personally with my vet’s agreement always have piraton in my phone case if needed as with snake bites can give you extra time to get to a vet .As my vet said it must be proper Piraton, not any of the alternatives. But don’t take my word for it talk to your Own vet for their advice .I will just add I saw a virtually instant reversal on Raydas head after he came in from garden and his head was swelling he looked like a staffie after giving him a piraton, I went in garden to see if I could see anything before leaving for vets and there sat in the corner where he liked to lay was a large toad ,the culprit and with steroid injection too  his head went back to normal although I stayed on the sofa with him all night to keep an eye on him .

     When driving please don’t allow your dogs  to have their heads out the window as flying dust and insects  can cause very sore eyes .Remember its illegal  for your dog to be unrestrained  on the back seat  ,you need a crate or a car harness there are plenty available , nor must they be at the front at all . With all these multiple dog thefts be alert on your walks and please Don’t leave your dogs tied up outside shops even if for a few moments .When your next at vets ask them to check your dog’s microchip as occasionally, but rarely they move or fail .I’ve only once had this happen to any of my dogs , I had taken him for his normal yearly eye checks and we found it had moved to his shoulder  about a month later I popped into my vets to check if had moved again and after checking All over by 2 nurses and a vet it had either gone or failed so he had a new 1 .Since then we bought a scanner for my dog club to do checks especially on kc gc tests as per requirement by kc so we all occasionally check our own dogs  too .Also take an updated  photo of your dog too  i.e. profile and head on your phone just in case you need it if they get lost .

    Disappointing news for exhibitors of Crufts and now Windsor shows cancelled, I hope it’s not a repeat of last year, Although Bournemouth and Bath own their own ground and have plenty of room to spread out more and I believe the same for Southern Counties too, although only Bath have ccs, both Bournemouth and Southern Counties have entries open now for you to enter .Also the venue the Swedish Vallhund Championship shows are on private ground too.

     I had omitted a piece from Zoe Fithern ( Rusern) she is training her Malinois import alongside her vallhunds in Search and Rescue , you may remember her Dash ,Hurstfield  Renen Dasher , is part of the Southern Search and Rescue Group .Anyway Zoe took her Malinois  along with her Misper (Missing Person ) for a training session she went ahead on the trail and  was in hiding in the woods . Without thinking of checking if anyone was in earshot ,Zoe got her out of the van saying lets go hunt her down ,you gonna get her then , as she turned round she saw 2 people who had obviously heard her and were watching in horror  , and there’s rumored to be photos of the Misper looking suspicious hiding in hedges . Moral of this story if you’re going to be winding your dog up to go get her, check if there are other people watching you.

     Extra news just in  news from Jo Strong ,There was an on/line photo competition  with the Essex and East Anglia Pug club , apparently they had several classes for pugs and then also some classes for other breeds .This was at the back end of march as a last puppy competition she entered Bear .She has just been notified  that Bear , Ohanaway having a Blast at Mackjamas won Bpis , nice end to his puppy career , Congratulations Jo and Amy  .




It seems that travel changes can still be a headache even travel to Ireland and back is no longer straight forward. Pet passports will be required for Northern Ireland dog owners but to return will need European Union pet passports to get home. While in England, Wales and Scotland owners will have to get an Ahc, Animal Health Certificate from qualified vet in advance of travel for Every visit to the EU and N/I and all dogs must be vaccinated against Rabies. Certificate will be valid for 4 months but only for a single trip their and a single trip back, so for instance if you want to do the circuit shows and stay for couple of weeks. As the cost for the Ahc varies in cost up to, I’ve heard so not definite, £160 this will have a huge impact on shows. For entry into N/I and Republic of Ireland dogs will also have to be treated against tapeworm too.   Exhibitors travel to which is such a shame as Ireland is beautiful I thoroughly enjoyed my showing trips over there. Government spokesman said it is vitally important that all pet owners planning on travelling know that the rules are changing with the EU so make sure you check all rules ahead of trips.

