An article by Mrs Ann Arch
This is an account of our own experience of bitches failing to ‘take’ after a mating, this, 
hopefully will be of some help to others. 
In our Puli breeding we had two lines we wished to combine, and so with both dog and 
bitch on her property, my daughter was able to let them mate as and when they wished. 
After several failed matings, things were worrying as the bitch was well matured. Nobody 
had any ideas and so we were rapidly coming to the conclusion that our bloodlines 
would end. 
However, whilst at a show I was talking to (the late) Sandra Tonkyn, who at the time had 
a lovely merle Ch Cardigan Corgi and on hearing of our problem, she related her own 
experience. Not only had her cavalier failed when mating some bitches, but some of her 
bitches had also not conceived. She, in turn mentioned her problem to a friend in the 
South West, who told her that she also had experienced the same thing. This lady had 
been in touch with friends in the USA who told her that she needed to do 
a blood test (not a swab) for something called ‘micra-Plasma & Nisseria’. 
When UK vets were asked to do this blood test, they were likely to say such a problem 
was impossible/unkown in dogs, and that it was only in farm animals. But when we 
consider that many dog shows are held on land where Agricultural events also take 
place, it is not so silly as they made it sound. 
Alexandra had the blood test and it was proven the US advice was valid, and so her 
dogs were treated accordingly, with success to the extent that her dog stopped firing 
blanks and her bitches producing litters. She went to the vets, they in turn doubted her 
but did the blood tests, and then admitted they were amazed but the tests had shown the problem!
The treatment is not so cheap, as one does not just deal with the dogs you 
wish to use in breeding but you must dose all. Dose up all your stock even castrated 
dogs and spayed bitches, for they can carry the infection, and if not treated can then 
pass it back to others on your property. Because I stayed in the South with her and she 
came up to me at times and our dogs all mixed together, mine also all had to be dealt 
with. So ten little Hungarian Pulis were dosed with a broad spectrum anti-biotic as a first 
step, when her bitch came into season she was immediately put on a course of ‘BAYTRIL’. It worked! 
In short the litter this mating produced the next generation of ‘Loakesparks’ 
And in watching them, all I could think about was that it would have been impossible had 
there not come the advice from the US. I hope this may be of help to others who are 
feeling somewhat desperate. 
Taken from an article written by Ann Arch for the Swedish Vallhund Society newsletter 2005. 


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