The Swedish Vallhund Society Ch Show AM



I was very pleased to be asked to judge the 40th Anniversary Show of the Swedish Vallhund Society. Thankyou very much to all the exhibitors for giving me the pleasure to judge your lovely dogs. I found all temperaments impeccable and overall the quality was very good.  Some exhibits were out of coat its that time of year.  Toplines, rear angulation and movement was all good just some fronts and feet need to tighten up.



1st- Russell, BE CH Lille Viking’s Ivar at Rusern (Imp CHE)

7 year old dog shown a very good condition.  Nice head, dark eye and good ear carriage. Good shoulders

Best Veteran Dog.



1st- Strong & Clinton, Ohanaway Having A Blast at Mackjama

A lovely 17 month old dog.  Strong masculine head, dark eye, good bite, well carried ears well laid should and good topline.  Good angulation. Moved well.



1ST- Pallatina, Starvon Dark Knight at Valltineya

4 year old dog of good proportions. Nice head and expression. Good eye with well carried ears.  Good front and topline held on the move. Shown in good hard condition.

2nd- Allen, Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel of Kitsam

Another nice dog longer in leg than 1. nice head with well carried ears. Good topline moved well.



A very strong class.  All the dogs in this class would be worthy champions.

1st- Perry&Etches, Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda

A pleasure to go over this dog shown in good condition.  Strong masculine head, correct scissor bite, nice eye, well carried ears.  Good front with good feet.  Strong well laid shoulders going into a good topline.  Moved round the good sized ring effortlessly. Pleased to award him the Dog CC.

2nd - Stockbridge, Ch Valladar Call Of Duty.

Different type of dog to 1 but has the same qualities.  Good head, dark eye, neat ears and correct bite.  Well off for bone strong legs and well arched feet.  Good shoulder placement, level topline. Moved well. Pleased to award Dog RCC.

3rd - Wilton, Ch Meddobe Spice’s Endeavour



1st - Stockbridge, Thorjakker Topsy Turvy At Valladar

A lovely bitch of almost 10 years old.  She is in lovely hard condition and moved around the big ring like she could have gone all day.  Nice head, dark eye, good pigmentation. Good shoulders and level topline. Pleased to award her Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in show.



1ST - Howe, Valaller Picture Perfect

10 month old puppy in need of some serious ringcraft training.  She was very nervous as she entered the ring but got a little better as she settled down.  I could see she had some good qualities and managed to see her bite.  Nice head Movement very erratic. Best Puppy bitch and best puppy in show.



1ST - Zbilut&Yacomen, Ohanaway Shes A Rebel

A very nice 17 month old bitch.

 Very nice head and expression, dark eye correct bite with good pigmentation. correct shoulder placement which flows into a good topline.  Well carried tail. Good bone, feet and angulation. Moved and handled well. Pleased to award RBCC.

2nd - Hislop, Tanellis Colina

Another very nice bitch just lacks the maturity of 1 but this will come with age.  Nice head and expression, correct bite, good ears.  Nice front and good feet.  Level topline which she held on The move.

3rd - Pallatina, Tanellis Coral Bellissima del Valltineya.



1st - Rolfe, Beidelyn Blowin Kisses In The Wind

A very nice 2 year old bitch.  Nice head and pleasing expression.  Good eye and correct bite.  She really enjoyed her day moving round the ring with ease.

2nd - Antieul/Stockbridge/Sibley, Feuervale’s Torchwood (Imp CHE)

2 years old and shown in well muscled condition.  Nice head with good ear carriage, nice dark eye, correct dentition.  Good topline moved well with handler.

3rd - King, Rusern Hildeberg.



1st - Cameron&Woods, Bowkol Akasha Fire

A lovely bitch of almost 2 years of age. Lovely head with pleasing expression correct bite, nice dark eye and well carried ears.  Good strong topline and shown in lovely hard condition.  She could have moved all day.

2nd - Rolfe, Beidelyn Blowin Kisses In The Wind

3rd - Antieul/Stockbridge/Sibley,  Feuervale’s Torchwood (Imp CHE)



1st - Zbilut&Yacomen, Starvon Déjà vu

4 year old bitch of good quality. Pleasing head and expression nice dark eye, correct bite.  Nice front with nice feet.  Good angulation moved with ease.

2nd - Howe, Valaller Rainchild. Another bitch of good quality.  Lovely head and expression.  Good shoulders and topline. Good tailset. Moved well

3rd - King, Rusern Hildeberg



1ST - Dodd, Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose.