Just need everyone to be aware that typically  at this time of year the dreaded Alabama Rot rears its head it’s a really strange 1 ,it seems to be in areas of wet boggy ground mostly ,Sadly this can be fatal as it can cause kidney failure ,you can walk a group in the same place and only 1 will get it .For example my friend walked her 3 corgis together  nothing obvious to be seen when checked over ,but  1 rapidly went downhill rushed to the vets but they couldn’t save him she allowed the vets , Anderson Moores , to do a post mortem and kidney biopsy as this is only way they can say for definite its Alabama Rott ,Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy .After forest walks I wash my dogs feet and look for any signs of lesions .

Tony Minett wrote she had lost 2 Prts, we were walking in an area with no reported cases, and the walk did not involve woodland only a small area that was had trees bordering it for few hundred yards. Another dog with them was fine .The disease doesn’t always follow the 1st typical symptoms being lesions on feet or legs .Tony lost their 1st show dog , champ and her daughter they were also much loved family pets 1st and foremost .1st one was after their walk she had a small cut which was regularly cleaned at home on 4th day vomiting and off food circular lesion on her sternum kept in vets overnight and organs began to fail so we had to put her to sleep .they did the biopsy which proved it then noticed small speck of blood on top of her tail closer examination found a lesion rushed into vets  where 5 days later she succumbed too ,Sending hugs to Tony and thanks for sharing such an important post to make people aware .

Show news,

Crufts, the Discover Dog stands would have been celebrating their Silver Jubilee, 25 years.

Skc  are holding back to back champ shows for May and October shows to be held the 1st weekend in October  if unchanged the 1st show with Ccs ,the judge will be A Doedijns ,  not sure if they even have classes at the later show ..

I’ve just received an E-mail from our secretary Sharon Sibley ,Sharon has had confirmation from the Kc to allow us to have a back to back champ shows for  2020 and 2021  on the 4th September at the Dobermann Club Training and Showground .,Hertford Road ,Digswell , Hertfordshire . AL6 OBU, The 2 judges will stay the same both Breed specialist. Sandra Drinkwater and Karen Kennedy.

Following her loss of Loki Sandra Drinkwater sent me the following for the breed notes.

We started in Rots  in 1981 after attending a few shows we were very friendly with Rosalie and Peter Hughes (Herburger) we saw some little grey happy dogs at a show and talking to Peter he told us they were Swedish Vallhunds and they were planning a litter so we booked a puppy from them , a few months later they contacted us and said they had decided not to have a litter , but we could have the bitch she was Herberger Extra Nice ,who had done reasonably well in the ring and was also in the Kc stud book that was in 1984 so we bought Anna .A couple of years later we bought a very nice puppy from Eric Rodwell by the time he was 6 months old he had problems we contacted Eric and he took Bodie back and this was upsetting so we came out of the breed and concentrated on the Rotts . After a few years we really missed the little people and we found out that Mel Harris was having a litter so we booked one ,we went to see the litter and they were great ,happy and confident little people so when the time came  we bought home a little person we named him Loki ,what a bundle of mischief so much like the Rots but smaller .Loki went to a lot of shows and did quite well ,we then decided he needed a friend so we bought Gabbie from Karen Gilliland .Loki and Gabbie lived ,slept ,ate together they were inseparable all this time Rotts wouldn’t go near them ,then we found that Loki had mated Gabbie and she had 3 puppies when they got a bit older  Loki was the dotting father he used to clean them ,play with them he was great with them, one of that litter which we were so proud of is Ch Galerita Hollie Berrie .Loki had a great appetite never refused  anything and was so happy with the rest of the Vallhunds so when he started to go off his food we became worried then one day he refused to eat anything and it was that night he passed away , that was the 10th March 2021 he would of been 15 in November .He never suffered ,in fact the only time he went to the vets in all that time was for his vaccinations he is sorely missed . Hugs to Sandra and Tony x.


I need to clarify my mistake in last week’s paper  in Wendy Amons post talking about  the  single CC  ,and she won 5 or 6 Ccs " I had mistakenly written Ccs when of course it should of said 5 or 6  RCCs "  Sorry Wendy  thanks for letting me know my mistake  .

I received the following from  Debbie Howe , Valaller.

As some may already know we recently exported a Valaller puppy to a good friend in Germany and I have been invited to write about our experience of the new process following Bexit .Hopefully this may prove helpful to anyone else who is also considering exporting a pup to Europe.

As you are probably aware , the EU Pet Passport scheme is no longer availiable to puppies bred in the Uk. If you wish to holiday abroad with your dog now ,you will need an Animal Health Certificate. This is a 10 page document signed off by an Official Vet within 10 days of your planned journey stating the dog is fit to travel .An Official Vet ( Id assumed they were all official )  is a private practice veterinarian who performs work on behalf of an EU member state ,that is normally of a statutory nature ,and undertaken at public expense.

A microchip and Rabies vaccination are the other essential items for the pup with the Rabies vaccination being given no earlier than 12 weeks of age and travel permitted 21 days later so this hasn’t changed.

The AHC lasts for up to 4 months if you are planning a prolonged stay abroad .However subsequent trips will all require a New AHC.

If you are now selling a pup to a country in the EU, then you will require an Export Health Certificate as the sale of the puppy is classed as a commercial transaction .Again this is a lengthy document ,in our case written initially in English ,duplicated into the language of whichever country the pup enters the EU and triplicated into the language of the destination country. The EHC template is accessed through the Animal and Plant Health Agency website. (https ://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/animal-and-plant-health-agency ) It is necessary to complete the online application form which you then send electronically back to APHA. They check the form and email it to an Official Vet.

We found one of the biggest hurdles was identifying an Official Vet with the knowledge and availability to assess our puppy and complete the EHC within the required 48 hours of planned travel. Ideally all Official Vets should be listed on the APHE site, although in practice this is not so. On ringing around to find a suitably qualified vet , it was apparent not even the Official Vets feel completely confident with the process yet, and I was told by 1 listed practice I would simply " need to pretend I was taking the puppy on holiday " Obviously we weren’t prepared to jeopardize our puppy’s safe travel by following this inappropriate advice!!

Interestingly, it appears the RCVS do not have a standardized cost for the new documentation and as such the price is determined by the veterinary practice. We received quotes ranging from £ 65 --£ 180! (You may recall the Pet Passport was generally around £ 50 - £60 and lasted for the pets lifetime ) Hopefully in time this is something that will be addressed and implemented more fairly.

Covid travel restrictions then introduced further complications into our carefully laid plans, which meant our friend driving over to collect her pup was no longer an available option .We were relieved to find some of the animal courier businesses are registered as carrying "freight " which means they are exempt from the current travel restrictions - it was important to us that our puppy could join his new family as soon as possible to enable him to settle more easily.

So after eventually finding a vet who could sign off the required paperwork and clutching that EHC like the " Golden ticket into Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory ", we sent our puppy off the following morning with a personally recommended professional animal courier. We received regular text updates throughout  his journey , and after an overnight stop in a dog friendly hotel in Belgium ,he finally arrived in a very cold ( -6 ) and very snowy  Germany and to a very warm welcome from his new owner ! The sense of relief that he had arrived safely was enormous!!

Would we do it all again? Yes I think we would on the basis that a lot of the difficulties we encountered were because it is still very much a new process that can hopefully only improve with time.

As I stated at the beginning of this piece, this is OUR experience of exporting a puppy to Europe and is intended only to act as a helpful guide. Please do make sure you follow the correct and current official advice if you are considering sending a puppy to Europe.

Thanks Debbie

Sophie Linney and Lynn Pallatina organized a fun show for Swedish vallhund owners and a virtual cc from the pedigree pictures both from here and abroad, the fundraiser charity was for Annabelles challenge Vascular Eds charity of which raised £ 187 at the current time and judged by several judges.

Announcement from our secretary in line with government latest announcements our April Championship  show is cancelled, plans are still going for the Open show alongside East of England champ show  and the Championship show alongside City of Birmingham show. With so many Championships cancelling  fingers crossed it doesn’t  affect all the shows this year although a lot of planned shows will have a lot of changes to the normal show scene.