She entered the ring as if to say I’m here. A 3 year old bitch which ouses quality. Her proportions are correct not being overdone in any department.  Good head, dark eye, good ears and correct bite. Good front standing on good feet.  Strong well laid shoulders and level topline. Moved with purpose. Pleased to award BCC and Best in Show.

2nd - Howe, Danga’s Diva X-Dotter Of Valaller (imp SWE)

Another lovely bitch.  Pleasing head and expression.  Dark eye good pigment.  Good

topline held well on the move.

3rd - King, Rusern Hildeberg                  



Swedish Vallhund Society – Championship Show (2021) PM

Sorry to hear that Karen Kennedy was unwell and unable to judge today, its always an honour to judge a Breed Club Championship show and am sure she was disappointed to miss it.  I was very happy to step in at the 11th hour and enjoyed the judging, there was a lovely friendly atmosphere, and the venue was ideal.
I think movement in the breed is improving, but in heads there is a tendency for a weaker pointed muzzle rather than the blunt wedge, where muzzle should be square viewed from side, with a strong underjaw.  Temperaments were overall very good, a few were unsettled and in youngsters this could be attributed to the pandemic affecting their socialisation.

VD (2,1)  1. Russell’s Bel Ch Lille Vikings’ Ivar at Rusern (imp Che), A masculine larger framed dog, perhaps could be a shade shorter to give ideal proportions.  Has firm topline and good angles front & rear.  Broad deep chest, well set tail.  Skull is masculine and has lovely dark oval eye.  Would prefer more strength and squarer muzzle. Easy mover, sound and true in all directions.

JD (1,0) 1. Strong & Clinton’s Ohanaway Having a Blast at Mackjama, very promising well matured dog.  Excellent bone and in good coat.  Firm topline.  Good angulation, broad chest and depth reaching behind elbow.  Good reach of neck, well muscled.  Slight tendency to stand 10 to 2 in front.  Very good head, correct wedge with correct muzzle proportion, giving that squared blunt muzzle from good jaw.  Flat skull and good expression from dark oval eye.  Moved soundly.  Considered for RCC.  

LD (2,0) 1. Pallatina’s Starvon Dark Knight at Valltineya, strongly built with good depth & breadth to chest, well boned.  Correct angulation front and rear.  Stands on tight well knuckled feet.  Flat skull and just enough strength to blunt muzzle and underjaw.  Prefer more oval eye.  Moved well, but on free standing tends to tuck one leg underneath body.
2. Allen’s Kintalis Tangled in Tinsel of Kitsam, longer cast, affecting overall balance, well defined harness pattern.  Angles are good and has correct length of well-muscled neck.  Not as strong in bone as winner.  Found his head finer, and would prefer more strength to muzzle, good oval eye.  Moved soundly in all direction.


OD (5,0) 1. Stockbridge’s Ch Valladar Call of Duty, heading a nice class, strongly made male with excellent bone and in good harsh coat.  Stands on tight oval feet with good knuckling.  Correct proportions in outline, very good angles, which means he does not disappoint on the move, effortless in profile.  Correct wedge head with flat skull, blunt muzzle and the best proportions for muzzle of the days.  Dark oval eye and flat skull.  DCC & BIS.  2. Perry & Etches’ Ch Starvon Cryptic Spyda, correct proportions in outline, but preferred bone of winner.  Good reach of neck and balanced angles.  Attractive wedge head, flat skull, slight furrow, good oval eye, square muzzle, well developed chest, slightly pronounced sternum.  Moved ok. RDCC & RBIS.   3. Pallatina’s Ch Starvon All Eyes on Me at Valltineya, full brother from earlier mating to 2nd, attractive red, with muscular neck, correct angulation and adequate bone.  Head shows correct wedge with blunt square muzzle but found eyes a shade round affecting expression.  Not quite as positive behind as would like.


VB (3,2) 1. Stockbridge’s Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar, very attractive in outline, excellent bone, tight feet strong knuckles.  Excellent harsh double coat.  Adequate neck and well angulated front and rear.  Head is correct wedge shape, with flat skull though would prefer more stop.  Excels on the move, positive in all directions. I see she is the dam of the BIS.  RCC& BVIS
MPB no entries

PB (1,0). Howe’s Valaller Picture Perfect, little unsettled, so not giving her best, better on the table than on floor where was seeking sanctuary.  Head is promising, muzzle showing strength and the correct blunt finish, not snipey.  Dark oval eye and flat skull.  Obviously needs to develop in body to balance overall length.  Angulation good.  Erratic on move but sound. 

JB (3,0) 1. Zbilut & Yacomen’s Ohanaway Shes a Rebel, good length to height ratio, but a little heavy in body, which is starting to affect topline.  Correct angulation front & rear and neck of good length.  Best mover in the class.  Attractive wedge head, good eye and ear, prefer more strength to under jaw.  Sired by RBIS.  2. Hislop’s Tanellis Colina, less mature than winner, needs to tighten through.  Has good angulation front & rear and correct developed neck.  Feminine in head, with flat skull and dark oval eye, just needs to broaden in skull.  Rather loose in front on move.  3. Pallatina’s Tanellis Coral Bellissima Del Valltineya, correct height to length proportions but finer in bone.  Head is still undeveloped, and would prefer darker eye.  Ears well placed.  Firm topline.  Needs to tighten on the move.

GB (4,1). 1. Rolfe’s Beidelyn Blowin Kisses in the Wind LT, lively bitch of well-proportioned outline.  Enough bone for a bitch, would prefer more definition to harness markings.  Well angulated front & rear, most settled on the move. Attractive wedge head with good eye for both colour and shape.  Correct flat skull.  2. King’s Rusern Hildeberg, lot to like about her, but very out of coat and unsettled in this class (settled as went through the classes) Correct height to length but standing higher over rump.  Good angulation.  Attractive head, dark eye, needs time to coat up and broaden in skull. Will be interesting to see her in 6 months.  3. Antieul, Stockbridge & Sibley’s Feuervale’s Torchwood, darker sable, another who needs time to mature.  Front assembly not as strong as others, with feet turning out. Tight well knuckled feet. Head still to mature, eyes are correct dark brown of oval shape. Flat skull with well-defined stop.  Rear angulation affects top line on move with tendency to roach.   

PG (4,0) 1. Cameron & Wood’s Bowkol Akasha Fire, really liked this bitch, excellent outline, strong bone but feminine, tight strong feet.  Firm top line.  Well angulated and with good length to muscled neck.  In very good body condition, and harsh coat.  Attractive feminine wedge head, dark oval eye, flat skull.  Rather broad in chest but moves true.  Excels on move in profile, such good effortless ground cover.  Not surprised to find out later that she is a genuine cattle dog, a working dog with working physique.  BCC, BOS. 2. Beidelyn Blowin Kisses in the Wind LT.  3. Rusern Hildeberg.

LB (3,0) 1. Zbilut & Yacomen’s Starvon Déjà vu, correct in profile, good angles and neck and shows herself off well. Well-developed chest. Sound positive mover.  Wedge head, though would prefer little more strength to muzzle, eyes a little round. 2. Howe’s Valaller Rainchild, correct height to length proportions well boned, angulation ok.  Correct wedge head, short muzzle, well balanced to skull.  Dark eye.  Not as positive on the move and rather wide in front.  

OB (7,3) 1. Dodd’s Ch Tanellis Bloomin Primrose, Strong bitch, OK proportions, good angles, and bone, good neck.  Expression spoiled by rather round eye.  Well-developed elliptical chest.  Stands on tight well knuckled feet.  Moved best in this class.   2. Howe’s Danga’s Diva X-Dotter of Valaller, correct proportions in outline, firm toplne, with good angulation at rear, would prefer little more angulation in front, and has tendency to turn foot out.  Feminine wedge head, with broad flat skull, prefer little more strength to underjaw.  Lovely dark oval eye.  Could have more drive on move.  3. Day & Jackson’s Starvon Binit Sinit Duit with Kirkholme, finer framed bitch who was little unsettled.  Head could be stronger, and prefer more square muzzle.  Correct dark oval eye. Good chest and length of rib.  Another who could be firmer on move from behind. 

Brace (5,2) 1. Stockbridge’s, lovely matched pair – so obvious they are mother and son, lovely breed type, strong made and moved in unison.  2. Howe’s very well matched pair – very similar in head, I see they are mother and daughter.  3. Zilbut & Yacomen’s, very similar type another mother and daughter combo.  
Spec Versatilie Class (6,2) 1. Ch Valladar Call of Duty.  2. Bowkol Akasha Fire 3. Thorjakker Topsy Turvy at Valladar.

Judge Toni Jackson

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