Hi everyone hope you are all keeping safe and warm I’m going to start with a warning of how easily things can change  during a walk, Monday morning was just another Monday in lockdown .We had our Covid jabs on the Saturday morning and although I had the shivers on Saturday night and a headache on Sunday. Monday I felt fine, so about 7-30 in the morning I got ready to take the dogs out all 3 of them, wrapped up in everything and set off. Although it was a bit snowy and icy I walked up one field the paths were a bit dicey so I decided to take a short cut over the hill into the next field. This would be a shorter walk but the boys would get a good run. As I climbed the hill I realized how cold the wind was and I began to feel breathless. The Temperature was -2 and the wind chill -5!!. I got to the top of the hill and felt faint and thought I am in real trouble now! I walked down a shorter walk that took me to the edge of the park. By this time I knew I was just about to collapse. The dogs although were off leads were playing in the snow and stayed with me all the time. As I got to the path I knew I had to sit or lie down, It was so cold .Just at that moment I heard a dog trying to come through the hedge .It was a super Gsd who is owned by someone I know in the village .The dog loves me and the Vallhunds! I called to his owner for help and she came through and helped me. She called for hubby to collect the dogs and then I managed to walk to  her house which is nearer than mine, and hubby collected me. I have never been so scared. I knew that if I hadn’t got off that field it would have been a very different story!!  Thank God for my friend from the village, mobile phones and Hubby (and the Gsd)

 This is a wake up call to everyone. As we get older we can’t do what we did 20 yrs ago! Always have a phone with you and whoever you are pay attention to the weather .As most of you know I have had cancer treatment in the last year and my body is different now and doesn’t really like the cold.  I am a very LUCKY lady - Rosie Peacock -Jackson.

    Thank you Rosemary you were indeed lucky after being in a dangerous situation, I agree after being in the same situation with the cancer although mine was few years back I had also found a difference in the cold weather and was told the treatment actually affects the lungs and it still does for me. Thank heavens for the nosy Gsd too I’m sure we all send thanks to the friend and take heed everyone.

     If you read the dog press you may have read of the current Topic of debate it has been suggested that 3 Rcc make a Cc, or if the Dog /Bitch that has won the Cc and it are already a Champion then the Cc moves down the line as it does on the continent.

I received the following from Wendy Amon.

Having read David Cavill's comments and this week’s letters, mostly of support for the Rcc being worth something. I did have to smile as who remembers the single CC? There were breeds who for a few years only had the single CC. So basically the Best of breed won the CC and the other unfortunate winning dog or bitch normally had the Rcc (but not always). I was showing a lovely bitch and she won  5/6 RCC, each time winning best bitch, the disappointment in being by the dog every time was disheartening, I very nearly gave up showing her due to this, but she did finally win her crown (with the 1CC still in place ) and  this made her a worthy champion, in my breed with the numbers dwindling over the years  It is becoming easier to make up a champion, would they have made it with the single CC I very much doubt that.

Thank you and to elaborate on the single CC shows.

Can you imagine winning Best Dog and Best Bitch and yet go home with Cc or Rcc, or neither, the judge would  do the challenge  for Bob and the CC , but then the Reserve  dog or bitch to the CC winner  would challenge  the other  best of sex winner  and could get the Rcc, while the other Best of sex  may occasionally  be declared best Opposite sex  and nothing else not even Rcc, I remember clearly the confusion of the single 1 cc, on several occasions I said to steward  don’t forget judge is not to award Cc yet and even a couple of judges queried why id said that and I then explained  totally ridiculous idea supposed to increase entries but actually  it reduced them, especially as Wendy mentioned the CC was often given to the dog. Obviously with the bitches  having  chucked coats as seasons due or just after  plus coming back after a litter could  have a harder battle  against  dog  who can look in their prime and at most could be in spring / autumn molts. Whereas you would expect a CC judge to see past the coats a lot didn’t, but off the Single Ccs.  I totally agree  the Rcc  should remain  the Rcc, Rayda won 16 Rccs  and not once did I want  to swap them for a Cc , at the end of the day if a judge gave him Rcc then it’s because  they preferred  The Cc dog  and that’s fine  He won enough CCs as well.             

Also on another point when shows do start again be very careful how you fill in your entry  and watch  you all have details correct  and in the correct classes don’t be afraid to ask  if you need help your breeder or 1 of us ,there is nothing worse than to win a class only  to have the win removed by the Kc  if its wrong entry details. I’m writing this warning  as  generally you’d enter your puppy class  and ask at a show about when to move classes etc. Sadly because of the covid situation for the past year  there are currently a large number of puppies that entirely miss puppy and straight into Junior  if we are lucky and of course  several new members of our Vally family.




Hopefully a Happy and Healthy 2021 to you all and your families and dogs, and remember im waiting to hear all about your Christmas and Snow Stories with your vallhunds for your breed notes. Remember to watch out for any antifreeze  on the ground or in puddles where cars have been as dangerous to dogs. Im certain you will all join me wishing Domna and Richard Dodd a speedy recovery from covid and anyone else such a horrible virus. I know it floored  me for few months last year, i was lucky.

Regarding how Our Dogs announce the Top dogs in the breeds of course sadly there were only 2 champ shows, Manchester  where the Dcc and Bob was Lynn Pallatina’s Ch Starvon all eyes on me, the bitch CC and Bp went to Debbie Howes Valaller Rainchild, Crufts Dcc and Bob was Rosemary  Jacksons Starvon double agent at Kirkholme, Bcc was Kerry Diamond Ch Eriksfjord aurora charm and  Bp was again Debbies Valaller Rainchild, so the 2 dogs were equal  but Debbies Valaller Rainchild declared Top Puppy 2020. A shame that for so many puppies they havent been in the ring and will start showing in junior hopefully, in a way as much as weve missed seeing everyone its obviously more important to stay safe. We will be entertained in the rings when shows restart with the hooligan teenagers  to brighten our days.

          A message from our Secretary Sharon Sibley, Due to all changes needed for safety, Sharon and committee have found a new venue for the Club Champ show still April 11th. The venue will be at Hudnall Park, an outdoor educational facility in Hertfordshire. Its closed to the public and outside, There are toilet facilities but you need to take chairs and Refreshments for yourself. To look it up its https;//www.ychertfordshire.org/hudnall park. Sharon would like to get your feedback about this plan. Obviously things keep changing regarding the pandemic and our arrangements may need to cancel at the last minute. We hope you can understand the decision is not taken lightly and just rather than just say no shows we will try. Thank you Sharon.

          As I havent been sent any news I asked Gemma Perry if she could write a piece about the fun shes had. Thanks Gemma.

  Having a litter of Bullmastiffs and how the Vallhunds dealt with it; So not many of you will know but I have been involved with Bullmastiffs for longer than Swedish vallhunds and i recently, Ocober, and I agreed to whelp my friends bitch at my house, she arrived a week before she was due so she could settle and the boys Spyda 3yrs and Ernie 8 months, welcomed her with open arms and both seeming to understand that she was in no condition to play. The day the (7) puppies arrived Spyda lay at the gate not making a sound watching each puppy arrive, Ernie slept through the whole thing!! lol. As the puppies grew and started to leave the whelping box Ernie became the fun big brother and he was always ready to play, very gently at first seeming to understand where to place his feet instinctivly and playing gently with toys, and Spyda became the protective uncle letting the climb all over him but a gentle telling off if they overstepped the mark.

        I will just say credit to Gemma who did a great job single handed and working at home too, because of lockdown her friend couldnt help, at least with sv they are in with the pups whereas Bullmastiffs need to be in separate pen and supervised milk time with their mum as they can lay on pups without realising as they are big, I wish you could see all see the videos gemma sent me of the boys and the pups playing  its so amazing how special vallhunds are. Plus of course gemma has 5 dogs too. So send me your stories of lockdown entertainment with them.


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